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Sunday, May 22, 2011

toyota yaris sedan

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  • Mott's
    Apr 17, 11:23 PM
    Hi All,

    I've unfortunately been issued a work PC, so I'm wondering if there is a way to take advantage of the real estate (not resolution) of my 30" ACD. The only way I think this will work is by doing the following:

    1. Connecting the MiniDisplay cable from the Dual-Link DVI adapter into:,0.5,0,0&iccEmbed=0&layer=comp

    2. Mini DisplayPort Coupler (Female to Female)

    3.Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter,0.5,0,0&iccEmbed=0&layer=comp

    Is this a solution or should I prepare myself for failure? Is there a better way to do this?


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  • dreamteam
    Jun 23, 11:08 AM
    Yeah, Bay Area news reporting isn't always the most reliable. They too probably heard that it was the ATT stores not having the iPhones for walk-ins and got confused like everyone else and reported an incorrect story.

    But hey, if people want to rely on that, get discouraged and not wait in line, more iPhones for me, bwahahhaah.

    Also, Apple would have announced if they weren't going to have any devices for walk-ins.

    I totally agree with you. haha... I hope it does discourage some from lining up.

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  • Sneakz
    Aug 28, 02:35 PM
    I'm pretty certain that there is thread going on like this already somewhere on MacRumors.

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  • Chundles
    Oct 24, 06:04 PM
    There's a blast from the past: "Simple Finder" is back! :eek:

    Simple Finder is in Tiger as well:

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  • donlphi
    Sep 13, 02:28 AM
    no one seems to be pointing out that they got rid of educational pricing for iPods... that's a bummer.

    They did lower the prices overall, so I don't see a problem. You can get an 80GB iPod for less than I bought my 60 GB (with the discount). They probably also figured most people getting an iPOD (not necessarily doing the purchasing) are students, and they didn't like the hassle of doing the Student ID checks.

    I would like to see a bigger education discount in the computer area. As a teacher, the price is still a little high. It would be nice to start the Macbooks at just under $1000 with a DVD burner with the 1.83 Ghz... or I should look into a career that makes buying Macbooks a BREEZE...

    by the way... how many times is iTUNES 7 going to "determine Gapless Playback Information" I hope this isn't a daily process. It has already done it 3 times after connecting my iPOD.

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  • AdeFowler
    Apr 20, 04:14 PM
    The Mac sales make me very happy ;)

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  • IJ Reilly
    Oct 12, 04:22 PM
    The only ones who even remotely have iWork tagged as an office competitor are those hardcore mac users despise anything that doesn't have the Apple logo on it. It is a consumer application. If iWork is not shipped with every Mac, nine times out of ten they're going to buy some version of office because that's the standard that everyone knows. I used Claris then Appleworks until it got too far behind pretty much because it came with my Mac.

    Nonsense. Pages is perfectly capable of serving as a everyday word processor outside of "consumer" environment, and Keynote whacks the poop out of PowerPoint for presentations.

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  • mkrishnan
    Mar 2, 09:30 PM
    Well, you can download it:

    But you won't have a license for it, which is contained in the install on the other mac (you get a license to the app through the Apple s/w bundle). If you wanted to subvert that, it's pretty easy to figure out, so I'll let you do it yourself.

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  • Choctaw
    Apr 6, 02:31 PM
    Thanks all for your comments. Just wanted to get some feed back.

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  • alust2013
    Apr 27, 02:33 PM
    I'm going to guess it's trying to play on high settings on such a large resolution. Even some desktop graphics cards would have trouble with that. That's also why it gets so hot. I'd suggest opening the lid after waking it up with the cinema display on if you're going to play games. That won't turn the MBP display on, but it will allow it to vent more heat. Try that, and if it doesn't work, you'll either have to lower the settings or the resolution.

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  • AVnut
    Apr 27, 06:21 PM
    I'm in Brooklyn. Do you drive?

    Yes, I drive. And will drive. I'll PM you with contact info.

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  • RBMaraman
    Sep 23, 03:34 PM
    The Second Coming Of Steve Jobs by Alan Deutschman

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  • CIA
    Mar 29, 09:17 PM
    Things still crazy at the Gateway or can you get one without having to be there at 4am?

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  • ThaDoggg
    May 4, 10:34 AM
    The i7 won't be better at running that game. As a result, either get a 15" MBP if you want to do serious gaming or just go with the i5.

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  • R94N
    Nov 11, 01:09 PM
    Interfacelift seems to be a very popular site for backgrounds. Vladstudio is good but it doesn't really get updated very often; but I suppose Interfacelift has lots of different people's work on it.

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  • blevins321
    Apr 7, 10:55 AM
    yes. I've never seen the allocator and release in different functions. I always make a separate destructor though.

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  • doxavita
    Jan 27, 04:34 PM
    It shouldn't make any difference. Are you seeing any problems or is this just precautionary? I have my iPad technically plugging in (charging via USB from my laptop) all the time and I never get any trouble. I don't track when it reaches 100%.

    Just as a precaution. I know it shouldn't really matter this time (never do it), but the battery does have a lifespan after all.

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  • clayj
    Apr 9, 03:36 PM
    I am speaking specifically about TRON Legacy here, although I suppose this question would also apply to other movies that share a similar situation.

    Here's what I did: I used MakeMKV to rip my Blu-ray of TRON Legacy to an MKV file, and then I used Handbrake to convert that MKV file into an M4V file formatted specifically for use on my iPad (1024 x whatever, etc.).

    Here's the problem: TRON Legacy STARTS out as a 2.35:1 widescreen movie, but during various scenes in the movie, it SWITCHES to a 1.78:1 (16:9) widescreen format which is what was used in IMAX presentations. It switches back and forth between these two formats. But because the movie STARTS in 2.35:1, Handbrake wants to rip the entire movie in that format and so it's 2.35:1 all the way through -- the 1.78:1 scenes are being truncated at the top and bottom to fit that format. What I want to know is whether there are settings in Handbrake that will let me tell it, "Rip the movie so that it's 1024 pixels wide at all times, but vary the height as required by each particular scene."

    Thanks for any help!

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  • dmr727
    Feb 16, 02:13 PM
    Someone on the 68k Macintosh ( forum might be interested. Lots of retro computer guys there are on the lookout for older systems even if they are PPC.

    I'd do this. A Powerbook 180 is a great computer, and is of value to anyone into retro Mac stuff. Don't throw it out - at least give it away for free there (you'll have lots of takers). You probably could even sell it for ten or twenty bucks.

    I'd buy it from you, but I already have one. :)

    Apr 15, 12:58 PM
    Let's not go too far. The iPad/iPhone/iOS will NEVER replace the home console, at least as we know it now. The iPhone/iPad are really made for playing simple and fun games. Anyone who wants to play serious games, such as Call of Duty or "real" console games, will always play them on a console. COD might be fun for a few minutes on an iPad, but it doesn't come close to the immersion you get from a console. PvZ is a perfect example of the type of games the iPad does well. But even the iPad version isn't as good as the Mac version. It's missing MANY things the Mac version has. But I've purchased all versions. Maybe that's the way to make money. Have us buy the game on EVERY platform.

    Sep 12, 07:47 PM
    Do any of these new ipods have a firewire connection??

    If not..that's some BS

    The 'old' 5G iPods didn't have Firewire.

    EDIT: <maxwell smart>Missed it by that much.</maxwell smart>

    Apr 27, 09:53 AM
    Playing subtitles on an iPod means hardcoding the subs onto the media file. There are some applications that make this possible and HandBrake ( immediately comes to mind. All you need is a media file and a .srt file. Look here for more info:

    The rest of this post is assuming you have purchased this media from iTunes.

    The short answer is no, there is no easy way to put subtitles on an iPod playing iTunes purchased movies. Half your problem is the media you have purchased being DRM protected. What's required is removing the DRM, then hardcoding a .srt (subtitle) file to your purchased .m4v. This is a legal grey area so I won't elaborate further; the advice is legal in some countries and not in others. Don't quote me on this but I'm under the impression that iTunes' ToS forces you to agree that you don't own any purchased media and thus cannot edit the files in any way, irrespective of your location.

    Apr 30, 02:53 AM
    Well that's two bits of bad news in one day. Oh well... it'll have to make do.

    May 1, 08:30 PM

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