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Friday, May 27, 2011

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  • Eduardo1971
    Mar 28, 08:37 AM
    after all this hype if iOS 5 is just a small improvement that would be ludicrous.

    How long have you been reading MR?

    Unbelievable hype/expectations and constant disappointment when these expectations don't meet our delusions is what drives this site!

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  • dukebound85
    Mar 17, 01:54 AM
    3.28 here in fort collins

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  • cgc
    Apr 12, 01:01 PM
    A little off topic, but question for those who need Office software, and also run Parallels/Fusion: Do you prefer Office For Mac, or do you prefer to run "regular" Office in Parallels/Fusion? Thanks.

    I have Office 2011 for Mac and Office 2010 for Windows which I run in VMWare Fusion (got both for $9.95 each through Microsoft's Home Use Program). I much prefer Excel 2010 in Windows but Word 2011 and PowerPoint 2011 for Mac are fine.

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  • Cynicalone
    Apr 19, 09:55 AM
    iOS Expose could be an improvement to multitasking, maybe they need to wait for the A5 to have the power to make it work.

    64GB should have happened a long time ago imo.

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  • mac-er
    Apr 3, 07:27 PM
    Pages 1.0 is typical Apple. Anytime Apple puts out the first version of a product, its really a beta.

    And, no, not necessarily because of bugs, but because it lacks the features or speed that a GM product should (ie OS 10.0)

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  • cloudnine
    Sep 19, 04:02 PM
    nothing for the powerbook g4s?

    ... :confused: :rolleyes:

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  • Rafterman
    Apr 5, 12:14 PM
    I don't know if its real or not, but I hope that 128GB of storage will be reality. And 64GB for the iPhone 5.

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  • Westacular
    Mar 24, 06:37 PM
    Yep, this is an awesome app. You have to manually download the BETA version of Air Video Server for it to do Video Airplay though. The regular release does not support it.

    The speed increase in the recent Server betas is fantastic. Seeking while watching live transcoded videos went from unusably slow to almost instantaneous.

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  • MacRumors
    Mar 13, 09:43 AM (

    Mashable reported ( that some iPhones were seeing a problem causing it to improperly adjust to daylight savings time in the U.S. Daylight saving time hits tonight/tomorrow morning, which means we all lose an hour of sleep � unless you have a Verizon iPhone, in which case you�ll wake up utterly confused, as phones are currently falling back an hour.They originally pinpoint the problem to Verizon iPhones, but also report that some AT&T iPhones may be affected too.

    We've seen reports ( (another ( from our readers that have seen the problem which also seems to affect alarms going off in the morning.

    Article Link: Some iPhones with Daylight Savings Glitch? (

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  • MacRumors
    Apr 5, 07:51 AM (

    Macworld ( reports on Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's keynote session at Storage Networking World in California. Wozniak was questioned about how tablets would change the computer industry.�The tablet is not necessarily for the people in this room,� Wozniak told the audience of enterprise storage engineers. �It�s for the normal people in the world,� Wozniak said.

    �I think Steve Jobs had that intention from the day we started Apple, but it was just hard to get there, because we had to go through a lot of steps where you connected to things, and (eventually) computers grew up to where they could do ... normal consumer appliance things,� Wozniak said.

    Article Link: Wozniak: Tablet is the PC for 'normal people' (

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  • spicyapple
    Sep 27, 08:51 AM
    I like updates. :)

    My build is currently 8J135. What happened to 8Kxxx?

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  • macquariumguy
    Mar 27, 06:23 AM
    How about if we just spend less and not raise more taxes?

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  • justcallmepete
    Aug 19, 11:50 AM
    cannot log into the new version. Restored the previous one which works. Really weird...:o

    are you jailbroken? do you have biteSMS installed? if so, thats probably why. if you go to SBSsettings > mobile substrate addons > and then turn off biteSMSsb, it will work normally. but im sure as hell not giving up my biteSMS for a facebook update that has a non functional locations feature (which even when it works i will not use) and background photo uploading. if you dont have the 5 seconds to wait for a picture to upload, maybe you shouldnt be wasting your time on facebook anyway.

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  • iDutchman
    Mar 17, 12:01 PM
    The gas price (EURO95) as of today (Netherlands):

    €1,675/Liter <--> €6,35/US Gallon

    €6,35=$8,90/US Gallon.

    So.. It's always been expensive but this is bad.


    The picture that is shown tells you how much cheaper (in %) the other countries are (compared to The Netherlands).

    --- goedkoper=cheaper --- Verenigd Koninkrijk= UK --- Griekenland=Greece --- Oostenrijk=Austria

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  • vistadude
    Mar 31, 01:29 AM
    Okay, figured out the conflict. Please delete this thread mods.

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  • strwrsfrk
    Apr 28, 02:27 PM
    seriously just shut ur pretty faces with the tired backlit keyboard anthem. this is like the least desirable feature esp since it has a direct impact on battery life.

    Backlit keyboard is a nice aesthetic feature for many. It's also extremely useful for those of us who type while looking at the keyboard and tend to do a lot of traveling at night/underground. Plus, since all iterations of the keyboard have user-controlled brightness levels, the argument against it as a power sink fail. In my opinion, and as someone who really wants a backlit keyboard, the best argument against the feature is that it has the potential to increase the price to maintain such a large margin.

    The TDP of the C2D and 320M combined is about 25W, I believe. The i5 2357m is a 1.4GHz proc with the HD3000 core and a TDP of 18W. By including this as the base processor, the battery life would inherently improve (without increasing the size of the battery), but a little bit of internal space would open up where the 320M was. This could be used for an SDHC card on the 11", or increased battery, or maybe an additional USB port. My wish would be to bump the base speed of the i5 up to 1.6GHz or even 1.8GHz and maintain a TDP of 25W.

    A larger screen and/or thinner bezel would be nice, but I'd settle for coloring the darn thing black (without the weight of the glass over the screen). The bezel on my MacBook Pro is fantastic in comparison; I find the silver distracting.

    A 2lb 11" Air with an i5 proc at 1.8GHz, a 256GB SSD, backlighting, 8+ hour battery-life, and a starting price of $100 less (dream on, I know), and there is no way I could keep myself from buying one.

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  • cshen
    Apr 29, 09:31 AM
    I just updated to 4.3.2 yesterday. Since this afternoon, my phone does not have any cellular data connection, except for wi-fi. I have checked all the settings and everything is correct. I have even tried to restore the settings and restore the phone. But it still stays the same. :(

    Does anyone have the similar problem before? Could this be the hardware problem?

    No "3G" or "E" or "o" icons anymore. This is singaporean network btw.

    Appreciate if anyone can help. Thanks.

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  • AwakenedLands
    Nov 19, 06:34 PM
    Just to get a white phone people pay that much? It's just a phone. Shameful.

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  • Thunderhawks
    Mar 23, 02:16 PM
    Since it was in beta testing forever, one would think it should have been working before it got released!

    There, if you are waiting for it from FoW!

    Mar 6, 04:21 PM
    I noticed today that someone is already in line at the Knox Henderson store. They had a tent setup.

    Probably the same guy that was on the news before the iPhone 4 launch.

    Apr 1, 10:24 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8A293 Safari/6531.22.7)

    TWC is the worst service I ever subscribed... EVER. When changing channels I constantly see 'Please wait...' on the black screen and the whole thing is so slow.
    App for a change works great.

    Laird Knox
    Mar 4, 09:52 AM
    I agree with the crop. I'm not sure why I didn't think of it or do it before. I remember feeling the same way but then ignoring myself. :)

    This is a "quick and dirty" crop using the crop tools in flickr. I would like more room on the right for the table. This is cropped to the edge of the empty chair, so to do a bit more room I'll have to erase the part of the chair that shows. I may try that when I have more time. (

    That's better but give it a try even tighter. Bring the right edge up past the tray. That might make the toys jump out a little more. Same thing if you bring the bottom edge up closer to his elbow. You may have some room to bring the top and right in a little tighter to match the bottom and left crop.

    I'm not sure if this will make a better photo but from what I see I think it is worth a try. (Gotta love the digital age!)

    I found the original crop interesting at first glance but the more I looked at it the more I lost interest. It may have been the clutter of the bars and expanse of the table and chair to the right - the main focus seemed to get lost. I dunno. ;)

    Mar 28, 08:58 AM
    how does it confirm that ??? apple has previewed things in April, but showcased the whole thing in June in the past.. and this is an announcement for the Showcase.

    I don't know... perhaps the "Join us for a preview of the future of iOS and Mac OSX" Seems like we will be seeing the new iOS features for the first time.

    Sep 27, 02:23 PM
    Oh noes! The dreaded off-topic discussion on numbering schemes that pops up after each os update. ;)

    Which is why it is MANDATORY that Apple release 10.4.10, even if it's exactly the same as 10.4.9 with a change log that says "Updates from 10.4.9: Er, nothing really, sorry." That way these obnoxious discussions can end once and for all.

    The numbering scheme just looks like it's base 10. It ain't.

    It most certainly is. What else would it be? Hex? Octal? Binary? Of course it's base 10. It's just not a flippin' decimal. ;) The fact that there are TWO dots makes it pretty blindingly obvious that it's just a know, like they use in phone numbers...please don't tell me anyone thinks phone numbers are decimals....

    You know, I often see this posted on the forums, yet I can't think of any example in the past that proves it. Every version after a .9 that I know of has been the last of that series.

    Blender: 2.42
    Safari: 416.12 (AKA 2.0.2) (Yes, I know it's old ;) )
    Wings3D: 0.98.29
    Warcraft III: 1.18
    Pan: 0.14.2

    And as far as Quake on a MacBook...that's Quake *1*? Even the crappy GMA950 should be playing that at hundreds of frames per second. Heck, it could do that in software mode! If you're having problems, that's not something OpenGL is gonna fix...probably Rosetta issues unless there's a UB....


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