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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kurt Busch Ears

Kurt Busch Ears. After Kurt Busch#39;s Blowup
  • After Kurt Busch#39;s Blowup

  • OwlsAndApples
    Nov 27, 01:10 PM
    Or get an iMac...:p

    Kurt Busch Ears. of inches on Kurt Busch as
  • of inches on Kurt Busch as

  • wolfboy
    Oct 1, 02:19 AM
    Assuming we got the same one, I thought so too at first. Don't try to cover the front of the screen like its a bezel I guess. Just let it wrap around the outside edges and it should stretch itself out after a couple days.

    Other than that, I don't know what else you can do but get a different case.

    Kurt Busch Ears. Kurt Busch racing crew,
  • Kurt Busch racing crew,

  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 17, 10:39 AM
    While I know how to drive a car with a manual shifter, here's a BIG problem nowadays: the quality of the shifter has really gone downhill in recent years.

    Unless you're driving a BMW, Honda or Porsche, gear shifters on modern cars either are too "notchy" or overly-vague in terms of finding a gear, and the result is not very pleasant, especially in city driving.

    Besides, automatics and dual-clutch gearboxes--thanks to modern computer controls--have gotten really good in recent years. This is especially true with automatics that sport six to eight forward gears, which allows for a lot smoother automatic shifts between gears during acceleration. I've test-driven a 2011 US-market Hyundai Elantra saloon with Hyundai's own six-speed automatic and note how smooth the shifts are even during hard acceleration.

    What Hondas have good shifters???? Umm sorry but no. I have driving manual Honda's and several different years including the range that you called good (02-06) and still compared to others they sucked. My 2004 Nissan manual feel better and the Nissan is a little notchy but it has well defined gates. Honda manual just feel funny plus I hate how their clutch feels.
    As for something us mortals can afford that I find has the best shifting feel is Mazda. Every one of those I have driving they have that silky smooth feel to it. I love it and has to be the best feeling shifter I have ever used.

    Kurt Busch Ears. Kurt Busch led 252 of the 400
  • Kurt Busch led 252 of the 400

  • Demon Hunter
    Nov 15, 03:31 PM
    I guess this is fairly boring news for gamers, if Quake is any indication...

    Kurt Busch Ears. Kurt Busch
  • Kurt Busch

  • dguisinger
    Aug 7, 01:28 AM
    It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. A couple of notes:

    I don't care that the ipod isn't on the icons, you know, its a developer banner. Most of those items are developer related, not all, but most, in one way or another. What is more interesting is they didnt show the front of the powermac....but that doesn't mean anything. Everything they show on that banner is publically released. There needs to be visuals when people first come in that aren't covered in black cloth! So don't read anything into that, they could completely change the design.

    Its doubful much of the hanging banners will be OS X 10.5 related unless their is a huge feature. They are already taking up a considerable amount of hanging space for bragging rights. I would expect new hardware to be hidden under those displays, atleast two of them.... MacPro and Xserve. Possibly something unexpected. Maybe Xcode 3 or something will be heavily promoted.

    I know I personally would love better SOAP integration with XCode. We use .NET at work all the time to write web services, and we end up using .NET clients running under parallels on our macs, because keeping the SOAP proxy stub code up-to-date is automatic with have to go thru hell with Xcode. I think Apple will fill that gap with the new xcode (there were command line tools in the latest version).

    Obviously we will have the resolution independance in OS X 10.5. Probably some new security and new workgroup/networking enhancements. We probably can all agree one would be networked spotlight, if you are running 10.5 servers, the clients will ask the server to search its spotlight data for the same data the client is searching for, and give a combined response.....its the one thing of OS X Tiger I hated, the inability to search the network with the same ease.

    I'd probably also expect desktop widgets from dashboard....why? Why not, people have used hacks to do it, plus MS has it as an option in Vista.

    We'll probably see Apple rolling in features that Vista has, such as combined videos and photos in slideshows. Not that its nessecary, but its damn easy with Cocoa to do such things and why get left behind? Don't let microsoft take a win.

    We may also see a system wide Software Update now, which would really be nice. Letting 3rd party developers update their software with the same system.

    My employees here at the office really don't care for apple's Mail program, I'd expect some updates to give it the features its been lacking. Same with address book. Of course, these have been rumored for a long time...and for good reason, its needed. Maybe expect a new mail/scheduling server like Exchange, Apple's been rumored to be working on one.

    I'd also expect major updates to iChat.... probably MSN and Yahoo support, as well as VoIP.

    but none of those things I've said are that I'm hoping for some really major surprises :)

    Kurt Busch Ears. Kurt Busch#39;s Girlfriend
  • Kurt Busch#39;s Girlfriend

  • jettredmont
    Aug 16, 02:36 PM
    Actually, you can get Sirius in Canada and are able to stream Sirius anywhere in the world IF you have an account registered in the US. I've heard of many international customers setting up accounts to listen abroad.

    I may be talking out of my ass here, but my understanding is that Sirius works via satellites in geosynchronous orbit, which means they are way way up there, "locked in" above a specific spot on the ground (they zip around the Earth once every 24 hours, which keeps them above the equatorial spot that is also zipping around a full rotation in 24 hours). It would be physically impossible for a receiver on the "other" side of the world to see a satellite above central America. Maybe Sirius has several satellites, but still if they only officially serve the US market I can't see these venturing any further East/West than the US Atlantic and Pacific coasts (maybe a little out into the Pacific to serve Hawaii better). I seriously doubt that they'd have a satellite where someone in, say, Bombay could hook in.

    The other issue that comes up is angle of ascention. While it's a nice just-off-vertical and tilted south for the US customers, once you start moving east/west (or to the extreme north/south) you start making it a far more horizontal angle. Which means, living in an area without a clear horizon you will get poor results. Moreover, the smaller the angle of ascention, the more atmosphere the signal has to go through, causing connection issues.

    I could be wrong. Maybe Sirius foolishly wastes its money providing satellite service to the other half of the world just for the small market of folks who are adventurous enough to open a US account just to sign on. Or, maybe they market world-wide service as a key feature for traveling businessmen (possible, but that makes me even less likely to subscribe!) Doesn't seem likely though.

    Kurt Busch Ears. Kurt Busch with wife Eva:
  • Kurt Busch with wife Eva:

  • cocky jeremy
    Apr 2, 03:20 AM
    AirDrop wasn't on Preview 1 for me. (2008 iMac, C2D) and is now showing up on Preview 2. This wasn't specific folder older models, i don't think. It appeared to be random, as far as the machines it did and didn't show up on. So i'm not sure about others..

    Kurt Busch Ears. Winner: Kurt Busch; Kurt has
  • Winner: Kurt Busch; Kurt has

  • SactoGuy18
    Apr 20, 06:51 PM
    Manuals are cheaper to buy, cheaper to maintain, more reliable, longer lasting, more powerful, more fuel efficient, and offer better driver control. Automatics are for the elderly and the handicapped.

    That used to be the case, but in recent years even conventional automatics have actually gotten a lot simpler because a lot of the functionality involved in shifting gears using hydraulics have been taken over by computers. As such, you don't see as much highly-complex hydraulics as older automatics, and that's why Hyundai was able to reduce the size of their new six-speed automatic so you even find it in the Hyundai Accent model (Hyundai just showed the 2012 US model today at the New York Auto Show).

    Manuals still have their place, but it's likely going to be increasingly found on low-end automobiles and high-end sports cars over the next few years.

    Kurt Busch Ears. MI - AUGUST 14: Kurt BUsch
  • MI - AUGUST 14: Kurt BUsch

  • daneoni
    Aug 29, 10:33 AM
    If you're gonna stay with core duo why not just make the mini a 1.83 & 2.00 GHz Core Duo machine like the macbooks since the iMacs are going Conroe. 1.66 & 1.83 on a core duo is pathetic in my opinion and solidifies my believe that the mini and i will never get least for now. Thats just oo much crippling to handle

    Kurt Busch Ears. 31 October, 2010, Talladega,
  • 31 October, 2010, Talladega,

  • Benguitar
    Nov 25, 06:27 PM
    They're just ****ing sunglasses...

    Yeah, I know, They are very expensive sunglasses that I don't feel comfortable just "tossing into a gym bag or suitcase."

    It feels awesome to have every god damn person here giving you crap about your last purchase.

    What if I gave everyone who purchases McDonalds a "fat@$$" or anyone with a nice car a "rich snob."

    Gosh, Is everyone here so desensitized towards expensive things, That if they break them they just don't care?

    I bought a protective case to put something I invested a lot of money in, And IF anyone cared to read my replies to your jerky comments, I explained that I plan on putting a SECOND pair of glasses in the case, Which would cost 400-500 dollars, Which is a great amount of money to me, So I don't want to break them.

    I find it repulsing that so many people on here find my latest purchase SO DISTURBING and bothering to them that they feel they need to make me feel bad about it.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Jerk.

    Kurt Busch Ears. Kurt Busch makes a big sale at
  • Kurt Busch makes a big sale at

  • twoodcc
    May 4, 09:32 PM
    Building your own is fun but can be a real pain sometimes, especially if you use Linux :eek:

    tell me about it. especially using linux inside windows! :eek:

    Kurt Busch Ears. Kurt Busch and others are
  • Kurt Busch and others are

  • iBug2
    May 2, 06:03 PM
    So you're saying we should go back to Mac OS Classic cooperative multi-tasking ?

    Hello ?

    The 80s called, they want their computing paradigms back. Cooperative multi-tasking makes sense on ressource limited architectures. Even the iPhone/iPad like devices are far from "ressource limited". We had pre-emptive multi-tasking on much less capable devices (think 386s with 8 MB of RAM).

    Obviously the guy you replied to did not know anything he was talking about. Apple's resume function on Lion does not break the multitasking we have on SL anyway and it's just a nice addition.

    Kurt Busch Ears. and Kurt Busch all were
  • and Kurt Busch all were

  • xi mezmerize ix
    Feb 23, 05:43 AM
    I gave up on running Handbrake on my MacBook of the same vintage, but only because kept loosing RAM and making it difficult to work. I started running Handbrake on the Mid 2007 Mac Mini instead.

    Haven't tried on the 2010 MBP that I just got. Might have to do that and see what we get...

    Handbrake runs fine on my 2010 MBP.

    Kurt Busch Ears. Kurt Busch takes out Jeff
  • Kurt Busch takes out Jeff

  • nemaslov
    Mar 22, 06:41 PM
    I have 50,000 plus songs in lossless. Mostly from my own CD collection. I know lots of people who want to take ALL there music on the road, to their studios when they travel or are DJs (we don't want to select a portion of our catalogues) . Maybe not a huge audience but a solid one. We just want to play back great music and not have multi touch web capabilities. It's about the music stupid!

    Kurt Busch Ears. DAYTONA Kurt Busch follows
  • DAYTONA Kurt Busch follows

  • VPrime
    Jan 5, 01:58 AM
    To the BMW guys, how reliable is the E46 325i?
    I have a chance to pick one up for a fairly low cost (Less than $6,000 canadian). It is pretty much mint and VERY well maintained.
    Car has a bit higher miles (~125,000 miles/ 205,000km), but I am guessing well maintained they will last quite a while?

    I really enjoyed my brothers E36, and I just got rid of my project cars so I figure this would be a nice change.

    Kurt Busch Ears. Kurt Busch didn#39;t mind the
  • Kurt Busch didn#39;t mind the

  • three
    Feb 6, 03:57 PM
    It has been fairly nice lately so perfect time to get her clean again. Nothing much has changed since the last time I posted, installed a Fujita F5 CAI not too long ago though. I plan on getting BC coils, and new (non fake) wheels fairly soon.

    Kurt Busch Ears. NC - MAY 22: Kurt Busch,
  • NC - MAY 22: Kurt Busch,

  • archurban
    Nov 28, 10:17 AM
    zune people don't seem to agree what it is bad. they just deny the true. here what they are ridiculous.

    Kurt Busch Ears. and his ear was torn off.
  • and his ear was torn off.

  • whooleytoo
    Jul 19, 09:20 AM
    I've watched every movie I own at least 15x, and most of them many more than that. I for one won't rent from itunes, I'd rather not is all. If they make money off of it, more power to them

    Likewise. Ideally I'd like a movie purchase option, and/or a flat rate subscription service. I'd have absolutely no interest in the rental system as reported. I guess it just proves it's different strokes for different folks.

    Hence I think, unlike the music service, the video delivery system will probably have to offer several options. The music service had to be nice and simple, out of necessity, as existing services were too complex and not taking off. Now that people have become accustomed to iTMS, I think there's plenty scope for Apple to offer more than one delivery type.

    Kurt Busch Ears. bump drafting Kurt Busch,
  • bump drafting Kurt Busch,

  • kelving525
    Sep 20, 11:10 PM
    What was the checkout like? Did you have to go through their checkout? I'm always suspicious of those places, and am concerned that they're using unsecured special checkouts and/or are stealing identities. And I'm not usually a suspicious person.

    But it's hard to resist for $1.00. The Griffin Reveal I bought was a ridiculous $25.

    Do these fit on the cases snugly or are they kind of loose?

    Yea, it was through paypal, so I'm pretty sure it's safe. Wired transfer on the other hand can be shady. It fits pretty well actually, you would've thought they were loose! But they are not bad for $1!

    Apr 14, 02:26 AM
    :eek: That much, what are modern computers pumping out these days! What would be producing the most points per day? I'm thinking about buying a graphics card just to fold on if that is the case :D

    Also how do you find the GPU I have had to limit mine down to 70% as I find it interferes with the effects that Windows 7 does.

    Sep 6, 09:01 AM
    Maybe i am alone on this one....

    I think the 24" iMac G5 is the beginning of the end of the G5 iMac.

    You are alone on this one - the end of the G5 iMac has already happened, in fact it happened a long time ago when Apple introduced the first Intel iMacs. Hate to break it to ya, but G5 iMacs haven't been around for a long time, nor does a 24" G5 iMac even exist. :p :cool:

    As for this new incarnation of the Intel iMac though, it totally depends on Apple's strategy. If they want to leave it as a desktop computer, yeah, it probably doesn't make sense to get much bigger. However, if they want to eventually incorporate a TV tuner and make it even more media-centric, and have it evolve into something else, then this may just be the beginning, not the end. :cool:

    Jan 12, 11:34 AM
    Look here (, 9to5mac has this on their front page.
    Scroll down to "model" - "MacBookAir"

    Oct 23, 11:33 AM
    New MacBook Pro's and video iPods for some, abortions and miniature American flags for others


    Oct 24, 11:01 AM
    I'm still "surviving" with what is becoming a slower and slower iPhone 3G. I've been out of contract since June but am holding off on buying a new iPhone at this time. I was visiting my brother in law who has an iPhone 4 and I put my index finger (not even my whole hand) over the bottom left corner where the seam is and his phone dropped from five bars to two. I let go and the phone went right back up to five bars. CR Reports seemed legit to me.

    I'm a huge Apple fan. My wife and I both own the MacBooks (which CR LOVES), two of the new iPod Nano's and shuffles from a couple years ago, and we both have iPhones. So in no way could I be considered a "Droid"/Verizon guy here trying to cause trouble. Heck I couldn't even tell you how many Droid type phones there even are. I wouldn't have a clue.

    My only general complaint about my iPhone 3G (wife has 3GS) is that I wish the speaker in the ear set (not speakerphone) was louder. Sometimes I can barely hear the others when I am driving my Acura TL....which is a fairly quiet car. My company blackberry (which I really only like for email) has a speaker that I cannot tolerate at full volume. I think half volume on that thing is as much as full on the iPhone. I'll almost absolutely stick with iPhone but I am waiting to see if Verizon does get it (because AT&T drops more calls than my Verizon blackberry) and I'd also like to see if Apple fixes this current iPhone design. I feel for certain the 2011 version will have "quietly" fixed this "supposed" non-issue.

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