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Monday, May 9, 2011

Severus Snape And Harry Potter

Severus Snape And Harry Potter. Severus Snape
  • Severus Snape

  • Moyank24
    May 3, 04:41 PM
    This is going to be very, very interesting. Especially since apparently I'm married to Eldiablojoe. Now I understand why he killed me in the last game.

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. Harry Potter#39;s Severus Snape:
  • Harry Potter#39;s Severus Snape:

  • sachamun
    Nov 26, 12:23 PM
    Rather than a traditional laptop/tablet idea, I'm envisioning a small device that truly combines
    1. music/vid player
    2. cell phone
    3. camera
    4. osx capable computer

    If/when the tech is in place for something like this, it would be really appealing to alot of people, myself included. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of gadgets, something which really replaced all my current junk would be very cool.

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. Severus Snape Wallpaper
  • Severus Snape Wallpaper

  • NATO
    Apr 18, 04:43 PM
    Then they should sue google for making android so similar to iOS, not Samsung. And im not sure if the "look" of icons on a screen can be patented anyway.

    That's the thing, stock Android isn't really anything like iOS, it's Samsung's proprietary UI which is added on top which makes it more iOS-like (in the same way that HTC has their own proprietary 'Sense UI' to differentiate their products from the competition)

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. Scene from Harry Potter
  • Scene from Harry Potter

  • mulze22
    Jul 30, 12:55 PM
    Great. Now I have to wait and see if that phone comes out or get a Nokia 6682. We'll see I guess.

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. Severus Snape
  • Severus Snape

  • Macs4u
    Apr 20, 02:50 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I think Apple needs to concentrate more on improving iOS rather than adding a faster processor. Tbh I'm pretty fed up of my iPhone 4 as the is just looks boringly simple. Not everybody wants the same old os on every device. I think it's the omnia 7 next for me so I can have a change.

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. quot;Harry Potter And The
  • quot;Harry Potter And The

  • fishmoose
    Apr 23, 04:59 PM
    Good article on the subject: "Consider The Retina Display" (

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. Harry Potter and Severus Snape. Created with fd#39;s Flickr Toys.
  • Harry Potter and Severus Snape. Created with fd#39;s Flickr Toys.

  • jnc
    May 8, 04:55 AM
    It's naive to assume that Apple won't use MobileMe data in the future to serve you ads.

    the moment I see an ad on mobileme is the moment i stop using it.... it's a "perk"

    Given the [lack of acceptable] performance of the current service, all of these things are just going to be painful to use. If they can devote some more bandwidth to them, I could see it being a hit. maybe?

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. Severus Snape Harry Potter
  • Severus Snape Harry Potter

  • KingCrimson
    Apr 18, 02:57 PM
    Interesting that Samsung Group is a much larger corporation to Apple, but only have $4.5 billion in cash reserves. While Apple has $50 billion and counting.

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. premiere of Harry Potter
  • premiere of Harry Potter

  • iStudentUK
    Apr 10, 02:04 PM
    You wouldn't think that 4 x 5 + 4 meant 4 x (5 + 4), so why would you think that 48 / 2 x 12 meant 48 / (2 x 12)?

    I don't think a typical mathematician would write this on paper using a "/", rather they would use a "_". Using / on anything more complex than x/y is very poor form.

    Here, I assume / is being used as MacRumors isn't set up for writing equations. So I asked myself how would I write this in _ format?

    I thought the answer would be-

    48 (9 + 3)

    Hence leading to 288.

    The problem is / leads to confusion because you don't know if the person typing wanted to use a _ but couldn't, it is the intention and use that is confusing, not the symbol itself. Nobody should have to use PEDMAS for something silly like this- people should write equations in a decent format.

    EDIT- using the x symbol is also something I don't like to do if I can avoid it. 5x6 or 5*6 not as good as 5(6) (or just xy if algebra is involved).

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. Severus-Snape-Harry-Potter-And
  • Severus-Snape-Harry-Potter-And

  • Nuvi
    Mar 30, 01:39 AM
    Amazon is a very smart company. They are setting themselves up to be the defacto content provider for Android which every other company seemed adverse to doing.

    I'm sure Apple will respond with an iOS solution but syncing has not been a strong point for Apple at all. Hopefully we'll see the improved MobileMe Mr Jobs had spoke of last year.

    Actually, MobileMe is great at syncing services but it is beyond bad when it comes to cloud storage. Amazon has great network of data centers around the world and pipes that will deliver. Apple has lousy iDisk which is dead slow and therefore almost useless for many functions. I hope this truly pushes Apple to release FAST cloud storage service with MobileMe. With its current pricing MobileMe should delver at least 50-60GB of fast storage space on top of the sync services. I truly hope that Apple is not planing to release a cloud "locker" when we need a "vault".

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. Severus Snape is.
  • Severus Snape is.

  • deconstruct60
    Apr 21, 10:26 PM
    Reducing the Mac Pro's size is a huge step backwards!.....
    The only thing that will increase is HEAT! That will lead to reliability problems as more stress will be put on internal components with the increase in HEAT!

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. Severus Snape Harry Potter
  • Severus Snape Harry Potter

  • chaosbringer
    Apr 22, 07:31 AM
    Some designs changes i'd like to see (all the rest i'm fine with):

    - Dust filters
    - Thunderbolt ports, front and back (instead of one of the firewire ports)
    - Usb 3.0 replacing usb 2.0 ports
    - PSU on bottom to keep it cool
    - HD's on bottom to keep them cool too
    - At least one dedicated SSD bay

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. SEVERUS SNAPE - THE BRAVEST

  • Multimedia
    Aug 11, 09:44 PM
    Oblivious to this thread all day long, I restate my previous predictions:

    September 12 Paris Apple Expo Keynote Introduction Merom MacBooks - same speeds, MacBook Pros 2.33GHz top speed.:D

    Dual Clovertown 8 Core Mac Pro January 9, 2007 San Francisco MacWorld Expo SteveNote :pI'm sure many people have asked this throughout the thread already, but is it worth it for me, if I've been waiting all summer, to continue waiting possibly into the start of school (I'm a freshman entering college) for the release of Merom in MB/MBP? My classes start Sept. 11th, but I don't know how long I'd survive without a computer.

    Do you guys foresee the release of Merom before that date?:confused:No, a few hours later. You must wait for it because that Merom MacBook or MacBook Pro will take you all the way through your college years way better than the current Yonah models will. When Leopard ships next Spring, the 64-bit capabilities of Merom will blossom way more than than the 32-bit limit on the Yonah platforms will. So hang in there and know they are coming real soon after September 11 - like the next day. :)

    When I was in college we used spiral notebooks and typewriters. Can you not take notes by hand for a few days? Spiral notebooks are very inexpensive - like 50�. Will that be ok for a few days?

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. Tags: severus snape , hermione
  • Tags: severus snape , hermione

  • Arcus
    Apr 25, 09:03 AM
    No. Re-read the three sentences he typed. He said that Apple is not tracking anyone. That infers that the database of locations is not being used to track a users location.

    No, he said "the info circulating". "THE" info includes the info about the database.

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. Severus Snape by Neal R. Haney
  • Severus Snape by Neal R. Haney

  • vincenz
    Apr 18, 03:14 PM
    couldn't Samsung simply get back at Apple by NOT making Apple's stuff? I mean, come on.

    They would stand to lose a lot of money if they decided overnight that they are not going to deal with Apple anymore.

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. Severus Snape
  • Severus Snape

  • Reach9
    Mar 28, 12:06 PM
    Wow, this has to be bs. I cannot believe Apple won't introduce any hardware in WWDC '11.
    They're planning on stretching the iPhone 4? Good job Apple, don't complain about losing customers now. If Apple releases the next iPhone after 2 years, then they are officially going to lose whatever market share they had.
    I'm still going to wait for another announcement because every report said that there would be an iPhone 5 this summer, it makes no sense.

    The iPhone 4 was a real refresh considering it was the first redesign in 2 years. The 3Gs was a smaller refresh than the iPhone 4 yet you still own one.

    So in your world a 'real refresh' is when the externals change? Don't judge a book by it's cover, the 3GS was a massive upgrade.

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. HARRY POTTER BLOOD

  • ChrisA
    Aug 7, 06:02 PM
    .... I have 3meg internet service and I cannot tell a difference between wired and wifi. My wireless will hit ~10mb/s transfer if I'm moving a large file from one computer to another. Obviously, that 10mb/s is faster then my 3meg internet service. My internet service is the bottleneck, not the wireless..

    That works for you because you only use the network to connect to the Internet. For someone with a larger setup who keeps all the user files (and home folders) on a file server wireles is not fast enough. You really need gigabit Ethernet to make it work transparently. One you put the home folders on a server then your users can walk up to ANY random machine, log in and see there own desktop and their own files. You get the effect of Sun's Scott Mcneally's famos quote "The network is the computer."

    You talk about "moving a large file from one computer to another." with a fastr network you would not care what computer a file was on and have no need to move it. With fast enough network remote files are faster than local files because the remote file server can be very high performance. We have one of those here wioth about a hundred or so SCSI drives in it. Pulling data off 100+ drives at one, in parllel is very fast.

    One other thing with wireless that 56Kbps is a shared resource. Every computer has to wait it. If you have a wired network every wire carries twice the nominal bandwidth and it is not shared. The "bottle neck" is the bandwidth of the switch backplane which typically ismany gitabits.

    So, bottom line. Lots of people need this. some home users don't but these new machines are not designed for home users

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. Severus Snape from the Harry
  • Severus Snape from the Harry

  • bokdol
    Jul 30, 02:06 AM
    apple could start their own service. like virgin, ampd, boost, and now helio. they all have there own phones and service.

    helio can send up dates to myspace.

    so why not a .mac phone updater where you can send podcast to your .mac account through the phone. there could be some intresting things going on if apple has delayed the phone this long.... or maybe it will be just a phone that work on the cingular network. seeing that the itunes phones use cingular

    Severus Snape And Harry Potter. Harry Potter and the Deathly
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly

  • Sodner
    Apr 20, 07:25 AM
    It's not like me to pass on any Apple product upgrade but if the next iPhone is the exact same form factor and screen size with a camera upgrade, an A5 chip and 1 GB of ram, I'm passing.

    I use that money for a second iMac.

    Aug 4, 08:16 AM
    It is a new game after PPC->x86.
    Apple is now competing directly with all other PC manufacturers. You can easily compare the hardware between different computers.
    Hence, I am sure Apple will upgrade all MBs to Merom as soon as they have made sure they will get enough Meroms to satisfy the need of MBP.
    Besides since both the iBook and 12'' PB seems to have merged into the 13'' MB, it is vital to keep this line updated for demanding users with a need for a smaller form factor.I think quick updates to the latest technology at a reasonable price is a good strategy for Apple right now. Many computer manufacturers have not switched over to even the Core Duo on their laptops yet, the ones that have charge a premium for them. The same is true for the Core 2 Duo desktops and Woodcrest. There is an 8 month lag in the main manufacturers (Dell, HP, Gateway etc) between the time that a new intel processor is available and they have cleared out their inventory and start offering the newer technology. HP is better then the others. Dell it is almost impossible to find a computer on their website with Core 2 Duo and the ones that are (XPS) can not be configured for anything less the $2500. They really charge a premium for the latest and greatest. Apple could go a long way by keeping their inventory short and getting customers the latest technology quickly.

    May 4, 08:52 PM
    I'm outraged.

    OK, not really, just wary of not having an OS disk in case of problems. It'd have to be followed by the merest physical back-up device in the mail, just in case. The current packaging of OSX is ridiculous; it might be good for the noobs, but I throw away everything but the disk the moment the box opens. I'd rather get a tiny USB key in a plain, brown rapper.

    Intended? Probably not. Funny? Hilarious.

    Chupa Chupa
    Sep 11, 10:54 AM
    I really expect all of the above - though "true video iPod" and 6G iPod I think are one in the same. The only logical way to have a widescreen iPod is to have a virtual scroll wheel.

    As for the movie store...I think I remember SJ in an interview awhile back saying, while he likes the purchase model for music, movies lend themselves to the subscription model because most people only watch a movie once or twice, Star Wars geeks notwithstanding. So I think the movie store is going to be like a true movie store. If you want to buy a movie you can, but the emphasis will be more on a NetFlix type model. A $15/mo sub gets you 3 movies at a time, unlimited d/ls per mo. Alternatively, you could rent a single movie for $4, viewable for a week or so. For people who don't have time to convert a DVD to an iPod viewable format that makes sense. Buying for $15 or $10 isn't going to excite anyone I don't think.

    May 6, 08:12 AM
    Windows is making a version of Windows that works on ARM and the regular processors, so ALL the software works for it. They wont be separate versions.

    So do you mean microsoft is implementing universal binaries? as in, intel windows apps will run on the ARM version? This would be a very new thing for windows if that's what you mean. If microsoft was any good at copying, they would have learned that lesson from Apple since the 68k/PowerPC transition. It works every time when going from one architecture to another, or from one word size to another.

    Mr. Retrofire
    Apr 21, 05:31 PM
    does it look a bit unstable being so narrow

    What? Is the MBP or MBA "unstable"?


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