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Sunday, May 22, 2011

mustang gt 5.0

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 17, 05:26 PM
    not to surprised by this. The Best Buy around where I lived took a hammering from Fries when it opened up. Fries s bigger and has a wider selection of the things i am generally looking for so I tend to go there.

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  • d4nvu
    May 6, 12:36 PM
    thanks for the input guys!

    i currently have the late-2009 unibody white macbook, would it be worth it to buy the new 2011 13" MBP? I'm just trying to see my options

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  • redraidermacman
    Oct 20, 01:37 AM
    does it make any sense that only real places in tarrant county to get apple stuff are southlake and the bestbuy in grapevine? wouldnt it make sense for bestbuy to put them in somewhere else?

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  • wad11656
    Apr 27, 02:37 AM
    Hi, I have a really weird request. I live outside the UK (U.S.) and downloaded a U.K. song only available in U.K. iTunes. I like to download my album artwork from iTunes for my music. However, because I live outside the U.K., I cannot download the album artwork for the song (need a U.K.-region-billing Apple ID). Soo...I was wondering if somebody could

    (1)go into your iTunes
    (2)Pick a song in your library that doesn't have any artwork
    (3)right-click, "Get Info"
    (4)change "Album Artist" to "David's Lyre" "Album" to "In Arms (Remix) - EP"
    (6) Click "OK"
    (7) Right-click, "get album artwork", "OK"
    (8) Right-click on the artwork in the bottom left of iTunes and click "Copy."
    (9) Open the "Paint" program. When loaded, press cntrl+v on your keyboard. Save the image to your desktop.
    (10) Upload the saved image to an online photo hosting site such as ImageShack or PhotoBucket and send me the image's URL or post it here as a response

    ...or at least that's how I worded it to a probably-not-super-iTunes-savvy-individual on a random U.K. chat room I found...ha ha ha:rolleyes:

    Basically, all I want is for someone in the U.K. with an Apple ID to "Get Album Artwork" in iTunes for album "In Arms (Remix) - EP" by [Album] Artist "David's Lyre" and upload the image on an image hosting site such as ImageShack and post/PM me the URL.

    I WOULD just get the album artwork from online, but a quality image is NOWHERE to be found. (200x200 is the biggest one) I also got the song outside of iTunes, in case you were wondering how I got a hold of it in the first place.

    It'd be awesome if someone could do this for me! It's honestly really simple, and if you download artwork from iTunes all the time, this should be a piece of cake! Thanks a ton!:D

    --Album Artwork Fanatic

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  • littleebo356
    Jun 20, 05:47 PM
    I have ordered but still thinking of getting there for around 7am. Where is good to place park early in brum and cheap as im guessing this may take a while.

    how well do u know brum before i tell you? i dont want to get you lost.

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  • gnasher729
    Apr 12, 11:48 AM
    This is the vulnerability those security pundits have been warning was coming.

    What would I rather do: Hack into Apple's servers to implement a legally very dubious unlocking service for $170 (which is obviously highly overpriced, because Apple could do the same thing for free if they wanted to) that might open me up to litigation from Apple, or create a website that collects $170 a shot from gullible iPhone owners, do nothing, and run with the money?

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  • Analog Kid
    Mar 2, 12:18 AM
    What does this mean? The slashdot crowd hasn't even weighed in on this yet (11:00 PM central).

    Does this mean that Gimp is going to get a major overhaul?

    Will I be able to get a less expensive version of CS?

    Will I be able to compile my own CS (holy crap!)?

    I don't think it means much at this point. Depends on where it goes... Mostly I see data structures, and pieces of a grammar and parsing engine. What I don't see is the source for any filters or transforms or anything high level.

    Of your questions, your GIMP question might be the closest to the extent that this information allows them to become more compatible. It won't add features as far as I can tell, but it might allow GIMP to work with and export to Photoshop, for example.

    It looks like they're just putting their toe in the water-- not sure what Adobe hopes to gain from this... Apple managed to get a developer community to focus on something much more complex (Darwin) but Adobe put out a bunch of stuff that doesn't seem that special or interesting.

    I guess what I mean is when people hear "Adobe" they don't think "multiply linked data structures"...

    Maybe I'm speaking too quickly-- I don't know what the Adam/Eve engines do really and they might be more powerful than they appear from the top levels of documentation. My guess is that Adobe is looking for help in keeping these engines secure and bug free, which would be a very good use of open source.

    Maybe this is their plug-in interface, which would also be a very good use of open source.

    It's an interesting trend though, and probably a good one-- look at your IP, decide what is really important to keep proprietary, and open the rest up. That's good, I think. Adobe's page itself seems to suggest they're trying to give utility classes that help extend STL.

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  • frozentundra
    Apr 18, 09:31 PM
    I did a similar thing recently when I purchased an iMac from my local Apple Store.

    I wanted a full keyboard with number pad. The iMac came with the basic
    wireless keyboard.

    They sold me the full keyboard and then credited me the amount so it
    cost $0. I actually left with both keyboards because the original was left
    in the iMac box

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  • jiminaus
    May 5, 08:08 AM
    I have an NSView subclass which registers for drag files in init method like this:

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  • cberic3
    Aug 26, 06:14 AM
    Thanks. For some reason my reference can make the script work with firefox, but for some reason when i check my source in firefox, the code in the header is all gray, whereas the reference pages's source work correctly. Makes no sense considering they are exactly the same.


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  • TheStrudel
    Apr 19, 11:29 PM
    The terms "high end," "built in," and "5.1 mic" are mutually exclusive.

    A mic cannot be high end and built in.

    5.1 is a mix of multiple channels that ideally you would record with multiple mics.

    The advertised 5.1 mic is more a marketing gimmick than anything else.

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  • BornToMac
    Nov 10, 02:45 PM
    Big race coming up this weekend...go Alonso!
    (Kimi in this picture)

    Mind sharing the original?

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  • firestarter
    Mar 20, 08:02 PM
    What are you planning to do? Lots of tilt/shift effects are possible in post these days.

    You can correct converging verticals easily (using the Photoshop transform tool), create the look of reverse-tilt low depth of field images (, or use focus-stacking to increase depth of field in photoshop ( (instead of using tilt).

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  • sammich
    Apr 18, 09:52 AM
    Well everyone is predicting a few month delay. This is going to mess with my 2 year upgrade plan. Do I upgrade later or upgrade earlier...

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  • Stampyhead
    Oct 4, 01:50 AM
    Is the file really a jpeg? Is it CMYK or RGB?
    Yeah, it looks like the image is CMYK. I don't know if changing it will fix the problem, but it should be RGB either way.

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  • LaLLLy
    Nov 10, 11:32 AM

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  • WhatAmI
    Apr 29, 01:30 AM
    nvm i just read that. does anybody have one i can download? thanks

    I think linking to them here would break site rules, you need to Google for it.

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  • Rigby
    Mar 30, 12:08 PM
    Thanks for the review! Have to say I'm a little disappointed that they overlooked the light sensor. Seems like the case is otherwise just what I am looking for, but this is a serious flaw.

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  • JollyJoeJoe
    Apr 23, 05:01 AM
    The card only comes with fan-out cables (SFF-8087 to 4i*SATA/SAS ends; 1x per SFF-8087 port, so in the case of the ARC-1880ix12, it will come with 3x of them).

    In theory, you could order the version of the Maxupgrades kit without the MiniSAS cable, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to go ahead and get it (it may be shorter, as those that come with the Areca are 0.5 meters in length). Assuming the cable with the kit is shorter, it won't be as messy as a longer cable could be in terms of routing (those that have used that particular kit haven't mentioned it was a mess that I recall).

    You won't need any other cabling to connect the card to the HDD bays (it all comes in the MaxUpgrades kit).

    If you want to use an internal port with an external enclosure, there's a special cable you'd need to get for this. If you want to use the external port (keep in mind, this typically shares ports with an internal connector in past models, such as the 1680 series), you'd need to buy one. Either way, these do not come with the card, and you'd only need to get them if you're planning on running an external enclosure/s.

    BTW, stick to 1.0 meters or less with SATA disks (1.0 m tends to be the shortest you can get off the shelf, but other lengths are possible via a custom order - I've done this before), and do not use the PCI bracket mount adapters to take internal to external cables (results in instability due to contact resistance - been through this battle before). These adapters are meant to be used with SAS, which runs at a much higher signal voltage (20V) than internal SATA (400mV).

    You don't need to use the older version of Firefox. I was referring to Safari in terms of older versions that had been tried and didn't work (not tried Safari 5, but given past revisions, I'd skip even trying it when I know Firefox will work properly).

    As per how to do it, a browser works in any OS supported by the card (browser connects via an IP address assigned to the RAID card). Now the firmware is actually in 4 parts (i.e. what you'd get in a firmware download off of Areca's support site). Assuming you don't need to upgrade anything else, you just use EFI to replace BOOT.bin, which is the BIOS version (leave the others alone).

    There should be instructions in the manual that comes with the card fif you're a bit confused (it's in the others, so it should be there this go around as well). There's also confirmation check boxes to be marked before any flash is actually performed anyway (nice little safety feature), so you can look around without causing problems.

    Thanks, you've really helped out.

    One question that does come across though is once I flash the card with EFI and select the SSD as a boot drive from an existing OSX install I will want to install Mac OSX fresh on this now bootable SSD and ditch the default OSX installation on which I chose the SSD as the boot drive. Can I do this? Or must I clone the existing OSX install onto the new SSD drive first?

    I was thinking after making the SSD boot drive I could simply boot off the OSX install discs and install OSX on this SSD?

    It's going to be a new system with no important data, so I don't care about cloning the existing OSX install which comes on the 1TB HDD with the 8-core 2010 Mac Pro. In fact I am going to pull that drive out altogether.

    Perhaps I am complicating things too much here and after flashing the card to EFI, I can just shut down, take out the original 1TB HDD with OSX. Start the PC, launch the Areca EFI RAID BIOS menu with the right key press, put the 2x SSD's in pass through mode and 4x 3TB in RAID5. Afterwards just boot off the OSX cd and it will see the 2x SSD drives and the RAID5 volume and just install OSX on one of the SSD's like I want? Will I have troubles installing Win 7 through bootcamp on the 2nd SSD drive when its running off the Areca in pass through mode ?

    Also maybe you know, for installing 2x 6G SSD's in the 2nd 5'25" optical bay I obviously need either the OWC multimount adapter bracket 2.5 to 5.25 or other, but for power do I need a SATA power Y splitter or something to get power to both SSD's ? Both of these will be connected to the Areca in pass through mode, the length of the included miniSAS cable should be fine to reach to the SSD's in the optical bay right ?

    Finally the one question that I can't find a definite answer to from anyone is if the X5690 Xeons will work in the 8-core Mac Pro, I know the X5680 do from others on this forum. OWC is offering the X5690 in their CPU upgrade options so I take it works. But maybe they flash/alter the EFI to support the microcode for the X5690 ?

    Apr 20, 08:27 AM
    Essentially, we need to find someone who still has the Optimum 1.0 app on an iPad 1. Then they can jailbreak their iPad, crack the app and upload it to us.

    Until then, 99% of us are SOL :apple:

    I know I am willing to pony up my appreciation if/when this is done. Others?

    Chase R
    Nov 1, 12:34 PM
    Oh man!

    Link pls?

    I used to have this wallpaper years ago, never saved it but did love it.

    I even found an abstract version of it somewhere online where they got rid of the stars and the purple aurora area was simply purple shady lines..:rolleyes:

    I know it's on InterfaceLIFT, just search "orion" or something.

    Sep 15, 05:30 AM
    Sorry about late reply, crazy hours at work.

    It shows that your only 22! language acrobatic funny rappers have more lyrics than the original hard core rappers?? what?


    Damn Need I go on to school you?!!! :D ;) :cool:

    well i was more thinking about hip hop/rap in my own language ;) and in german it's sounds like hypocrisy singing about ghetto and the whole gangsta thing .. most are simply copying US ones
    (i didn't knew a single rapper you mentioned, not interested that much, after all i'm more the rock'n'roll guy ;) so you would need a lot of cars to drag me into hiphop-school)

    about age: try finding lots of (male) hiphop fans older than 20 over here... they are the exception and not the rule.. for me hiphop is still teenager music stuff simply because of the people who like it over here .. if you don't grew up with it you won't like it later

    Apr 12, 12:30 PM
    Caveat emptor as always..

    The Jambo
    Mar 19, 10:13 AM
    Apparently 4.3.1 is on the way for security reasons, which they're waiting for.

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