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Thursday, May 26, 2011

lettering alphabet

lettering alphabet. celtic letters 2
  • celtic letters 2

  • bwrairen
    Mar 26, 10:45 PM
    i wasn't attacking to you, i was replying to this comment:

    Gotcha. My bad.

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  • letters of the alphabet in

  • notromeel
    Mar 31, 01:07 PM
    Maybe I'm the only one that thinks this, but, while it's a cool demo, I'd probably never use this. The iPad would have to reach at least the amount of control and sensitivity of a Cintiq to make this useful. So it's cool that Adobe is working on it, and maybe with future revs of hardware, the iPad will get to that point (I really hope it does). But it all still seems like finger painting to me until you have control with some sort of drawing utensil. The funny thing is, Steve Jobs - the man who spouts and gushes over creating tools by artists for artists, and - is the one man leading the fight against any sort of stylus for use with the iDevices. While I agree with him on use throughout the iOS interface, all artists are NOT created equal. I've seen fantastic work by some of the guys using their fingers with those paint programs, but I'd say for the majority of artists out there, the real key is going to be getting a stylus that works properly in a drawing or painting app on the iOS.

    At the studio I work at, the day the iPad was announced, there were about 40 people that were willing to blow up to $1k on the iPad had it come out with some sort of stylus support - not for interface, but for drawing. These are people that use Cintiqs day in and day out. When the price point of $499 was announced their jaws dropped in unison. SOLD! But when no stylus was announced and when Jobs said "If you are using a stylus, you are doing it wrong", there was a collective sigh and gnashing of teeth. Not a single person purchased one.

    So while it was a cool demo, it's still a hard sell to people who do this stuff all day, everyday for a living. Let's see a real stylus for artwork from Apple that is meant to work with the touchscreen on iOS and let's see it blow everything else away!

    Until then, maybe this is the best we can hope for.

    The Cosmonaut (

    I agree with most of what you're saying... but I think it's adobe's goal to push the most creative software on whatever they can. It's Apple's goal to provide the best experience for most people. Way more people are interested in using an iPad without a stylus - why sacrifice all those people for the minority of artists.

    You want to draw, grab a wacom and mac.

    lettering alphabet. Lettering and Stencil Alphabet
  • Lettering and Stencil Alphabet

  • k1121j
    May 1, 11:29 AM
    all i know if they let you store video and music they better offer gobs of space or it wont work for me i have Well over 500 GB of iTunes purchases and my total media lib it nearing 2TB i would pay for this service if it offers streaming... after a recent close call with my Drobo and thanks to apple to letting me redownload all my purchases from the dawn of time i lost only a few hundred GB of data however my main machine is an iMac that has a 3TB drive and backing up to my drobo after i hit 3TB i dont know what to do or where to store it all and back it up.
    is anyone else running in to this problem

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  • letters of the alphabet with

  • pmz
    Apr 25, 10:14 AM
    Releasing this now is the dumbest thing Apple has ever done.

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  • Gen
    Apr 27, 10:35 PM
    Why release it now? Why not wait until September?

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  • HarryPot
    May 5, 09:30 PM
    Fine way to shoot a big hole in your credibility. Learn a little about the lead up to the war before making uninformed assertions like this.

    Care to give me some information? Wasn't Japan an ally to Germany? Didn't they attacked in Pearl Harbor?

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  • jsmooves
    Apr 19, 11:34 AM
    Tweet deck is not working.

    Anyone have any good alternatives to tweet deck for twitter facebook integration.

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  • Effect Letters Alphabet Silver

  • Feisty49
    Mar 30, 08:30 AM
    I finally found an answer to this question on an Apple site. Nothing is transparent and it took me a while. The answer is: I didn't have the earphone connection to the unit snapped into place. It was connected but who knew it had to be pushed firmly to snap in. I do now! :p

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  • toddybody
    Mar 23, 09:25 AM
    Like OMG, I had the craziest thought! What if MacRumors had more articles about...Mac Rumors?! Whoa whoa wee wow, that would be so cool.

    *Face Palm.

    Boring stuff.

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  • igucl
    Dec 8, 04:23 PM
    Mine as of today.

    InterfaceLift link:

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  • plasticphyte
    Apr 2, 08:01 AM
    My desktop with a photo I took last weekend.

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  • player2
    May 4, 05:46 PM

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  • DiamondMac
    Apr 4, 08:29 PM
    Not sure why anyone would be surprised at this

    AT&T has always wanted to increase prices across the board whenever they have a product that is going to sell well

    They never give an actual answer as to why thus it is pretty easy to see that they are doing it strictly to get more money and little to do with actual increases in costs.

    Typical ISP

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  • MacBytes
    Feb 23, 07:17 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: Do a bit of brainstorming, and win a free Marware iPod case! (

    Posted on (

    Approved by Mudbug

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  • JAT
    Apr 29, 12:50 PM
    Quality over Quantity. I'm sure Ford outsells BMW, but BMW is obviously the better choice.

    Can we go with Lexus, instead? Thanks!

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  • brianfast
    Sep 14, 07:35 PM
    I would like this to work with my iPod Touch 4g.

    But all accessories currently say they only work with models before iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4. Does anyone know if these docks work with newer models?

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  • fansie
    Jun 24, 10:08 AM
    Figured I would start this thread.

    NYC - 23rd Street and Madison store (near Madison Square Park) - I went in at 10:00 AM and they were sold out. The manager said they received 5 iPhones.

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  • jellomizer
    Sep 30, 11:12 AM
    While I am not a big fan of Lotus Notes, It normally causes more problems then it solves. But a lot of companies use it and some swayer by it, I swayer at it. But giving companies with Lotus notes a choice in alternate platforms to move to, is a good thing. Worst case senerio is that a company who still wants to stay on windows, can go to microsoft/dell... and say well Apple can give me this what can you do better?

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  • Popeye206
    Mar 25, 11:51 AM
    Any update MUST have the ability to store maps on the device and not stream them from the internet. Data rates are so massively high in other countries that I usually keep data off, or if I have the international plan, will not waste my precious MB's on maps unless I have to.

    I could see the reason for keeping it off originally, when capacities were 4 GB and 8 GB. However, with the iPhone 5 having most likely 64 GB of space, the time is here to have the option to store maps locally.

    That's a great idea! I'd love to see that for when I'm traveling and don't want to turn on international data roaming for the internet, but can still use cell towers for triangulation of my position.

    Apr 1, 04:58 PM

    Jan 15, 09:50 PM
    Has anybody else not been able to get to ITS? I've been trying to connect, and it gives me the old "Make sure your internet connection is active and try again later" spiel. Anybody else? I'd really like to start renting movies; maybe everyone else does too, or Comcast is violating Net neutrality and not letting me load the page.

    Apr 25, 12:54 AM
    Hi all,

    Just need to know the BEST and simplest way to hook up my macbook and my Sharp Aquos TV. I don't want to use adaptors.

    i have heard about DVI to HDMI cables, but what do I use for the sound? People also mentioned about VGA calbes? Meanwhile, there's something called the mini-DVI to HDMI. Which one is best?

    THanks all!

    Apr 13, 12:30 PM
    I think they invented that.

    ... fashion industry

    Apr 29, 04:59 PM
    Hi everyone,

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