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Sunday, May 22, 2011

samsung mobile

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  • ChicoWeb
    Aug 20, 07:10 PM
    whaT? photo shop design 350 bucks?


    For example

    obviously in a blog related format.

    This isn't a mickey mouse opperation ;)

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  • bousozoku
    Aug 28, 09:08 PM
    @#$%*&!(%#@!)!!!!!! A bit frustrating that I'm gonna lose a spot again... :mad:

    I'm casually folding on two machines lately. I could help you lose the spot more slowly. :D

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  • yellow
    Mar 23, 01:47 PM
    Yes, it should be coming from apple via VT, but who knows? I'd prefer that the middleman was simply cut out and you downloaded directly from Apple's website to the iBook.

    Beyond that, I would try creating a new admin account (or logging in as one if you already have it) and using Software Update. It'd be an interesting test to see if the problem is relegated to your user or is a system-wide problem.

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  • Mr.PS
    Jan 16, 01:18 PM
    Just out of curiosity, what do you want a new Cinema Display for, exactly, that the current ones aren't doing?

    Reason I ask is because you seem pretty eager about it, but haven't really clarified your need.

    The current ones are old tech - the panel hasn't been updated since March 2006. I want what we all want. Built in isight, updated display, and more connections.

    If they had them, and consequently added probably $100 or more to the price of the display, would you actually commit to buying one... today?

    I most certainty would, I would order right now. Even if the display was $2500 I'd order it. The Dell 3008WPF is $2000... Money isn't the issue, it's the lack of updates. Sure the current ACD's are great, but they're OLD TECH and no body will pay full price for that. I want the newest and the best when I buy something.

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  • jrevard
    Apr 28, 05:56 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148a Safari/6533.18.5)

    I don't think it's clear what I mean. It asks me for my password upon opening the iTunes or App Store applications. It's asking me for my password for something I don't even remember doing! Must be app updates or downloads that failed for being too large to dl over data (not wifi), but it doesn't even tell me what I'm entering my password for!!

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  • gravytrain84
    Mar 13, 09:33 PM
    That's a beautiful site:D

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  • kalex
    Apr 13, 12:00 PM
    Itunes home sharing is just that to share itunes libarary over home wifi network. It will not work. You need to setup VPN

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  • mark28
    Mar 5, 11:05 AM
    Thanks for the list. What do you recommend for the most realistic piano? :)

    I have about $3000 :p

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  • kalex
    Apr 20, 10:14 AM
    Guys - before you go crazy, its not going to work. Even if you strip DRM you still can't install it on non JB ipads. In order to install the app and have it working you still need to modify mobileframe work.

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  • mcrain
    Mar 3, 02:29 PM
    Thank you Fivepint, I needed a good laugh.

    Taxes are the price you pay for the privelege of earning money. If the cost of government is X, then the revenue collected should equal X. If one party *cough* GOP *cough* cuts revenue so much that we end up with a debt that equals Y, then you must cut spending and increase revenue so that you can pay X plus some of Y to eventually eliminate the debt.

    If the people who benefited the most from the cuts now have all the wealth and make all the income, they are going to have to pay a higher share of the increases in X. That's just how it is.

    You can't expect the poor to pay what they don't have, and you can't kill the middle class.

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  • tech4all
    Oct 22, 01:16 AM
    I do agree that I think you have a very good campaign concept of "too easy". Apple could run one ad per iLife app to show just how "too easy" it can be to do something. The only thing this ad (and your other one) is missing is the Apple logo at the end and maybe or something like that.

    We really have some nice stuff for this contest. It's going to be hard to decide on which one to vote for. :)

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  • kcdude
    May 1, 08:28 PM

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  • Haoshiro
    Mar 23, 09:07 AM
    Has the current PS3 even got a proper hardware scaler ? If not it will have to be hardware update.

    Software scaling, good sir.

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  • Zeov
    May 1, 02:41 PM
    Ello' guys and garls'!

    So, my beloved MacBook Air "13 Ultimate (2.13GHz / 4GB / 25GB) Fans go crazy whenever i watch flash, for example i watch CTFXc (like 12 mins videos) and the fans are kicking in almost instantly and keep spinning until a few minutes after i stop watching the videos.

    Now, this problem weren't that bad when i got it, that was around january, back then the weather was a lot colder outside than it is now.

    January = -15 to -5 C

    Now = 10 to 26 C

    I have no idea if it's the weather (:D) but that's my theori.

    Is this normal or what? when i feel it, it doesn't feel that warm, like my MacBook Pro does for instance.

    Hope you guys can help.

    Hope you had a nice weekend.:apple:

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  • 7on
    Mar 21, 04:59 PM

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  • bmat
    Apr 4, 05:15 PM
    As an 11.6 user it is easy to see why. I have had so many other laptops, including MacBooks and MacBook pros, and the air is my favorite due to build, portability, and performance with the ssd.

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  • Hellhammer
    Apr 23, 08:25 AM
    What are the resolution options in those games? 11" MBA's screen is 16:9 while the resolutions you listed are 4:3, thus the black bars.

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  • Hallivand
    Apr 10, 11:03 PM
    Congrats on the iBook purchase, I had one a while back and their great machines for what they can do.

    In regards to your queries, Flash 10.1 is the latest that can run on PowerPC machines :( and HTML5 is supported in TenFourFox as far as I know, by default. Did you download the appropriate TenFourFox build for your G4?

    What specifications is the iBook G4? Is it running Tiger or Leopard?

    What "jumpy" flash issues are you experiencing? I use it on my G5 and flash ad's can be abit iffy at times, though never exhibited any youtube issues.

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  • w_parietti22
    Sep 28, 12:00 AM
    Wow! That was a great show! :)

    John J Rambo
    Mar 7, 01:50 PM
    Hi, yeah sorry!

    Im using a holding page its here

    I've only really started it so there are loads of other "wee" issues but the main one is the top and side bar navigation, its ie7.

    Everything so far seems to be working in every other browser I have tested.


    Jun 30, 08:22 AM
    Hi, fairly new to the group.

    I decided to change to apple affter borrowing my brothers Cube

    ohhh now thats a classy looking thing.. :)

    anyways, it just worked... after my frustration at windows crashing... for everything,

    this just works!

    so today ive ordered my first apple machine... and im wondering, have i made the right choice of mac for me?

    i want it for graphic designing in photoshop, web design and the occasional audio recording using firewire...

    I wanted a 17" powerbook for ages, but gave up on the idea as i though "do i really need to be that portable"

    so then i though iMac? (knowing there was no way i could get a G5 AND screen - although ive been closly folowing the rumours beforehand...) but i figured that the 17" screen wasnt as big as the 17" i had been using on the Cube, it was just wider...

    so i opted for the "Ultimate" G4 1gighz 1 gig ram eMac.

    This has a bigger screen, still CRT flat (well basicly like the cube ive been using only with better specs and more ram)

    i got this, airport extreem and also VPC 6 with win XP (i know ive gotta learn to let go) but anyways, ive herd that windows with VPC runs FASTER on a mac? is this true???

    so what would you have gone for if you was me? did i make the right choice?


    Oct 25, 03:50 AM
    Yesterday I ordered my first MAC: MBP.

    So im asking myself, if there will be maybe a "cheap" update solution to Leopard.

    When I bought my last Mac laptop (an iBook G3), I bought it just before Panther came out (about 2 months before). Apple sent me Panther in the mail for free, without me even asking. Mind you, that was in Australia, and I don't know if the policy has changed.

    Apr 28, 05:04 PM
    I have a cd with a wmv video on it. Trying to figure out how to save it to computer so that I can send it to someone's email.....
    is this possible?? if so, step by step, kindergarten talk, please!!


    Apr 20, 04:34 PM
    They asked the right question about LTE -- just didn't get the answer I wanted to hear.

    but what do you expect? For them to say "Yes, we LOVE LTE and we can't wait to show you our new iPhone with LTE!"...

    ... if only.

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