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Sunday, May 22, 2011

mexico cancun hotels

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  • princealfie
    Mar 22, 12:43 PM
    In line. Got here at 8:30 and was getting a ticket then they denied me. They still had about 20 tickets and about 15 people in line.

    Any point standing any more in line if they can identify you?

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  • Rower_CPU
    Jul 25, 07:06 PM
    There are drivers, the OS just does a good job hiding them from you. ;)

    Check out the "Print Center" app in your Applications/Utilities folder to add the printer. It should set it up automatically if the printer is connected correctly and turned on.

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  • Hisdem
    Nov 8, 06:38 AM
    Mine for now :)

    Got bored of the iOS stye icons.

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  • Stampyhead
    Aug 21, 02:47 AM
    I think Chico is talking about professional web design rather than doing it for a friend. I would charge at least $350 as well for a professional design like the example he showed. But if it were for a friend I would charge much less, if anything at all.

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  • ssdeg7
    Mar 18, 05:44 PM
    Hi, I have a big problem that started today, since the beginning of the App Store i've had an iTunes Store account without any credit card or billing information.

    I've always been able to download free apps without any payment information and since I don't live in the US I don't have a credit card to put into my account, the only solution I seem to have is to buy an iTunes gift card in the US and then i'll be able to download apps, but it's not that easy for me to but gift cards from the US since I currently don't live there.

    Does somebody have the same problem or know what should I do?

    Thanks in advanced.

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  • have an orgy
    Jul 14, 07:50 PM
    After reading that, it makes me want my mac that much more even though I've been dieing and loosing sleep the last few days waiting for my new ibook. I used my brothers powerbook a few weeks ago and it sold me instantly. So now HOPEFULLY tomorrow if im lucky I'll get it but i doubt it. The best part about it is that I've been using crummy windows machines for all my life and it will feel good to finally use a mac.

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  • ToddJ
    May 1, 09:48 AM
    BTW, The name of the software i used to fix it (the demo only does around 9 seconds worth) is called Video Repair Tool v.1.6. Has anyone found any software similar to this that is cheaper? i believe from what i have read the "moov" file is either corrupted or missing....

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  • fireshot91
    Feb 1, 10:34 AM
    Instead of having an AT&T/Rogers/Fido/O2/Verizon/etc... subforum, why not have two separate subforums. One for GSM, one for CDMA.

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  • ViciousShadow21
    Nov 7, 09:53 AM (

    by the apple on your menu bar it looks like you're running tiger. do you know a simple way to change the menu bar font in snow leopard? thanks

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  • cmojones
    May 6, 09:49 AM
    Have you tried resetting your network settings? To do so go to Settings>General>Reset(all the way down at the bottom)>Reset Network Settings

    This will remove saved networks that you currently have on your phone, but this is kind of what you want in this case.

    Or have you tried restoring your iPhone to factory defaults using iTunes? I would back it up first, so you don't lose contacts and all of that other jazz while restoring.

    I would reset the network settings first and use the restore as a last ditch effort.

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  • ender land
    Apr 23, 03:51 PM
    Better they use the same gestures etc. as Apple if they are going to push forward with multi-touch. We don't want to end up in 10 years time with a situation where every device has a different method for doing the same thing!

    So true.

    It drives me up the wall in CAD programs when they all choose their own way for common actions like view manipulations. For the sake of everyone who has to learn the programs... use the same conventions!

    Same for things with canvases, and control or alt or scrolling drags for left/right/up/down movement.

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  • arn
    Jan 14, 04:36 PM
    yep... send a screenshot, browser information and platform.

    Without this information, it's very very very hard to figure out what's going on.

    send to


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  • tazinlwfl
    Apr 18, 11:19 AM
    What? The iPhone 3G was not a "Complete Redesign". Internally, it used the same CPU, RMA and chipset as did the iPhone 1. The only difference was the addition of a 3G radio and a plastic curved back; hardly a "Complete Redesign"

    Seriously - people think that an exterior update is more significant that the internals...? The 3GS was serious update over the 3G - faster processor, better camera with video, better BT, faster 3G, better screen, higher capacity, etc.

    The 2G > 3G update was the lamest of the bunch so far (especially since a lot of people agree the metal case was a better decision than the plastic)

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  • steadysignal
    Apr 18, 10:01 AM
    If this is true I am going to do something I've never done before, and skip an iPhone version.

    right there with you.

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  • eastercat
    May 5, 06:44 PM
    You don't check the dev team's web site for JB info?
    Also, whenever Apple comes out with a new version, it voids the reminder check box. Feel free to tell it to stop reminding you.
    You can check a box to have it stop reminding you, but I leave it unchecked so that it reminds me I gotta keep an eye out (basically here) for a new JB.

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  • nippyjun
    Apr 17, 11:49 AM
    It's Western Digital. Enough said. Take it back and get Seagate of any kind.

    And then the IT guy inside of me wants to know if you tried restarting your computer yet?

    Yup. Multiple restarts.

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  • The Jambo
    Mar 19, 10:13 AM
    Apparently 4.3.1 is on the way for security reasons, which they're waiting for.

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  • Stack7
    May 2, 02:17 PM
    I had been using my MBP all morning with no problems. I shut the screen and let it go into sleep mode for about an hour before I went back to get on it. At first I thought it just wasn't waking up from sleep mode, because the screen just stayed black but the fans booted up and I could hear it running. So, I shut the lid again, opened, and nothing.

    Tried rebooting. The screen stays black the entire time, and I hear the faint sound of the start up sound. When I close the screen, the light at the front doesn't do the "breathing" that it does when in sleep mode. It just stays lit.

    Does this sound like a display problem, or some other issue? Any ideas/suggestions?

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  • jiminaus
    Apr 30, 12:24 AM
    Because your "main" window is a NSPanel, it's responding NO to canBecomeMainWindow. In Cocoa terms, you don't have a main window. That's why applicationShouldTerminateAfterLastWindowClosed: is being sent to your application delegate when the user closes the about box. You're unconditionally responding with YES, so you're app terminates.

    You have 2 choice.

    a) Subclass NSPanel so canBecomeMainWindow responds YES. That way you will have a main window and your application delegate won't be sent applicationShouldTerminateAfterLastWindowClosed: when the about box is closed.

    b) Or check to see if you're HUD panel is open in applicationShouldTerminateAfterLastWindowClosed: and respond NO if it is.

    EDIT: What kainjow said. :)

    Sep 2, 12:34 AM
    Originally posted by rice_web

    But, here's the great part of this entire thing. All of these computers would use the same exact processor, with the iBook receiving an underclocked 1GHz 750FXe.

    I bet that a 800mhz chip is cheaper than a 1ghz chip underclocked to 800mhz regardless of any bulk savings we're talking about...


    Apr 4, 04:38 PM
    An Air is the only laptop I’ll ever buy!

    I still have the very 1st-gen (before SSD was economical so I have a plain HD) but it’s enough to run my business off of and do some pretty heavy tasks (Photoshop, Flash, 3D gaming at low detail). The latest models would be just awesome... but I’m waiting for Sandy Bridge before I upgrade.

    If someone asked me what computer to get, and I wasn’t allowed to know anything about them, I’d default to recommending a base MacBook Air 11” with 4GB RAM. (Or maybe the 128 SSD, but few people outside of tech forums need more than 64 GB storage so frequently that it can’t be external or wireless. Everyone who can afford a Time Capsule should probably have one!)

    Then I’d recommend that if they want a bigger screen, add get a cheap Dell 20-something-inch display and a mouse/keyboard, giving them a desktop experience. Until it’s time to leave the house, when that ultra-compact size is great.

    I would generally not recommend the DVD drive. Most people have a DVD player already, and I for one have never needed to pay for a DVD drive in three years with my Air. I do occasionally use Air Disc, though. For free! So I suggest people wait and not get the DVD drive until/unless they need it. (Maybe for re-installing the OS after a catastrophe, if they have no access to another machine with a DVD.)

    Mac Fan 4 Ever
    Jan 1, 02:59 PM
    Not working for me.

    - I added "#" to my hosts
    - Downloaded iPod Touch 4G 4.1 firmware, and Shift + Clicked the restore button.
    - Successfully put my device into DFU Mode (Power off, plug in, Power + Home, let go of power)

    but nothing works for me.
    I always get an error code (number 3thousandsomething)

    Is there a way I can fix this?

    I have the 4.1 file if you need it.

    So when you go to iTunes, and do Alt+click, you can choose the file.

    Aug 26, 06:43 PM
    I've always found the Enkoder Form ( to ward off spammers the best.

    Rock on, I just downloaded that app. The advice I posted was intended to be platform independent, because not everyone is as lucky as us to be rockin' macs ;)


    May 6, 12:33 PM
    If he wants to trade, ask for the computer and $250. The new 13" is considerably faster in benchmarks, has a pretty comparable GPU, better battery, etc. I'd just buy what you want and keep it

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