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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Minnesota Twins Background

Minnesota Twins Background. Ofthe minnesota twins new
  • Ofthe minnesota twins new

  • J the Ninja
    Apr 12, 09:27 PM
    ""Magnetic Timeline": audio moves vertically out of the way instead of causing a trim collision"


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  • Minnesota Twins

  • queshy
    Jun 24, 04:54 AM
    My prediction: we are many, many years from a fully touch screen interface iMac. It's just not there yet. It works well on a phone but would not work well on a device with a similar form factor as the current iMac.

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  • Minnesota+twins+logo+2011

  • ChrisA
    Sep 1, 03:09 PM
    Going to 23 inches will make the imac even more UNatractive to many people. Now in a few years when you need to upgrade insted of throwing away an expensive 20" LCD screen yu will be throwing away a VERY expensive LCD screen.

    What I want is a little box like the Mini but larger that has the iMac parts inside. A full sized disk, 64-bit memron, lots of RAM slots and a good GPU.

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  • Minnesota Twins#39; Joe Mauer

  • Multimedia
    Aug 31, 03:45 AM
    I don't think that is always the case. In this case, specifically, we are likely looking at the high end mini bumping down to the low end price range, and the high end being a new machine. That would meant that the high end mini is basically getting a price drop, which would push the refurb price down: the refurb Core Duo mini is currently MORE than a new Core Solo. I'd definitely expect to see Duos get a price drop in the refurb store if the new mini line up is 1.66 duo and 1.83 duo.Yes I agree that is what you would expect as would I. But it doesn't work that way. They are more than likely to stay just where they are.

    Look at how old some of that stuff is from 2005 - a few even from 2004 - there and how they are still priced as if they hadn't long ago been replaced by more powerful models. Makes no sense. But there it is to study and see. :confused: :eek:

    They're still selling Quad G5's for $2799 which is rediculous.

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  • Minnesota Twins Wood iPhone 4

  • motulist
    Aug 7, 04:02 AM
    And cars are going to come with a special dock built in to the dash that interfaces your iPhone with your car. They're calling it the Apple Basket.

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  • Minnesota-Twin-Study

  • Gatesbasher
    Apr 3, 12:54 PM
    After watching the ad 3 times, I *think* I like it. It treads just the right sign of 'schmoltzy' without going too far over. It (the device) looks gorgeous too, from a purely personal view.

    It hasn't won me over (iPad v Playbook), but there's not doubting its a good ad.

    You do realize that the Playbook is pure, 100%, no-money-back, spun-glass vaporware...right?

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  • OdduWon
    Oct 23, 09:44 AM
    look there they are... oh no, wait those are irish books professionals

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  • Minnesota Twins #1 Fan Pin

  • laurim
    Mar 24, 02:13 PM
    Awesome news, I recomend the ATI 5870. It can be found for only $200 and it more than holds it's own against the latest and greatest from Nvidia and ATI. It's only 6 percent slower than a 6950. The 6950 on the other hand can be flashed to a 6970 quite easily but it costs abot $260.

    mmm, is that $200 5870 the one that is mac compatible? The only mac compatible version I found was almost $500. I'm not interested in trying to flash a pc card.

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  • Minnesota Twins, Target Field

  • mangis
    Aug 24, 05:42 PM
    It May Be Time For A Mac For My Entertainment Center

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  • Delmon Young - Minnesota Twins

  • LethalWolfe
    Apr 5, 01:57 PM
    What are you talking about? iTMS not generating profit? Geez, check your facts!

    You are the one in need of fact checking. Jobs has said in a number of interviews that iTMS will generate enough money to basically break even. iTMS is there to sell iPods, not to make a profit.


    Minnesota Twins Background. of the Minnesota Twins
  • of the Minnesota Twins

  • Reach9
    Mar 20, 07:10 PM
    Really, Gaddafi deserves it.
    US is trying to be as coy as possible by saying that other people are taking charge of this, and bringing in UAE and Qatar on their side.
    I find this great, and can't wait until the lunatic leader gets justice.

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  • Minnesota Twins win the

  • Chris Bangle
    Aug 16, 11:36 AM
    Actually, you can get Sirius in Canada and are able to stream Sirius anywhere in the world IF you have an account registered in the US. I've heard of many international customers setting up accounts to listen abroad.

    I'm just saying that I think the two would compliment each other nicely. You could use the service as just an ipod, a receiver for Sirius or BOTH.

    Thats far too complicated for Apple.

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  • Minnesota+twins+logo+2011

  • cderalow
    Jan 22, 09:10 AM
    You are officially a parent now. Your cool factor is gone. LOL jk. TURBO IT!

    it's been gone for a while.

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  • nilk
    Mar 25, 02:17 PM
    Unless Apple gets clever and uses ThunderBolt for connecting external graphics cards, after all it is a PCI-E based connector.

    That's not clever at all. You'd still be stuck with the Intel GPU on the internal screen.

    Where I see ThunderBolt being useful is in scenarios where you want to use it at your desk and have all the advantages of a desktop machine. So you put your MBP on your desk and connect via ThunderBolt:

    * A drive array with several 3.5" drives, possibly in RAID configuration
    * An external video card that is driving a 30" 2560x1600 display with two 1200 x 1920 displays (rotated) on each side of the 30"

    You wouldn't bother to use the laptop display for this configuration (I wouldn't at least).

    Though, ThunderBolt supposedly allows for daisy-chaining at least 2 monitors, in which case you could run off the laptop's internal video card, but then you need compatible monitors that allow daisy-chaining.

    Personally I'd love to see external video cards compatible with ThunderBolt (I use my laptop mostly at my desk), or possibly an enclosure you can put a regular desktop video card in.

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  • Pat Neshek Minnesota Twins

  • isgoed
    Nov 27, 01:35 PM
    20" is the new 17", duh. :cool:<= So right.

    And 17" widescreen?? :confused: That is just small. That is about the samy height as my 1996 performa's 14" screen.

    No, but no thanks.

    And apple just can't compete with other vendors when you consider the general price-point of these things.

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  • Minnesota Twins Vinyl

  • evoluzione
    Aug 6, 09:27 PM
    anyone have any clues to whether the Apple retail stores are goig to be showing the keynote???

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  • Minnesota Twins Baby Image

  • Big-TDI-Guy
    Mar 4, 09:19 PM
    Dear god I hope that Golf GTD shows up stateside.

    I believe I will own one, should it happen.

    That's purty. :)

    Minnesota Twins Background. Greg Gagne Minnesota Twins
  • Greg Gagne Minnesota Twins

  • zap2
    Apr 8, 07:42 PM
    So why not Mexico? Mexico is experiencing way more violence than most of these Middle East countries yet their request for U.N. aid in 2009 was denied. They are on our doorstep and we are ignoring it for the most part even though we are partly to blame for the violence. The U.N. actually told Mexico just the other day to withdraw their own Military forces from the fight against the cartels.

    Well we are working with Mexico in a diplomatic sense....but you know, it's not a war zone, so bombing them isn't going to be effective.

    And putting troops on the ground in Mexico was never requested and would likely result in more fighting. The solution to Mexico's troubles are social, not through weapons.

    Minnesota Twins Background. Tom Brunansky Minnesota Twins
  • Tom Brunansky Minnesota Twins

  • Keebler
    Sep 6, 05:57 PM
    it will be interesting to see the technology behind this...what size of movies, types of movies, quality of..etc..etc.. and will it be frickin' available in any country other than just the us of a.... :)

    last poster had a good point...files need to be of high quality for this price range. that means that 14.99 USD will be about 18 CDN..i would go to the theatre for that price.

    BUT, i will add that regardless of the features, this is an exciting and interesting time in the evolution of entertainment. isn't it just nuts to think we can dload movies to our house and watch them at our leisure? just think of that. WOW! :)


    Jul 14, 12:25 PM
    It was originally made by Philips, but the CD we know today is a Philips/Sony Co-Op.

    And, regarding the BetaMax... It was actually quite succesfull. Yes, it failed in consumer-space, but it's still being used in television-productions.

    Is it REALLY that bad? BetaMax wasn 't really a failure, since it's widely used even today. It's just not used by consumers. Sony was very important in creating the CD. They do have to misses that can't be denied: Memory Stick and MiniDisk.

    Other companies might have less misses in these things, but we must acknowledge that none of them has been as active in coming up with alternatives. I haven't really seen Matsushita (for example) try to come up with new stuff. Sony has tried to come up with new stuff. Some of the succeeded, some of them failed.

    On betamax. Your very right it is very succesful in a production studios for broadcasting and what not. But now even those are being replaced by DVC Pro (which I think is sony is it not?).

    But I was more talking about the format war that keeps getting mentioned. It was one vs. the other in the consumer market. Who won? VHS. Thats all I meant.

    Apr 20, 03:12 PM
    I doubt it. The older, Rover K-Series, powered Lotus Elise was about the last cr in the UK like that. But that model was not approved for sale in the US. The Toyata engined ones have servo-assisted brakes and electric windows :(

    The power windows on the Toyota powered S2 were part of the Premium Package for the US. Manual cranks were standard.

    The shifting is still atrocious, but, for the most part, the rest of the car makes up for it. Well... excluding the Toyota parts, anyway.

    Sure, I understand it has to have the emission controls on it but if I could get a car without all the electronic stuff on it that tries to disconnect me from the feel of the road.

    Take an Elise or a Mini for a drive.

    I can't think of a car (aside from kits) that you can buy in the States that doesn't at least have assisted brakes.

    My other cars (except for the '78 Nova) haven't been rubbish. ;)

    I spent a week with a 2000 Camaro SS some time back, it had a 6-speed, but it didn't make the act of driving it any more pleasant. I ended up not buying it.

    Were your other cars manual? The Camaro isn't helping your argument any more than the Lotus is helping mine.

    cult hero
    Mar 22, 06:14 PM
    The question is WHY? You can keep your nano/touch...

    Yeah, I don't understand when people want to kill products they don't use. Like I care if the Classic keeps on going. I know at least three people that still prefer it.

    Personally, I'm at the point where I'd almost trash my personal collection in favor of Pandora, but that doesn't mean OTHER people don't want to carry a ton of music with them.

    Sep 14, 09:49 AM
    Antenna gate was blown out of proportion :rolleyes:

    It really was a non issue.

    However I do enjoy my free case :)

    Mar 23, 01:30 PM
    I'm glad they aren't planning to discontinue this baby. I mean c'mon I still think alot of people use it. The more gigs the better, all your music all the time, anywhere. They just need to add bluetooth to it, I know it has space for a decent battery, so bluetooth wouldn't drain it too fast at all.

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