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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

xbox 360 console

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  • FIFA 10 2009 Pal Xbox 360

  • jnc
    Jan 25, 12:02 PM
    I mainly want more ports on the ACDs so that I can hook up my apple t.v. and watch HD movies on it. I can't believe apple didn't offer HD movie rentals for computers.:mad:

    Is HD :apple:tv only? I missed that.

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  • Coleman2010
    Apr 19, 07:25 AM
    Thanks, much appreciated. But, dang it, I can't for the life of me figure out how to send a PM. The option just doesn't seem to exist (I know, I must seem like a total n00b).
    I think you need at least 5 posts to PM. Maybe more. Get to posting!

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  • doucy2
    Dec 11, 06:49 PM
    trades for anything i have
    i have the whole list of stuff

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  • acearchie
    Jan 8, 05:33 PM
    Just like the finder triangle on the MBP box.

    well I thought that was quite interesting?

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  • flipperfeet
    Oct 25, 10:11 AM
    Damn. Exactly what I was going to say... down to the letter. So I shall repeat with different words to those listening:

    Apple makes pennies on the iTMusicS (the story might be different for shows and games). Some people want to own an iPod, but don't want to pay iTS store prices or use their $0.99/song, end of story, model. Solution: buy mp3, d/l mp3 illegally, buy FairPlay elsewhere. With exception of Real Harmony, the last option has not existed.

    Where Apple makes the money is iPod sales. HUGE money. However, Apple can't promote the three aforementioned options outright, not when it has the largest FairPlay (and altogether) legal music d/l store on the 'net. So the only thing they can do is not dissuade people from using the other options... forcefully, at least. All I remember Apple saying about Real Harmony was "they're hackers with questionable methods," or something like that.

    As Mr. Green said, the only risk I would see is if others tried to make a FairPlay compatible "mp3" player. I wouldn't see it going places unless sync'd with iTunes or a different phenominal jukebox. Thus, Apple likely writes that possibility off as someone else "pulling a Zune."

    hehe. We don't even know how the zune will do in reality but we love to pick on it here. I must be on a Mac Forum. :p


    Wow! "Does not make more than a few pennies." I do not think either of you appreciate the power of small numbers, when multiplied by millions of transactions and time. Soap companies have understood this for several hundred years, clearly Apple understands it as well. The individual unit profit on iPods is clearly higher, but each iPod sold acts as a multiplier of where the real money is made. What a dream to earn just one half of one cent of every iTunes purchase. If globally they sell a million songs a day, I'd receive $5k a day or $1,825,000 a year.

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  • kalex
    Apr 27, 08:51 AM
    He's thinking that the app checks if there is a VPN connection on the iPad. If the connection is done on an iPhone then tethered to the iPad it wouldn't see a VPN connection on the iPad.

    So I had my friend try it and iphone doesn't seem to be able to connect to VPN and do mywi at the same time. VPN disconnects after mywi connects and won't reconnect after.

    PPTP vpn on my android doesn't work with my firewall so i can't test it either

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  • thep33t
    Mar 22, 10:27 AM
    I believe that was suppose to be yesterday, not today...

    Today there are multiple sources that now claim 4.3.1 should be out in two weeks or less, and that Apple has fixed the hole in the iPad2!

    So, its supprising how these 'sources', know just what hole comex used. And know that apple fixed that hole...

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  • Thomas Harte
    Mar 29, 02:00 PM
    Sorry, a very poorly constructed sentence. I meant that MacWrite and MacDraw were present in the "all original disks and cassette tapes" (hence my use of two 'and's in that sentence � I'd mentally turned them into a single item).

    I turned down the $1000 Mac on the basis that without having any idea how much the item should cost, it was unlikely I'd chance upon the correct price like this, and I'm not so interested in owning one that if $1000 turns out to be well below average then I'll be forever regretful.

    For the record, I've recently seen one go on eBay with no boxes, the original floppy drive broken (but an external one provided for booting, etc) go for a little over �600 and there's currently one on eBay without boxes but fully working and exceptionally unaffected by time, with an external floppy drive with a buy-it-now price of $775.

    xbox 360 console. XBOX 360 console
  • XBOX 360 console

  • coder12
    Apr 15, 11:53 AM
    Well duh! Consoles aren't really handheld's rival. You expect that it will be the better gaming ability.

    But handhelds have their purpose too. Entertainment where you can't carry a tv and console around. On airplanes, going on vacation where it's just not practical to lug a whole console around (especially considering airlines are tightening allowances for luggage), when you're waiting for something somewhere away from your home (like at a doctor's office).

    Consoles shouldn't even be discussed in this discussion. That is like comparing apples and oranges, they really have no bearing in this at all.

    The iPad is a direct competitor to consoles.

    I plug it into my TV, grab my iPhone, and play games till I die ;)

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  • thegoldenmackid
    Sep 17, 10:23 PM
    How do you join? :)

    I attempted to use this ( sticky. Note, a lot of the links are dead. Also, you are asking someone for advice that admitted they probably didn't do it right.

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  • aircanman
    Feb 23, 08:33 AM
    personally I think there will be loads of macbooks on ebay due to the upgrade. They hold the value though so what we thinking? �8-900 ? somewhere in between.

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  • mtcowdog
    Apr 18, 10:07 AM
    Regardless of the rumors, the next iPhone needs to have LTE and a larger screen. I live in an area that won't see LTE for some time, and yet LTE will be a factor in my next phone purchase. And a larger screen would be very nice. After playing with many of these new android devices, I don't see the disadvantages I expected with larger screens.

    And whether the next iphone comes out summer or fall is a non-issue to me. Holding a new iPhone until early 2012, however, would be a big mistake. Even fragmented and subject to the bloatware whims of carriers, android is a significant competitor.

    xbox 360 console. XBOX 360 Console
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  • forcefieldkid
    Feb 18, 08:51 AM
    It's as a serious as you want to make it I would guess. I used Pro Tools for years and just never opened Garage Band, when I finally did just to mess around I was surprised to see how much you could do with it, great for chopping and cutting loops I found. The basic layout and samples kind of reminded of me of eJay, but with far more features for doing it yourself, and when you think eJay on its own is already a pretty expensive package...

    I wouldn't really recommend trying to set it up to record your full band, and the overall export of a song might be a bit 'Cheap sounding' as a previous poster put it, but for a small program its a great introduction into advanced sound editing and recording.

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  • emotion
    Oct 25, 07:34 AM
    Not sure why people think this is bad. Fair use if you ask me.

    OTOH it's possibly open to abuse but i think it's worth the risk. I'm not overly keen on DRM stopping people doing what they like with stuff they've paid for. I wouldn't touch a DRM CD for example. All my downloads are from places that don't do DRM (and have at least 320kbps mp3 or better).

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  • Moustache
    May 4, 03:52 PM
    Hi everybody,
    I'm having a series of problems with my 2 months old Macbook pro:
    Very slow to start, a little better now that I reinstalled the OS.
    Fan goes on as soon as computer start to work.
    Frozen screen when I wake up the computer.
    I'm also loosing control from the trackpad.

    Does anybody has some similar problems? I will love to know if there is anything that I can do before bringing back the laptop to the store.


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  • Chundles
    Sep 25, 06:27 AM
    They both come with Airport and Bluetooth 2. Both have built-in mic and the Powerbook has an audio-in port that allows you to plug in a real mic.

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  • Phil A.
    May 5, 04:53 AM
    My MBA is fine, and that certainly doesn't look right. It's still under warranty, so I'd take it into a store or contact customer services

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  • Sequin
    Apr 4, 06:02 PM
    I will never understand the need to get a MBA.

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  • UndeadDan
    Oct 26, 06:46 AM
    I too will be very disappointed if the scroll wheel disappears from the iPod.

    I am also quite skeptical about this 'bezel-touch' idea. That's where I hold the damn thing. I can't pick up my phone without changing the ring tone level now my iPod will scroll to a new track or shoot up in volume.

    No thanks.

    May 3, 10:21 PM
    i have been down for the last week. my area got hit by tornados and the power just came back on today, but not a permanent fix. looks like not much folding for me for awhile. i might fold 1 gpu or something, but that would be it

    Dec 18, 04:52 PM
    I've got a Belkin F5U021, but I'm not sure if it is 2.0 or 1.1


    Mar 9, 01:51 PM
    Google Chrome on the other hand, even though it uses webkit decides to render the box-shadow despite there being no -webkit- prefix

    This is just because Chrome is using a newer build of Apple Webkit than Safari 5. If you download the webkit nightly you will see box-shadow is picked up without needing the vendor specific -webkit prefix. When Safari 6 arrives you will have the same issue you have with Chrome. It will render the reflection and the shadow.

    Can't you just:

    [1] Use -webkit-box-reflect (as you do currently for Safari)
    [2] Include -o-box-shadow (for Opera)
    [3] Include -moz-box-shadow (as you do currently for Firefox)
    [4] Remove the box-shadow declaration

    Safari/Chrome: -webkit-box-reflect
    Opera: -o-box-shadow
    Firefox: -moz-box-shadow

    Surely that will be simplest way?

    I know it would be nice to just use box-shadow, but those vendor prefixes won't be deprecated anytime soon.

    Apr 24, 09:56 PM
    doubt it

    May 3, 11:33 AM
    from what I read not much .. im putting 3x8gb in my 2010 quad today and plan on getting another stick to max it out

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