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Sunday, May 22, 2011

volvo s40 se

volvo s40 se. Used Volvo S40 2.0 SE FACELIFT
  • Used Volvo S40 2.0 SE FACELIFT

  • SilversunStreak
    Oct 23, 06:09 PM
    Think I'll be there. I haven't really checked but are they having giv aways, contests, and such??

    volvo s40 se. Used Green Volvo S40 SE Auto
  • Used Green Volvo S40 SE Auto

  • Anuba
    Jan 10, 06:27 PM
    iPhone - revolutionary in that it raises the bar VERY high for other manufacturers...But it still smells like first generation to me. Behind the arguably flawless design, usability and performance issues are already being raised. Kudos to Steve and his enormously talented staff, but I'll pass on early adoption. But slick..oh so slick..No one is as good as SJ for coordinating such a project. Now let's see how it sells.
    It does raise the bar for other manufacturers, but this isn't the portable media player market. In business you either have to be the first, or the cheapest (neither applies to iPhone), simply being the best doesn't cut it. Apple and its devotees have argued for ages that MacOS is so superior to Windows it's ridiculous, but they've never managed to even put a dent in Microsoft's market share.

    With the iPod Apple was able to hog 60% of the market before the competition even woke up, but here they're up against Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola, Siemens, Blackberry, Palm/Treo, HP and a bunch of other giants with well established distribution channels and deals with every carrier on earth. I hope for Apple's sake they've patented the crap out of this thing because the first SonyEricsson iPhone killer is probably being designed as we speak.

    BTW, was there any mention of games on this thing? Without games, kids aren't touching the iPhone with a ten foot pole, and aging businessmen who always groan over buttons being too small may not be into the idea of *no* buttons.

    volvo s40 se. Volvo S40 Se Auto image 3
  • Volvo S40 Se Auto image 3

  • MattZani
    Apr 7, 05:50 PM
    Since I'm 17 next month, I'll be going for a black 5 door corsa sxi!

    I love the new corsas so much!

    You'll be getting one?!?

    Firstly, thats ridiculous

    Secondly, the Fiesta looks way better ;)

    volvo s40 se. Used Volvo S40 Se D for sale
  • Used Volvo S40 Se D for sale

  • Analog Kid
    Jul 26, 10:33 PM
    Why announce the support of one standard now when there is another competing standard?
    There's two camps (HD-DVD and BluRay) trying to rally support. This tends to make even small announcements into huge press events.

    volvo s40 se. VOLVO S40 - SE - SEDAN - 2001
  • VOLVO S40 - SE - SEDAN - 2001

  • twoodcc
    Oct 1, 06:48 PM
    Looks good, but I want more for my money...

    me 2!

    volvo s40 se. Used Volvo S40 1.9 DIESEL SE
  • Used Volvo S40 1.9 DIESEL SE

  • SeniorGato1
    Apr 28, 07:07 AM
    Why buy a 3G iPhone, when there are 4G phones available ?

    volvo s40 se. Volvo. Model: S40. Version: SE
  • Volvo. Model: S40. Version: SE

  • WillEH
    Apr 28, 07:30 PM
    Ouch, post deleted. It was only a joke :(

    But really, I'm embarrased for Apple & Samsung for these pathetic lawsuits they keep bringing against each other. Money, money, money!

    volvo s40 se. Volvo S40 SE
  • Volvo S40 SE

  • iqwertyi
    Dec 28, 08:26 AM
    Lights for shelf (cross post Ikea)

    volvo s40 se. 1998 S Reg Volvo S40 Se 2.0i
  • 1998 S Reg Volvo S40 Se 2.0i

  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 28, 07:45 PM
    Apple should really diversify their suppliers anyway, which is what they look like they are doing. Cut Samsung supply by 50%, and threaten all of it if they don't get their act together. Surely Samsung doesn't think that that they can bring in this kind of revenue on their own merit. Outside of LCD televisions, Samsung has an image problem, and even that has only improved in the last few years.

    Yeah not going to hurt samgsung on bit.

    Apple needs Samsung more than Samsung needs Apple.
    Reason being is the parts Samsung is supply there is already a shortage of them on the market. Apple drops them all Samsung does is go to the next guy and more than likely for more money.

    Apple on the other hand will struggle to find a new supplier.

    volvo s40 se. 1998 S Reg Volvo S40 Se 2.0i
  • 1998 S Reg Volvo S40 Se 2.0i

  • ericmutrie
    Oct 20, 07:34 AM
    I've been following this thread while I anxiously await the new webmail too, and this morning I saw something in Future Shop's flyer that I figured the rest of the (Canadian) dotmac community would be interested in: it's on sale until the 26th for only $69.99 (Cdn). I just bought my renewal code off of eBay for $70ish US, and this is even cheaper than that! If any of you have a renewal coming up, this is a pretty incredible deal.

    volvo s40 se. Volvo S40 2.0D R-DESIGN SE,
  • Volvo S40 2.0D R-DESIGN SE,

  • ravenvii
    Jun 24, 09:28 PM
    I need a Firewire/IEEE 1394 cable, 6-pin to 6-pin. Doesn't matter what brand.

    Let me know if you have one you're willing to sell. I need one pretty soon.


    volvo s40 se. VOLVO S40 SE image 4
  • VOLVO S40 SE image 4

  • kavika411
    Apr 5, 02:06 PM
    In what way does that pertain to the question at hand?

    Well, that depends on which is the question at hand. Are you referring to this question?

    How many women have you personally raped because they looked like sluts?

    It sure is a jewel of a question.

    volvo s40 se. Used Volvo S40 Se Lux D for
  • Used Volvo S40 Se Lux D for

  • achie25
    Aug 11, 08:12 PM

    volvo s40 se. 2010 Volvo S40 SE LUX 2.0 D
  • 2010 Volvo S40 SE LUX 2.0 D

  • *LTD*
    Mar 31, 10:47 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    This isn't supposed to happen

    The iPad isn't a "serious" computer. It's just a toy.

    volvo s40 se. Volvo S40 SE Line 2.0L more
  • Volvo S40 SE Line 2.0L more

  • AmbitiousLemon
    Aug 15, 12:36 PM
    Originally posted by dukestreet
    Arn - is MacBookstore one of you sites?

    yes. one of his many lil' projects.

    volvo s40 se. Am thinking of selling my S40
  • Am thinking of selling my S40

  • Funkymonk
    Apr 29, 09:24 PM
    However, look at the profits and Apple makes around the same or more than the entire Samsung conglomerate with 1/5 the workforce.

    How much does samsung conglomerate make and how much does apple make? Can't find the numbers

    volvo s40 se. Volvo S40 180bhp SE D5 AUTO
  • Volvo S40 180bhp SE D5 AUTO

  • MilesTone
    Apr 28, 08:12 AM
    I have a Mac Pro Quad core (early2009) with 1 gt120
    As i understand it that there isnt a way to get 4 separate projectors (non-mirrored) with just this setup and a cheap DVI to 2 VGA splitter.
    If i have 2 gt120s will i be able to run a 4 screen setup?
    If so whats the cheapest way to get this setup to work?

    volvo s40 se. Volvo S40 Classic S,
  • Volvo S40 Classic S,

  • arn
    Apr 21, 10:38 AM
    you guys are quick


    volvo s40 se. Used Volvo S40 2.0D SE [Euro
  • Used Volvo S40 2.0D SE [Euro

  • macpharmacy
    Jul 2, 05:32 PM
    I'm up for meeting either the night before to camp out til morning or meet up early morning around 4/5am.
    Any suggestions.

    Apr 14, 04:33 PM (

    I'm a bit disappointed in this photo. I could have done a better edit but out of 5 different ones this is the best I could get with my skills. I'm going to take a photoshop class in the summer. I need to step my game up a lot!

    Oct 29, 12:54 PM

    Apr 21, 11:41 AM
    I got a chance to shoot a BMW Z4. I'm having a hard time editing the photos as the black just looks "crushed"? I'm not sure how to explain what I'm trying to say but I critique my photos a lot so basically I think this photo sucks but the owner thinks its good.


    What do you guys think?
    I get what you're saying. Deep, dark black, with no metallic flake in it is probably very hard to photograph well. It masks a lot of the subtle lines of the car (which a Z4 has a lot of) that would normally show with lighter, more reflective colors. I like the shot, but I do see what you are bugged with.

    Mar 26, 10:40 PM
    I'd like to create a listing like this. But instead, write expliticly in huge font what it is. Just to see if anyone would bid.

    Apr 25, 07:09 AM
    Bad poll

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