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Monday, May 23, 2011

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  • ergle2
    Sep 16, 05:59 AM
    Since Fry's is already selling Sony ATAPI Blu-ray burners for $750, why doesn't Apple see the selling opportunity as an offering on the Mac Pro BTO page? They dont even offer a $120 Plextor SATA DVD Burner on that page yet. Seems like they are being extremely conservative about adopting the next generation of Para-Superdrives. It's a conundrum to me. :confused: :eek:

    For whatever reason, Apple seems to not want to endorse Blu-ray nor HD-DVD yet by not offering either one. Guess they're not sure themselves which they think will be best for us in the long run or which one will win in the marketplace? I am confused about what's going on on this front. :confused:

    Speaking personally, I'm not terribly interested in either right now.

    Having said that, is there a (big enough) market for it? Stand-alone player sales have been pretty lacklustre, with HD-DVD outperforming Blu-Ray, but even it isn't doing wonderfully. The large capacity of the writable disc would be nice but the black media is too expensive to be worthwhile right now.

    I guess it's possible they won't until they have playback software ready for OS X -- which would likely mean around the time of Leopard, I guess? It might make more sense then, unless you think Blu-Ray (or HD-DVD) are going to be big this "Holiday Season"? That would certainly change everything...

    Next year might be the one to go for, esp. if the PS3 looks being the big seller for Christmas 2007... it also gives them time to pick which to offer, be it HD-DVD or Blu-Ray (or offer both?) depending upon the fortunes of either/both. I doubt their comments on supporting Blu-Ray thus far are terribly binding (tho the MS-based environment used by HD-DVD might be a deal-killer...).

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  • RKpro
    Apr 7, 10:27 AM
    So, what is Apple doing with a bunch of 7" touch screens, since Jobs said "7 inch tablets are dead on arrival"?

    I also don't recall RIM ever giving a date before April 19th.

    LoL, I can just imagine Steve Jobs karate chopping stacks of 7" touch screens in Cupertino.

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  • HypersonicXIV
    Apr 25, 08:42 AM
    Oh wow, I am excited just at the thought that they might hopefully be heading in this direction, regardless of when it finally happens.

    I'm a programmer and spend my day looking at text in an IDE on a couple of 27" cinema displays. When I look at my iPhone 4 and see how amazingly crisp and clear text is on the retina display and then look back to my computer screen, I weep quietly inside.

    The 27" screens are beautiful, but the retina display on my phone just shows how amazing they could be.

    I�m interested in what Apple will do with the 15� MBP. If Apple doubled the resolution of the 1440x900 display, then going from a 1680x1050 MBP to this new 2880x1800 MBP means an increase in DPI but a decrease in viewable information.

    Hopefully they will include a scaling ability as well for those who don't mind shrinking everything down to fit more on the screen as well (which would address the problem mentioned above).

    There is lots of potential for screens with such a high DPI :D

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  • gammamonk
    Aug 7, 10:02 PM
    If I had 3 months salary to blow-- I would get one. Does anyone else have the problem where you can't say Quad Xeon 3Ghz without saying it, "Quad F---ing Xeon 3Ghz?" I would say it that way infront of my Grandma.

    Spec'd the way I want, it's 7 grand.

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  • Don't panic
    May 3, 12:22 PM
    In the meanwhile, the villain...

    so is the turn of the villain simultaneous to the heroes (meaning he can communicate/implement his moves at any time) or do turns alternate (and if they do, do they in singles or in pairs)?
    what's the point of having 'rounds'?
    is there a time-limit to the villain's decision before it defaults in no-action, 1 point accrued?

    (i know i am a pain, but i want the rules to be clear)

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 25, 09:35 AM
    You do realize everything you said is untrue, right?

    He does not care. Anything to slam Apple he will. See he never mentioned Google who does a similar thing!

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  • radio893fm
    Nov 22, 10:14 AM
    Mr Palm, Apple fan boys:

    The perfect smart phone has already been created and is out in the wild: SONY ERICSSON P990.

    Wifi, location free, 2 mp camera with flash, keyboard, MP3 player, videos, etc. Now if only Apple would open the iTunes so it can sync with some other devices than the iPod would be very nice...

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  • rtharper
    Sep 10, 11:08 PM
    If they don't happen by then, that's when I will beging looking at yonah MBP's.

    I won't buy a Yonah MBP. I would rather have a more future proof computer of a different brand. I use *nix for almost all of my work, I'll just try and buy an open source friendly machine and put windows on a partition just to run WoW and have the other run FreeBSD.

    That, of course, is not my first choice, but I won't wait past the shipping dates of other manufacturers (i.e. the 26th is my limit, too).

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  • iApples
    Apr 10, 02:35 AM
    /=divide. 9+3=12*2=24. 48/24=2.

    Oh really? Wow I didn't know that... Sarcasm.

    I'm talking about on a calculator. Enter it EXACTLY how it was in the OP and you'll get 288.

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  • canderton
    Apr 5, 03:17 PM
    Apple better watch who they pick fights with, especially with one of the largest corporations in the world. I love Apple but I honestly wish Toyota would just tell them to F off.

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  • princealfie
    Nov 26, 05:06 PM
    ********ing A. It's about time. I can't wait to retire my Toshiba Tablet PC. This would be an awesome thing for my artwork and drawing and sketching if they can get this right. Go Apple iTablet!

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  • DavidLeblond
    Apr 25, 11:07 AM
    $5 says the next version of iOS will include a process to truncate consolidated.db just like Android does for locdump. Its not that Apple is USING all this historical data, its just that they neglected to toss in a function to trim the file.

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  • Auax
    Apr 21, 09:22 PM
    i prefer a smaller one..

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  • Erasmus
    Aug 4, 06:48 PM
    New iMacs next Tuesday. I'll take one if it comes with a Conroe, Apple, thank you. But of course, if that's too hot, a Merom would do fine, too. Unless it will still use that dull 667MHz FSB, of course. At least put in an X1800 in it. Oh, and 1GB of RAM. And, while you're at it, throw in a 24" display too. And get rid of the lower bevel of the 'display design'. All that, and I'm buying straight away. If it will come pre-loaded with Leopard and will have a universal BlueRay/HD DVD-burner built-in, that is.


    But seriously, I'm soooo ready for a new iMac. This 800MHz G4 iMac is getting old. It works like a charm, still, and is plenty fast for most stuff, but it just doesn't feel right anymore. Also, I never had quite the relationship with it as with my old 233MHz G3 iMac. I WANT A NEW iMAC! AND I WANT IT NOW!

    Sounds like someone wants an iMac Ultra! (Really final Propaganda)
    We Apple customers want an iMac with at LEAST (preferrably >>) 2.4 Conroe, at least an X1800 with 512 MB (Which should be quite likely if the PMs (sorry MPs) get SLI), a 23" screen, which Apple should have plenty of from their Cinema D's, and more RAM slots than you can polk a 2Gb RAM stick at (Meaning >=4), with most of them filled.

    All for under AU$4 Grand.

    That should take care of all gamers, any professionals who require a reasonably portable Desktop with awesome power, and in fact, anyone else.


    MBPs do use Lithium Polymer batteries. It says so on the Apple MBP website. I'm sure the MBs do too.


    As an aside, is anyone else here as happy as I am that we will never see one of those evil "Pentium" chips in our precious Macs? Hooray, there will be no Pentium 5! (Unless they call the Conroe line Pentium, like they keep calling Core Duo "Centrino Duo", to my utmost annoyance. Isn't Centrino the "Budget" brand name?)

    Death (Or severe overheating and frying) to all Pentiums!


    Anyone else here interested in an iMac Ultra?

    Anyone else have an extreme and probably unwarranted hatred of the Pentium moniker?

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  • gerrycurl
    Aug 7, 09:49 PM
    actually crucial already has your ram, apple's basically using an intel 5000 motherboard:

    I was thinking this myself until I saw it was 4 x 512mb sticks. That just sucks. If it was 2 x 1gb sticks I would say not bad but its not good. Give crucial a few days to look into it. They guarantee compatibility, if it doesn't work you can return it. I am holding out for third party ram and staying with the 1gb base. Thank god its 1gb and not 512mb they usually throw at us.

    Sorry to cast a shadow over your decision but hey if you can afford it who cares right.

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  • ravenvii
    Jul 29, 11:34 PM
    The Apple iPhone would have to be better in functionality than a Blackberry to be considered useful, unless they can work out a better input device method or utilize Microsoft's Vista speech recognition program.

    Hurray! Exactly what I'm thinking.

    If Apple accomplishes this, I'll sell my Blackberry and buy Apple's phone in a flash.

    But please, no speech recnogization... have you seen Microsoft's demo of their technology? Hilarious.

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  • Rocketman
    May 7, 07:15 PM
    You make it sound like Google making money is a bad thing. The reason so many people use Google is because they don't mind advertisements. Also, people who use Google's services are no more "minions" than Apple users, they just use what they feel is best.

    Rocketman: "On behalf of all Google stockholders worldwide, thank you for being one of our minions."

    I make it sound like being a stockholder is a good thing.
    I make it sound like Google stockholders having minions is a good thing.

    I do not make it sound like Google making money is a bad thing because, obvious to everyone but you, I said, "On behalf of all Google stockholders."

    All service users are minions. They "opt-in". There's another whole can of worms for both Apple and Google!

    Truism: The more you pay the more it is worth.
    Proof: The more you choose to pay the more it is worth to you.

    It applies to iPad and Mac purchasers, Google ad buyers and all things at all times.


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  • holycat
    Sep 15, 09:18 PM
    What u All expect for the new mAcbook pro?

    mAybe something unexpected??suprise??

    is that possible to have blue-ray ROM??hehehe..:eek: :eek:

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  • heisetax
    Aug 2, 02:45 PM
    Well, I disagree with the first part of your post. However, I'm sure Apple won't care and go ahead anyway! :D

    As for the two-camera thing... wasn't there a rumor sometime back about how Leopard could handle dual-camera chatting? It would use the monitor/camera that the chat window was on... move the chat window to the other display, and the other camera picks up the chat!

    With Steve Jobs having Apple quietly dhanging the built-in camera from the iSight FW model to a USB2 model, would these cameras follow & be USB. Wouldn't that mean that either 2 USB channels be used or the cameras work in a jirky or slow manner? FW400 for your iSight or built-in camera & your iPods & FW800 for your external hard drives, new SanDisk CF card reader & other Pro needs. The FW400 won't be used for these activities for new people though as all new iPods are USB only & the iSight probably will be soon.

    I have my iSight camera mounted on a flexable gooseneck stand. This allows me to show what I want. The iSight runs very hot just being plugged in. It is nice being able to unplug it when it is not in use. Just shutting the camera off is not enough.

    Bill the TaxMan

    May 6, 07:53 AM
    Intel makes some great processors. It would be a bad idea to move to ARM. Sure keep ARM in the mobile world like the iPad and iphones but don't bring them to laptops and desktops. Can't wait to see how Intels ivy bridge is next year.

    Mar 28, 10:16 AM
    So the source with the updated info is suggesting that there will not be a new iPhone in 2011? That would stink. My crap LG versa is on its last legs. :rolleyes:

    Apr 16, 11:36 AM
    It seemed like a cogent point to me. Your perspective will change if you do any number of things. Bet on horse races for a living and you'll never look at a horse in the same way that other people do.

    Earlier itcheroni said ...

    Now I don't mean to be cruel, but he isn't making anything, creating anything or contributing anything to society through this livelihood. He's merely siphoning off the flow. And he wants to talk about perspective? It seems to me that making a living that way is guaranteed to give you a warped perspective.

    It's a perspective I'm glad I don't share.

    Sure he is. He is creating liquidity in a financial market. He is the grease in the financial cogs. Just because you do not understand how a process works is no excuse to be dismissive of it.

    Mar 29, 07:20 PM
    I wonder if Amazon just tried to rush this to beat Apple and Google.

    The Norman
    Mar 28, 11:04 AM
    I waited for the white iPhone 4. Then it was too late to switch to black but still fall within AT&T's 1 year policy if the 5 comes out on time. Apple and the phone companies need to figure out some sort of deal for these upgrade timeframes AND keep us all informed.

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