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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sandra Bullock Hair Golden Globes

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  • NAG
    Jan 11, 10:41 PM
    Seeing as how we don't know the specs of the machine let alone the price point, no, no one will be able to tell you the benefits of this product.

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  • jxyama
    Mar 19, 04:44 PM
    well for just once I would like the fastest single cpu in one of the consumer models and give it a good video card. thats all not asking for the world.

    for "consumer prices"? doubtful, because you are asking for a top-notch gaming machine. it's not a consumer machine at all. so why should it be priced as such?

    do you call a PC with PIV EE with a top notch radeon video card "consumer"? is it priced as "consumer" machine?

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 1, 05:11 PM
    That could be true, but I can't verify it - simply because I don't really see any of those around here....

    A friend of mine owns a 2009 Jetta TDI, and another friend owns a 2003(ish) Golf TDI. The new Jetta is significantly better than the Golf with the older generation diesel, but even the Golf's engine is much more refined than a diesel truck engine.

    I live out in the country (horse and cattle farms), and about half the pickups out here are 3/4 ton and 1 ton diesels, mostly Chevys and Fords. Following one down the highway it's hard to hear them, but if you're behind one you can damn sure smell it - and yes, I'm talking about the new ones, too.

    I live in Alaska, and they love their big diesel trucks here. I can agree that pretty much all of them stink awfully when you drive behind them. Also, performance modifications are pretty popular, so that with re-tuned ECUs and free-flowing exhausts, the damned things are positively deafening and noxious. The older trucks are definitely much worse than the newest models though.

    Can't speak to the new DPF-equipped trucks, I haven't had enough experience with them. Hopefully, the increasingly stringent economy and pollution regulations will continue to make pickup diesels less and less similar to the dumptruck, semi and bulldozer engines we currently associate them with.

    Still, the bottom line is, passenger car diesel engines from Germany and Italy in particular are excellent and nothing like the big clunkers in American trucks. If a diesel Cruze makes it here, it will be very smooth and quiet by comparison.

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  • DPazdanISU
    Aug 16, 07:35 AM

    give me an iphone pda type device with that deflatable mouse that can slide into a slot when not needed and gestures :confused: :D

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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Nov 27, 01:26 PM
    Wow, for the first time ever I actually beat MacRumors:

    I think a 17" model would be a good idea for Apple. It'll stop people buying Minis from getting their LCD fix from elsewhere to some extent and won't cost Apple a bean in R&D costs since they already use 17" panels in the iMac and have all the internals ready because of the 20" and 23" ACDs. It would only need a different sized chassis to be designed.

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  • generik
    Sep 7, 08:43 AM
    So I guess Minis will get Core 2 in 2007?

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  • peapody
    Nov 28, 08:19 AM
    first pair of decent headphones.
    grado sr60i

    Oh damn just looking at these make me really miss them. Dammit.

    Just listed my macbook air 11" on ebay, and picking up this UL20ft from the bay.

    12.1-inch 720p (1366x768) display with LED backlighting
    Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
    Intel Core i3-330UM (1.20GHz)
    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD integrated graphics
    2GB DDR3 RAM 1066MHz
    320GB 5400RPM hard drive
    802.11b/g/n wireless and Bluetooth
    6-cell Li-ion battery (4400mAh, 47Whr)
    Weight: 3.3 lbs
    Dimensions: 11.8 x 8.4 x 1 inches
    Price $450!!!

    Will be upgrading the ram to 4gb and the hdd to ssd with stuff I have laying around the house. Should make a great on the go computer alternative to the $1500 "ultimate" 11.6" air. (

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  • yac_moda
    Jul 20, 09:06 PM
    That is the general trend of the stock market. And the US economy.

    Late spring/summer... market trends flat to down. People are more interested in vacations than working.

    Sept. market rallies briefly as people get back to work.

    No I TOTALLY figured this one out. Its during this period that taxes get paid, either at the end of march or late until Aug. and with businesses this is cheap and easy to do. So people sell stock to pay their taxes and that depresses the market -- especially if they made a lot of money which could have been on stocks thus it is guaranteed to happen.

    October is traditionally the worst month to be in stocks. Every major crash has happened in October.

    But Oct. is also the second or third biggest gaining month.

    Nov-Dec the market usually rallies. I attribute this to Christmas and bonuses/performance rating. Money managers need to boost their performance numbers for the year so they pump up stocks, usually pouring into any stock that has performed decently. It may not go up, but at least they can say they were in winning stocks.

    Jan-early spring usually has selling. A combination of cashing out of the Christmas rally and tax selling.

    Yes, I have heard these before in many places but I think there are larger money movers that actually create it although I am not sure what they are.

    Although Christmas is no doubt BIG, I think corp. hiring and purchasing to start new projects is what rules the January effect, but there should other things I have not thought of.

    Certainly with product intro ruled stocks like tech stocks Christmas and the new years creates a big effect.

    I think the #1 shifter of market fortunes though is USA Presidents and popular pres. end of 8 years as pres. cause a big down effect. Especially now that we have had good feds for so many years, that hold back on the money supply although the HYPER WW competition created by the internet may actually be the BIGGEST force here.

    And most pres. now days are smart enough to restrict the money supply strictly during their first 2 years otherwise all hell can break loose.

    Bush didn't need to do this, 911 did it, but the lack of lowing taxes and gradual secret tax hikes by Clinton were VERY BAD for the economy.

    The presidential transition and voting problems blew-out the economies back !!!

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  • Phishin' it
    Oct 23, 09:32 AM

    That no longer exists. Go to the mbp page and click the core duo icon, and I get a page not found.

    This will probably change by the time anyone verifies it. :rolleyes:

    I got the same thing.

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  • mltaylor
    Mar 22, 10:03 AM
    Can't please everybody. Someone will always be upset over something. This time people are upset, next time maybe I will be upset with something on the App Store. Deal with things people and move on.

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  • miles01110
    Sep 6, 08:48 AM
    Hmm... the Mini still has no Core 2 Duo? That does not sound too promising for MacBook (Pro) updates... unless Apple only wants to use the Core 2 Duo for the high end laptops (MacBook Pro) of course... Or are they waiting untill Leopard has been released?

    I didn't think they would put the Core 2 Duo in the mini before the MBP.

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  • QCassidy352
    Jan 10, 10:03 PM
    bah, way out of date comment, didn't realize how old this thread is. mod delete please. :o

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  • heehee
    Nov 24, 03:11 PM
    It's not really a purchase, but I'll be flying in a Falcon 7x to HK. That's how I roll. :p

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  • milo
    Sep 7, 08:01 AM
    Personally, I wouldn't want to DL a large movie file without the option of being able to burn it to DVD so I can have that tangible hard copy that makes me feel safe and warm. Then I wouldn't have a problem deleting it off of my hard drive.

    I don't think there's any question about's just that you'd burn it to a data DVD and play it in computers with the DRM enabled, not on a DVD player. Backing up drm media isn't limited, just playing it back.

    Hopefully someday we'll see real DVD burns allowed, but the way the studios are going I don't know how likey that is.

    Unlike music, you rarely watch a movie twice.

    I think you meant to say "*I* rarely watch a movie twice". You may not, but many people do, especially kids, who will be well covered by disney releases. It really just depends on the consumer and the movie, there's no question that millions of DVDs are sold.

    There are a few issues with rentals. Besides DRM, they'd have to compete with netflix and similar companies, which would mean the price would have to be incredibly cheap, probably far less than the studios would be willing to go (don't forget, really the studios are setting prices, not apple). There's simply no way they could compete with netflix without losing money (assuming the studios even allowed it, which would never happen).

    And for all the people who will be disappointed if apple can't compete with their piracy scheme? Give me a freaking break. :rolleyes:

    The best option (besides a rental model, which we know is not going to happen) would be to release a media center (iTheatre, iHome, etc.) that has a 250GB or 500GB hard-drive. All the movies could be downloaded through the GUI on the TV!

    But apple has an even better idea, just have an airport on your tv and stream the video from ANY computer in your house. WAY cheaper, and you're not wasting an expensive computer by having it sitting by the TV all day instead of using it for computer stuff.

    But yes... paying for something that it can be accidentally DELETED from your harddrive is NOT cool...

    So back it up, why would it be any different than the video and audio content apple already sells? Their current DRM hasn't been hacked yet, has it?

    still think the prices are a little steep for things that can be watched on an ipod.

    You won't just watch these on an ipod, apple will release a streaming solution for TVs along with the movie store.

    Apple keeps track of all the songs you buy anyway, so it's my opinion that you should be able to just "get another copy" if you have already purchased a song.

    But sending you files over and over costs apple money. Why don't you just back your files up?

    HD or whatever you fancy, it's cool with me, but talking about quality, why are the iTunes songs still at that lousy 128 bitrate. I mean if they can do movies, nice quality (at least 256) songs are not that diffucult?

    Because 128 is "good enough" for most listeners. The "good enough" point for movies is probably 480(i or p).

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  • macFanDave
    Jul 18, 12:23 PM
    WWDC is about "developers, developers, developers, developers!"

    What I have heard about Leopard and the Mac Pro is so exciting, I don't want to see them upstaged by iPod/iTMS movies news. I haven't even seen much on the Intel version of Xserves, so I can expect that I might see some news on that issue.

    I hope to hear the iPod and iTMS news, but at a different venue.

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  • tech4all
    Nov 27, 02:37 PM
    Now I'm starting to wonder if Apple will drop the 20" and replace it with a 17" LCD. I know that seems odd, but that would increase the gap between the 20" and 23" ACDs. There's a 7" gap between the 23" and 30" and if they introduced a 17" to replace the 20" that would make a 6" gap between the low end and the middle one. That way there will be much more of a difference between the ACDs.

    Just a thought. :)

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  • devinci99
    Mar 22, 04:15 PM
    I do think it's possible that Apple might re-invent the classic.

    A price drop and some minor update (such as wifi, bluetooth capabilities, ios capable) might happen. I think updating the classic's internal's and functionality might be feasible. But I doubt they will touch the physical appearance of it.

    But re-inventing the classic would defeat the purpose of calling it 'classic'.

    The Ipod Touch is their outlet for innovations now. Though, I wonder when the touch, would simple be called the iPod (drop the touch from the name).

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  • Chris Bangle
    Aug 25, 06:54 AM
    Why does intel have to be soooo confusing, A year ago you could either have a G4 or a G5, Nowadays dyo want core solo, core duo, merom, the other one, or that other one, or the other one.( I can ony remeber conroe and merom)... Ok there more powerful but there are too many to decide from.

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  • humasect
    Jun 22, 11:59 PM
    By the way, OS X already runs iOS' and quite nicely too! The iPhone simulator (part of Xcode). It's not many steps from there to dashboard or mixing in apps natively.

    One can already use the native keyboard with it and copy and paste and so on, and there are many groups and companies who actually develop and use apps this way already.

    Feb 17, 09:51 PM
    Wow those are some really big speakers you have there! :eek:

    Aug 29, 11:02 AM
    a bit off topic... does any one know of a comparable pc and cost? the mini seems a bit expensive at 799 for a 1.6 dore duo

    For comparison, Evesham (a UK based company)** do a "mini" PC, which
    goes gor 699 GPB, which is about $1300. Specs are as follows:

    Jul 14, 01:37 AM
    Bluray (or Blu-ray - not sure how to write it yet) will win because it sounds way cooler to say 'Bluray' than 'HD-DVD' :p

    And we all know how important a name can be - can you say 'MacBook'? :p :p

    Nov 28, 03:16 PM
    Basically free, (Thanks, Amazon!)

    And a pre-order:

    Sep 14, 09:04 PM
    I caved and decided to just go ahead and order the Incipio dermaSHOT case today. I'm really waiting for Otterbox to release their new case, but apparently they haven't even made a final decision on it yet and I'm going to need something to hold me over till they do, so this seemed to be the best choice for me right now. I'm pretty sure a screen protector would have cost me about 5 bucks after shipping, so 19.99 for both the case/screen protector/stand looked like a pretty good deal to me. I'll put pics up whenever I do receive it.

    Thanks guys.

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