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Monday, May 9, 2011

Thrills Spills And Whatnot

Thrills Spills And Whatnot. Also, I really like how the
  • Also, I really like how the

  • Eidorian
    Jul 21, 04:04 PM
    wow, most importantly on slide 3 they say that they launched the 965 chipset. that means they can switch to the 965 integrated GPU across the board for consumer macs. that would certainly help the heat issues, make the macs cheaper and less complicated to design for apple. standard parts and boards allow for even faster updates. good news.Only one problem though. The scheduling for that release is quite messy. Santa Rosa is based on the G965 and won't launch until Q2 2007.

    Thrills Spills And Whatnot. in a constant thrill.
  • in a constant thrill.

  • nastebu
    Mar 29, 03:39 PM
    Always looking at the negative side of things. Maybe a little radiation will lead to higher power densities.

    These jokes just aren't funny.

    It's too early for this. Maybe it will never not be too early for this, but please have some sensitivity for people who have friends/family/are themselves in affected areas.

    Actually, Japanese companies manufacturing products in Japan is extremely inefficient due to the high cost, and due primarily to protectionism and racial pride. The Japanese domestic market is known for being highly inefficient.

    Do you have any evidence for this?

    Thrills Spills And Whatnot. the best thrills on offer.
  • the best thrills on offer.

  • bigbossbmb
    Jul 29, 08:47 PM
    yeah, i just got a razor too...but luckily im with verizon, so by the time i upgrade my phone again, this will be verizon's new addition :rolleyes:

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  • What#39;s Good, What#39;s Not

  • addicted44
    Mar 29, 09:06 AM
    I dont think so, Amazon cannot get the app needed for the streaming/storing of content on your phone or tablet approved in the appstore since. It violates apples terms, if you or anyone else has an issue with it, contact apple.

    Amazon Cloud storage app on android scans you sd/local storage for music then allows you to upload it into the cloud. Apple for one wont let another mp3 store on its phones and for 2, apple wont let that service scan for music.

    So why is the website blocking access?

    That being said, I hope Apple's preview of the future of iOS gets done with all the restrictions after all. Fighting with companies who want to build on your platform is not gonna lead them anywhere.

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  • You know what#39;s not aces?

  • milozauckerman
    Aug 7, 09:59 PM
    Not everyone is going to use a powerful card for gaming, and I wouldn't want to pay more than I need for my uses.
    Uh, that's the point: you shouldn't have to 'pay more' - it should be standard, and shouldn't raise the price-point, if other manufacturers can do it.

    I don't get the apologists who defend every questionable component from Apple by saying 'well, I don't want to pay extra in the base price' (for a reasonable amount of RAM or for a decent videocard) - demand more from Apple.

    Ask why you can't have a $2500 flagship desktop with a graphics card that didn't cost Apple $40, why Apple can't eat the extra $45 to offer their consumer items with a usable amount of RAM standard.

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  • what not to wear,

  • err404
    Apr 5, 03:49 PM
    How many did iOS have FOR the iPad when it was announced? FIVE, and they were the five that APPLE created, but hey, live in your world.
    Really? Your talking about apps ready at the announcement? let's talk launch day...

    Apple had a phenomenal launch for the iPad. There were over 1000 apps available specifically for the iPad on launch day, with many 100's more appearing every week.

    It was literally the strongest new product launch that I have ever experienced.
    They managed the release of a new product where the quality and quantity of apps felt like the product had been around for years.

    (sure, leveraging iOS helped, but Google failed at leveraging the same opportunity for their Honeycomb launch)

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  • What#39;s not to love about this.

  • JoshH
    Aug 7, 06:34 PM
    Also, if you hit the EJECT key on the keyboard while you have two optical drives installed, will they both open?

    Questions, questions...

    On my dual G4, the Eject key opens the top tray, and Option Eject opens the bottom. I suspect it is the same...

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  • what not so rest assured,

  • ddrueckhammer
    Jul 30, 01:53 PM
    And do you really think that this would be bad for Apple? They'll fly out of the Apple Stores, and eventually Cingular will beg to be allowed to sell them.

    That's if they can get a major cell company in the US to support them. I can see all of the carriers here saying no because they don't want people to be able to get music from their computer. They want to sell it to you at $2-3. Their attitude is, if people will pay $2-3 for a 30 second clip, then how much will they pay for the full song? The answer, at least $2-$3...

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  • and whatnot pretty soon.

  • Northgrove
    Apr 25, 11:18 AM
    So Steve is saying there is no database of locations? Thats just an outright lie.
    Apple are only tracking their users if they're using this data to, uh, track their users.

    AFAIK, the information is not even sent to Apple.

    Database of locations on a device != tracking their users with this database.
    For tracking to happen, you need software in place to make use of that information...
    For tracking to happen by Apple, you need this info sent to Apple as a start...

    This could just as well be a remnant from some app that never happened, or an app that is planned to happen...

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Jul 23, 05:59 AM
    I posted this question in another thread but no one has answered it, so... I was wondering what thoughts you had on this:

    Will this upgrade to Core 2 Duo be considered a RevB strictly speaking, for the iMacs? I mean, since it's a new generation of Intel chip as opposed to a speed bump of an existing chip, is it likely to cause any unknown bugs or dramas that the Core Duos didn't?

    I'm in the market for a new iMac when they put the new chips in, but I want to be confident that this time they'll have ironed out all the bugs from the initial release of Intel iMacs, plus not be likely to have new bugs caused by the new architecture of the Core 2 Duos.



    If iMacs get Merom its highly likely there'll be 0 new problems. If they get Conroe there is a very very small possibility of heat issues.

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  • 0815
    Apr 5, 02:56 PM
    I travel internationally weekly, and EVERY international iPhone carrier is bound by their arms and legs just like AT&T. It's Apple's way or no way. Want to advertise iPhone? MUST be Apple's advertisements. Want to offer iPhone? Must include visual voicemail as Apple wants it. Want to sell iPhone? Must be at Apple's prices with apple's terms.

    Want to break the contract with Apple? Must turn over your first born child. It's the same story in every country. I am very well traveled, and I'm very familiar with iPhone in other countries. I bought both mine in the UK, FYI

    even google disagrees with you - they wish in the meantime to have forced more control over the carriers (as they already admitted in the public) :D

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  • THRILL: 8, 6, 7, 7. Simpsons

  • canucksfan88
    May 4, 04:56 PM
    so...for those who cant wait to see the dvd drive removed from the macbook(pro)/ would one burn it onto a dvd? :p

    i would rather a disk, but thats just me

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  • Tussen69
    Apr 20, 05:35 AM
    I�ve said it befour and I say it again.

    I think ..

    The edge-to-edge concept is what we likely will get BUT its not the SCREEN that getting LARGER ... its the PHONE that getting SMALLER ...

    the iPhone 5 will likely keep the same screen size but the acual phone and the beziel will get smaller ... there are more non-geeks out there who think that iPhone is to LARGE and incressing its size is not the way to go ...

    to sum it up (Expected Roadmap)

    iPhone 4S - Release 2011
    - Dual Core processor (with 9x GPU (same as iPad 2))
    - 32 GB, 64 GB Model
    - Full 1080p Camera (8MP) (Backside Camera)
    - TV Mirroring (same as iPad 2)
    - IOS 4.x
    - FaceTime over 3G

    - if the iphone 4S (2011) is getting 4G / LTE the name will defently be .... iPhone 4GS . because its both a 4G phone and a Speed bump ..

    iPhone 5 - Release 2012
    - LTE / 4G Network !!!
    - Smaller phone, edge-to-edge beziel but same screen size as iphone 4 iPhone 4S / iPhone 4GS
    - iOS 5
    - Imporved Front-Side Camera
    - FaceTime HD (Require LTE/4G Network)

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  • iMacZealot
    Jul 31, 12:37 AM
    if you are talking about nokia.. it's sinking..
    candy bar is still the best... esp those from Sony Ericsson..
    I hope apple phone is good enough to replace my love for Sony Ericsson phone

    I just don't see any advantage for candy least in the US. Would you care to elaborate?

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  • Arlene#39;s other ex whatnot.

  • wclyffe
    Nov 21, 07:46 AM
    Here is how I grade the Car Kit (1-10):
    Mounting: 8
    Rotation: 7
    Articulation: 3
    Hands-Free: 4 (Weak, speaker is facing away from you, VOX'ing problem)
    GPS: 6 (Only very slightly better that the built in GPS)
    Compatibility: 3 (Can't use iPod Touch)
    Bluetooth: 2 (Phone will not pair until docked, can't pair with other devices)

    Overall it's a $79.00 retail mount with a questionable hands-free, only a small incremental change in GPS accuracy and a useless bluetooth implementation. I'll give it a generous 5 out of 10 for now.


    Nice review, and thanks. It sounds like you might have gotten a unit that is sub par. The rotation and articulation of the car kit in many of the Youtube videos seems very tight, very solid with strong mounting. Did it just loosen up over that short time or did it start out not so great? Maybe send it back?

    I thought I remember reading that the Handsfree Bluetooth is duplex so I'm also not sure where your issue comes from. That said, I may get that as a separate item on the visor of my car if its below quality. I have another car with a BluAnt unit in it and its terrific.

    Also, there are now several places where you can order the car kit for much less money. I have an order into BTL for $87 which sounds like a more reasonable price for the unit. I'm sure it will continue to drop.

    Thanks again!

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  • can.rules
    Apr 5, 03:54 PM
    Hmmm, a car company catering to a group largely comprised of teenagers and young adults whom (presumably) have little disposable income? Doesn't sound like the best idea to me personally, but what do I know...

    That actually sounds exactly like the target market for Scions ;)

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  • rtharper
    Sep 11, 12:00 AM
    this event is going to be simulcast in LONDON. Does this mean that movies will be able to be purchased by folks in the UK??? as far as I know you still cant purchased TV shows sold through iTunes in the UK:confused:

    Strange Apple would work out US and UK movie distribution deals at the same time.

    Depends on who they're marketing. If its just US movie makers, or a small subset thereof, I see no reason why they shouldn't be working out contracts to distrubte them overseas. Of course, I haven't given this too much thought (the merom MBP overshadows this in my mind) so someone else might see a problem with it

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  • BWhaler
    Sep 16, 12:11 AM
    To be fair, I think you are thinking of MacOSRumors (MOSR), not MacOSXRumors. The former have a terrible record in regards to rumours (ie they make up everything), while the latter seem to be a bit more reliable. Shame they are named so similarly though.

    You're right.

    Thanks for the correction.

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  • bloodycape
    Apr 18, 05:10 PM
    No it's not. It's not that obvious. Phones sucked so bad before the iphone. Smart phones sucked even worse. Treo's, Q's omg. horrible pieces of equipment.

    I can't say they sucked, they were just more spartan compare to what we have now. Sure the touch screen aspect of it was crap, but the browser was acceptable, battery life was good, and they keyboard, least on the 650, and 700w where good all the years I used them. From time to time I miss my 700w and WM as it had this nerdy charm to it.

    This could out like the RIM v Handspring(Palm bought them later) lawsuit were RIM sued Handspring for copying their keyboard, and something related to emailing on a mobile device. They settled out of court in the end.

    May 3, 09:11 PM
    EDIT: assume we split in two groups but then we get back together in the same room and stay together.
    if both groups move to the same room, and there are monsters, which group gets attacked? do the groups combine their stats in the battle?
    another scenario: we are in the start room, i split myself away and search the start room, while the other 6 move into the next room (so they are good with monsters). turn 2 the search the second room and i join them back. this way we search 2 rooms and move in one round, without splitting the group.

    Whichever team enters the room first, turn order-wise, fights the monster.

    Your second scenario is allowed.

    Could I just explore the first room and save a turn for later(I'm not necessarily wanting to do this, just asking if it's possible)?

    No, heroes can't save turns for later, only the villain can do that.

    Mar 30, 07:54 PM
    That looks amazing. I was hoping we might see a little more of the iPad's influence exert itself in places like the calendar.

    I violated my own rule and installed Lion mid-project so I haven't had a lot of opportunity to mess with it all that much at this point, so I don't know if I like it or not. iCal tries to look like the iPad version but it feels like it falls flat on quick look.

    Apr 23, 05:07 PM
    Apple's problem is that they put "Looks" before performance.

    They crippled their chances of ever becoming a serious competitor to the PC for games due to deciding to use giant laptops on a stand which meant they could not cool any decent graphics cards, handing the gaming crown to the PC for years on a plate.

    As for the future who knows.

    And today they are the Gold Standard for consumer tech.

    OS X runs very well on Apple hardware. OS X apps run very well on Apple hardware. Not sure what the problem with performance is.

    Those "laptops on a stand" are selling in record numbers while the rest of the computer industry is in a sharp downturn.

    They've got the future of gaming all locked up nice and tight on iOS, not on PCs as we know them but on mobile devices which keep getting more powerful and which as we know, are the future of computing.

    Your anecdotal opinion is cool and all, but perspective please!

    Apple has been completely and unequivocally unaffected by conceding the gaming market to someone else. Instead, they've revisited it and have created a new standard. if that's what "losing" means then I'm damned impressed.

    Mar 27, 05:29 AM
    These companies can just float away on their clouds. Cloud-based would make sense if there was wireless and cellular completely covering the nation/world... using cloud at this time would castrate their share of market. I take "cloud-based" rumors as pure rumors at this time. Maybe in 2020 it will be feasible, and no doubt it is being developed. However, by 2020 we will have 1TB iPads. What's the point of cloud, then? Control? Observation?

    There are a lot of reasons. One would be the release of a top-engineered product in October to compete with other products set to compete with the iPad2 at that time. Those pads seem to have this lPad1 spec sheet behind them. If Apple wants to crush competition they should do dual releases for a couple years and constantly update hardware and software to trounce the others which might ruin their grip on the market.

    Physical USB? With a computer that can connect through a dock? What's the big deal? iPads only have 32GB. What would be the use of some giant connector? iPad will do without clunky, redundant additions for a while.

    iPads actually have 64GB models.

    Nov 22, 11:02 AM
    Just like "some PC guy's" named Apple didn't just waltz right in on sony's discman market ownership with a thing called the iPod. Apple isn't just some random "PC Company", they're innovative and they do intense study groups to determine what works and what doesn't with the majority of consumers.

    I "Personally" always feel that there is one or two tweaks or features missing from an apple application. For example the ability to change which search engine to use in Safari, or the ability to change what map website the address book uses to pull up a mailing address in a map, the ability to burn a list of songs in iTunes without making a playlist, etc... BUT these lack of tweaks are actually what the consumers LOVE about apple's software. There are enough options to make it functional and not too many options to clutter the interface to scare away the consumer.

    I still believe apple could burry options deep in preferences instead of just not have them at all, after all, no consumer goes through the preferences, only power users. But again, the power user isn't the majority of the consumers. So we'll see if apple can take over the phone market. I know I'd buy one.

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