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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Rower Exercise

The Rower Exercise. %IMG_DESC_1%
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  • LERsince1991
    Feb 27, 11:57 AM

    Equipment list:
    Apple 13" Macbook (late 2008) - 2.4Ghz, 500gb HD, 4Gb RAM
    Apple iPhone 4
    Apple Airport express running airtunes
    Apple Mighty Mouse
    Apple Universal Dock
    Apple remote
    Acer Monitor 22" White
    Belkin 7 USB hub powered
    Bowers & Wilkins 685's
    Chord Carnival Silverscreen speaker cable with banana plugs
    Canon 400d + accessories
    Dell Inspiron 1501 - To multi-task with windows (on bookshelf)
    HP Printer
    Kenwood A-82 Stereo Integrated Amplifier (Acquired from dads old setup)
    Sennheiser Headphones HD 205
    Wacom Intuos 3 A4 wide
    Western Digital My Book 1Tb

    Running Plex Media Centre and iTunes for media.
    Recently came across Plex Media Centre on here - brilliant and free!
    Mostly 1080p video and lossless audio.

    350 Movies, 10,000 songs, 15,000 photos & lots of TV programs...

    Waiting on a delivery of some braided wire sleeving to hide the ton of wires going to the amp better. Pretty neatly hidden the equipment around the room. :) :) :)

    Considering getting a new Amp - probably a surround amp but unsure as the music quality will drop opposed to a stereo hifi amp.
    Other option is an xbox 360?

    Past 2008

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  • danbirchall
    Jan 12, 07:09 AM
    Aluminum is much harder to recycle than plastic

    Say what? It may have a higher melting point than plastic, but it's the most recyclable material out there. Plastic often can't even be used in the same application multiple times, and ends up being "downcycled" into something completely different. Wikipedia says recycling aluminum is 95% more efficient than making it from ore; recycling plastic is only 70% more efficient than making it new.

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  • G4R2
    Nov 29, 03:09 PM
    I would say some obvious features that were not shown in the iTV demo but might make it onto the final product would include:

    - Web browsing
    - iPod games
    - E-mail
    - iChat/VOIP
    - iPod/iTunes music/video purchasing and sync (via wireless iPod or iPod cradle?)
    - Wireless N router

    There may be more functions that are related to Leopard or future Apple devices. Will it stream content to an iPhone like a Slingbox or Orb on the PC? Will it sync with a video iPod?

    It really depends on how Apple intends to position this device, either as a standalone wireless hub for media content or an accessory to other Macs.

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  • Thunderbird
    May 2, 08:13 PM
    Haha so many mad fanboys. " APL Y U RUIN MY OSX"

    LOL...All your apps are belong to us!

    This is dumb...but then, since when is Apple about intuitiveness, consistency and ergonomic efficiency?

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  • fall3n
    Sep 1, 11:52 AM
    I'm wondering if Apple would kill off the 17" if they did introduce a 23". I'm pretty sure now that the manufacturing cost difference between 17" and 20" is quite small.

    I highly doubt they would killl it off. I think they'd drop the price on it which would make it even more desirable for standard consumers with a budget. Sort of a, why get the mini when I could just pay a bit more for the iMac 17" kind of thing.

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  • eliamx
    Sep 6, 07:35 PM
    I hope hope hope that iTMovieStore becomes a super success.... and I hope that Steve will force them into a $9.99-Only model and not that stupid $14.99 hierachy..... they'll have to "submit" after it becomes super successful. haha.

    now seriously, movies here in new york are a blasted $10.50-10.75!!! ridiculous. I remember like "2 weeks ago" when movies were at most 8.75, but then when Star Wars Episode 1 came out and then Episode II, AMC 25 in manhattan suddenly bumped their prices up.....each time. "Oh, cause Star Wars, we must raise prices".

    And, they've kept it ever since. Movies are making huge returns, and yet we have to pay a boat-load of money.. Soon it'll be $15. And you know what, Hollywood is going to pay and so will the theater chains. I hope the online model takes over at high quality. I can see it now, I'll pay $50 for a "rental" ...i won't mind........ when i have a 54" iTunes-DRM-signed code for mass-viewing (This is the future, i think) and i'll have 10 friends over.... it'll be Theater-replacement baby!! Like boxing on PPV.... pay $50 and have 10 friends over. I'd pay.... i am talking about current releases. And, when they are 3 months old... $9.99 to buy. THank you Apple. Now, Do it!

    no more distribution costs. no more manufacturing costs. lower prices. right? Not if Hollywood has their way with ridiculous $19.99 prices... HELLO!! Hello!! that's DVD prices.... for a packaged DVD......!! HELLO!!! McFly!!

    This is why I'm getting into Hollywood myself. I plan to be part of the revolution. Sure I like money just like any other schmoe. But, there is something wrong with everythign right now. Especially since all movies are crap these days.... formulaic and tired. And they want to keep raising the prices!

    Rant over:confused:

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  • DMann
    Aug 6, 08:43 PM ( ( will provide live coverage of the event starting at 1PM EST (10AM Pacific). No need to reload the page, updates will appear as they are posted. In January, our system successfully delivered updates to over 100,000 ( simultaneous visitors.

    More photos of banners posted at WWDC have been circulating. Apple appears to be taking on Microsoft's upcoming Vista operating system directly with banners that state:

    "Mac OS X Leopard, Introducing Vista 2.0" (photo (
    "Mac OS X Leopard, Hasta la Vista, Vista"

    In the meanwhile, you can read the WWDC 2006 Rumor Roundup (, see our WWDC related Guide Pages (, chat in our IRC channel ( or participate in the forums (

    We will continue to provide any last minute updates leading to the event.

    Perhaps MS will change the name a third time before it is released.

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  • poppe
    Jul 15, 04:06 PM
    I think it's important for OS X to support Blue Ray as soon as possible, and to me it would seem crazy to not at least offer it as a BTO option when the Mac Pro is launched. Maybe if it's going to be in the PS3 then then high volume purchases will make it cheap enough to put into at least the high end Mac Pros as standard. Looking at the current prices of �800 then obviously that's too expensive to put in as standard.

    It seems everything gets integrated these days, for example DVD+RW and DVD-RW both still exist (even though + is more popular and cheaper) so I would assume that sooner or later there will be writers than can work with both HD-DVD and Blue Ray.

    Although I really would benefit from Blue Ray discs NOW, I couldn't afford it at current prices. However, I would be very disappointed in Apple as a company if they didn't have it as an option. The top of the range model should be the flagship of the very best and latest technology. Some people will have the money and will be very let down if Apple doesn't deliver.

    Only thing I'd be concerned with Blue Ray being offered in Mac Pro's is that the eye was just announced to be in shortage... I doubt Sony is gonna give other companies a bunch of Blue Ray eyes while they will be struggling to have enough for their PS3...

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  • twoodcc
    Feb 20, 11:58 PM
    congrats to sparky76 for 3 million points!

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  • EricNau
    Sep 6, 05:58 PM
    For 10 to 15 bucks these videos better be a higher quality than their current videos in the iTunes Music Store.

    I was hoping they'd be releasing a Mac Media Center to compliment this movie service, but after today's iMac update that seems unlikely (the 24" iMac would have been the perfect all-in-one media mac).

    As for Disney and Apple, who would have thought! :eek: ;) :p

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  • capone2
    Sep 1, 02:55 PM
    What is this chin on the iMac that everybody is talking about?

    the chin is the bottom part that looks very ipod-ish

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  • guez
    Aug 29, 11:04 AM
    This is exactly what I predicted would happen when Apple went Intel. Now that Macs can be compared component for component with Wintel machines and new hardware is coming out every month, everyone is worked up about keeping up with latest thing at the best possible price and getting increasingly frustrated with Apple's unwillingness to create a product line with 10000 different machines that each compete with dollar for dollar and component for component with every other machine on the market. Meanwhile, we have people talking about $299 machines with DVD burners (AND Windows? I'd like to see THAT!).

    If you're so concerned about keeping up with the Jones, just buy a Dell, already.

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  • Evangelion
    Jul 20, 04:33 AM
    I believe Nokia and Microsoft have some sort of alliance.

    Not quite. Yes, Nokia did announce a while ago that they will support MS's mobile-email-thingy. But that's it. Other than that, the two are more or less mortal enemies.

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  • Stella
    Mar 19, 04:31 PM
    All about the oil... "protect the citizens" is a perfect excuse. Sadly, because this is what it should be about.

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  • Thunderbird
    May 2, 08:13 PM
    Haha so many mad fanboys. " APL Y U RUIN MY OSX"

    LOL...All your apps are belong to us!

    This is dumb...but then, since when is Apple about intuitiveness, consistency and ergonomic efficiency?

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  • twoodcc
    Apr 17, 12:32 AM
    We need a 6 digit thread :p

    I have in 2 weeks folded what took me nearly a year to do on my iBook G4. I should be at 100k soon which is very exciting for me. Who else is trying to achieve a 6 digit score :cool:

    hey go ahead and start one if you want. i know what you mean though. i never thought i'd get to 1 million points when i first started. now i'm almost at 7 million!

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  • edtorious
    Apr 2, 07:52 PM
    did you see the backlight bleeding?!? :rolleyes:

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  • Galaxas0
    Apr 2, 11:00 PM
    In Safari, you can now change the width of a page by moving the cursor to the scrollbar and you see the little "adjust width" icon. Drag that and the width of the page decreases/increases toward the center.

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  • stagi
    Jul 19, 05:37 PM
    Sounds like some pretty sweet things are coming for iTunes, can't wait!

    Apr 12, 10:12 PM
    Just read something today to the effect that Peter Jackson is following James Cameron's lead and shooting 48fps on the "Hobbit"; gambling that enough digital theaters will upgrade to 48fps by the time the "film" arrives in a couple of years time. Guess that is the beginning of the end of the "film" look for at least action movies.

    This is so that each eye receives 24fps for 3d. So finally 3d will now look like a 3d "movie" rather than a 3d flip book.

    Oct 24, 02:35 AM
    Because all the current Apple rebates and promotions in the USA (and I believe a few other places) are good only on purchases made on or before 10/24 (tuesday). 10/25 obviously places the release after that date... It also coincides better with the Apple London Expo and the Adobe Event in Vegas.

    I guess we'll find out shortly, eh?

    they have another promo that runs from 10/17 - 1/22/07... i sure hope they dont wait for this to expire... although that is right around MWSF
    shortly it is... only 9 more hours

    Jan 12, 05:48 AM
    Something more than it being light. If I had to guess, I bet the fully-connected theme from the iphone will be moved to a new subnotebook line. 3g everywhere, instantly, built into the notebook. The more portable the device, the more internet-everywhere makes sense. Also fits into the 'something in the air' bit more than just being a light weight device. Nothing new as many manufacturers sell add-on cards to existing notebooks, but I bet it will be a core feature of the device. Ties well into some of Leopard's remote access features, too.

    wireless technology just isn't there for wireless power or wireless monitors; *maybe* wireless speakers, but that's getting a little iffy as a big add.

    maybe the touchpad will actually be an lcd screen like an iphone; that could be interesting for multitouch.


    Sep 6, 05:58 PM
    For 10 to 15 bucks these videos better be a higher quality than their current videos in the iTunes Music Store.

    I was hoping they'd be releasing a Mac Media Center to compliment this movie service, but after today's iMac update that seems unlikely (the 24" iMac would have been the perfect all-in-one media mac).

    As for Disney and Apple, who would have thought! :eek: ;) :p

    Jan 26, 07:44 AM
    Including, I noticed, my own on the 2009 thread, although I wasn't a member of this forum at the time.

    A mate of mine just emailed me thus:


    I�m just searching through google photos (got some down time at lunch for once!) and I came across this .... .... Your car but considering the individual posted also claims to own a Corsa and Rover HSE it doesn�t sound like you at all? looks like someone wannabe claiming ownership of your life mate :O Scary part is next page the same person posts again and shows a pic of your missus car!"
    Naturally I had a look and sure enough, my car (and the wife's) in pictures no doubt stolen from the Audi A5 owners' club site.

    Thought I'd let you know in case anyone is thinking of placing trust in this individual ('Mac.') - you may want to think twice.

    I'm actually pretty glad we don't have either car any more - bit scary to see what some people will actually do!

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