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Monday, May 9, 2011

Kiser Coat Of Arms

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 5, 01:42 PM
    Honestly, I hope Toyota tells Apple to stuff it.

    same here.

    Apple should look at this as something that clearly shows what people want an add that to iOS and let people theme it.

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  • jaxstate
    Aug 4, 08:37 AM
    After working on my MBP for about two months now, I call BS. Apple says it's 4-5 x faster than the last powerbooks, I couldn't really tell. I think we are in a new era of ********, where they (Apple) are trying to get people to upgrade just because of a slight Mhz boost, and lower power consumption. Bring on the real world test, and post them on their website.

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  • Gasu E.
    Mar 30, 09:58 AM
    You complain about "imposing beliefs", but asking people to "say a prayer" on the forum is certainly pushing one's beliefs on others.


    In America, we've got "Freedom of Speech." And, we also have "Freedom of Religion". (We've also got "Separation of Church and State", but as far as I can tell, the respondant represents neither government, nor is he trying to use government to promote his views.) So, it seems to me the respondant is merely exercising his two aforementioned "Freedoms" simultaneously.

    Additionally, you conflate "asking" people to do something with "pushing". Sorry, but I get "asked" to do things all day, in normal communication, via advertising, in speeches and presentations, etc. I don't see any problem with this as long as coercion is not involved. I am free to play or not, as I choose. Human interaction just plain involves a lot of this "asking" stuff.

    BTW, I'm a complete atheist. I think "asking to pray" is totally cornball. But I don't see a problem with it-- whatever gets you through the day is fine by me.

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  • firestarter
    Mar 31, 03:51 PM
    No, $20 a year. The "buy a song" promo is a one-time offer. After the year, it drops back to 5GB free.

    Less than half the price of Dropbox, much much cheaper than iDisk.

    Online storage doesn't get much cheaper - but if you don't want to spend the money then don't buy it.

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  • Eldiablojoe
    May 4, 08:59 PM
    I'm going to go wayyyyyy out on the proverbial limb here and suggest that since mscriv knows the full map at the outset of the game, that he's going to pretty much lay traps or monsters in each or every other room we enter- especially the ones where there is only one door for us to enter into another room.

    Perhaps we should reconsider the splitting up or else we will be picked off one at a time.

    Thoughts? I'm just musing out loud. I'm sure my darling Beatrice will correct me or tell me what my thoughts should be anyhow. :p

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  • MacRumors
    May 7, 10:02 AM (

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  • naco
    Jul 30, 06:40 PM
    " While I'm sure if it is true..."

    it is true, i saw a add for it in a magazine. it gave the website:,
    but when i typed that in, all it gave me was the apple website with the .org URL. and its not a flip phone. its made by Sony Ericson. I believe this is why an Apple logo showed up on that one thing Sony was showing.

    i saw the real one on the back pages of a "MacBook" magazine. would have bought it, but it was $30.
    it was this add

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  • Frobozz
    May 4, 03:34 PM
    What I don't understand is even if it's distributed through the Mac App Store, does Apple expect us to burn it on dvd or make a bootable usb?

    I don't know if every mac user will even be able to do that, this may work for those looking to upgrade, but a fresh install will require dvd/usb..

    This problem has been solved by the digital download business for years. Since every Mac, with the exception of the MB Air, comes with a standard superdrive, the consumer could burn their own copy for emergencies. Alternatively, there is usually a small fee to be sent a physical disc from the software provider.

    While everyone has wildly different experiences with this-- I personally have not needed a Mac install DVD for an re-install / emergency in over 6 years.

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  • itcheroni
    Apr 21, 12:50 AM
    I'd love it if you could point out where you addressed this, because as a tax accountant, I'm having a hard time thinking of a time when a realized capital gain isn't income - if you have a realized net gain (ie amount realized is greater than your basis in the capital asset), you certainly have income. Certainly you could reinvest that net gain, but that doesn't mean you don't have income, that just means you realized a gain and reinvested the old basis and the gain (income). You're only taxed on realized gains that are recognized by the code (and you can net against realized losses) - sure, I could have an unrealized capital gain that isn't income, but I wouldn't be taxed on it either. Not that I don't agree with some of your points, but I'd really love the same clarification on this that most other posters have been asking for.

    I suppose what you are getting at as a trader is that you buy a capital asset for $1000 and sell two days latter for $1100, then reinvest the $1100 into another capital asset. You'd be taxed on the $100 of capital gain even though you effectively have no cash in your hands to pay the tax. Unfortunately for traders, income doesn't mean cash. But a person who was in the trade or business of being a professional trader wouldn't qualify for capital gains treatment anyways, it would all be ordinary income.

    Okay, but just for you, dude (when you disagree with me, we both can at least understand what we're disagreeing on. Other people here, well, it's just a waste of time. They start responding before even understanding my point). I guess I didn't make it clear earlier but my perspective on capital gains is in relation to inflation. If there were 100 widgets and 100 dollars, let's say the value of one widget was 1 dollar. If the central bank in charge of dollars decides to do some quantitative easing and increases the money supply to 200 dollars. This will lead to inflation with one widget valued at approximately 2 dollars. Now, why should one pay capital gains on this when, most likely, everything else costs more too. You didn't really receive any gain; the measurement of value (dollars) decreased.

    For example, let's say there was a tax for getting taller. If the measurement of an inch or foot keeps decreasing, you will have to keep paying even though you're not getting taller.

    Earlier I gave an example of the time between buying an apple and biting into it, likening it to cost basis and realized gain. We would find it ridiculous to pay a tax for any capital gain in the apple, but if I choose to save my money in gold until I use it, most people think I'm actually gaining something. If I were holding stock in a company that paid dividends, that might be different.

    So from my perspective, the inflation (capital gain) itself is a tax, and we have to pay a tax for that tax. Right now, I don't believe the economy is really improving; the Fed is just creating enough inflation to improve the numbers. Stocks may be going up, but I think food prices are going up even faster. So what is the point of a capital gains on stocks if the proceeds from the sale nets you even less groceries than at the time of your cost basis? If a 1 ounce gold coin a hundred years ago buys you roughly the same today, what is the point of charging a capital gains? In this case, the coin would have gone from $20 to $1500, adding up to a capital gain of $1480. Sure, you could have save the $20 in cash instead of gold, but then you're "taxed" by inflation. Instead of paying your rent for several months, $20 will now buy you a haircut. Forget the "tax the rich" aspect of this; this makes it really difficult for poor people to save money because they are the ones most likely to save cash.

    My concern is, how will we save our purchasing power? The government is actively decreasing the value of our money and anything we do to try and save our purchasing power is stripped away by taxes.

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  • Satori
    Apr 7, 09:39 AM
    I don't understand, Apple can't let RIM have 12 panels? When they sell off those 12 units, Apple can let them have 12 more.

    Lol... if they let RIM have 12, then they'll have to let everyone have 12!

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  • ravenvii
    May 3, 12:31 PM
    so is the turn of the villain simultaneous to the heroes (meaning he can communicate/implement his moves at any time) or do turns alternate (and if they do, do they in singles or in pairs)?
    what's the point of having 'rounds'?

    They alternate in pairs. A round is two hero turns then two villain turns. By meanwhile I meant the villain can converse with the GMs at any time. But his actions will be implemented once the heroes complete their two turns.

    That's how we keep the villain and the heroes in sync, and keep score of the villain's points.

    And before you ask again, in the context of the villain, turns = points. Okay? :p

    is there a time-limit to the villain's decision before it defaults in no-action, 1 point accrued?

    No time limit, the villain must explicitly state that he is taking inaction for the turn.

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  • finalcut
    Apr 20, 05:58 AM
    if the faster processor is the only upgrade, then I wont change my iphone 4 to 5 just like I did from 3G to 3GS. My wife will just wait more on my iphone 4 hehe

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  • seek3r
    Apr 22, 12:40 AM
    You are right, I fold. I know nothing about 19" racks (1.80 meters tall and 150 kg. in weight), and nothing about conditioned server rooms with dual power feeds at all. Flight cases with equipment I also know nothing about. I'm sorry I'm doubting your knowledge and insight.

    You do realize "rack *mountable*" doesn't mean "has to be in a rack to function"?

    Over the years I've had plenty of mountable equipment that for one reason or another didn't live in the machine room, or lived on a shelf in the machine room instead of on a rack (or on a table in the case of several servers and one particularly finicky disk array a while back).... Simply giving the option of rack mounting doesn't dictate it has to be racked remotely in your datacenter!

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  • kesnut
    May 9, 05:55 AM
    It's naive to assume that Apple won't use MobileMe data in the future to serve you ads.

    Given the [lack of acceptable] performance of the current service, all of these things are just going to be painful to use. If they can devote some more bandwidth to them, I could see it being a hit.

    i am hoping that the new datacentre will improve the current problems that we mobileme uses are experience.

    and i yes those are a great idea
    free mobileme with iads
    paying users no ads
    one can hope, i don't want ads in my mail, i have yahoo and gmail for that.. :)

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  • freebooter
    Sep 16, 08:18 AM
    MBP at Photokina? Yes.

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  • Shivetya
    May 6, 05:22 AM

    First step to a totally closed system. Pretty soon all our applications we want will have to come through the App store for our Macs. The day I see that is the day I turn my Mac OFF.

    I will go back to Windows in a heart beat if I am forced to buy my applications and such through Apple.

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  • JediZenMaster
    May 7, 10:26 AM
    How will Apple handle paying customers' subscriptions that expire after the point this takes effect?

    Maybe an apple giftcard for the difference? Like apple did for the early adopters of iPhone 2G when there was a price drop :cool:

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  • treysmay
    Aug 7, 04:24 PM
    It's almost exactly what I was looking for. I am a student and semi-proffessional artist, the Imac didn't cut it, hd's to slow in macbook pro for video work, and only expandable to 2 gigs of ram for both. the dual 2.0 config will be perfect for running photoshop off of rossetta, FCP, after effects, solid works in bootcamp. Good pricepoint, the dual 2.0 in canadian student discount is close to 50bucks more than the old dual 2.0 OMG WTF. but I was kind of hoping for front row for those nights of book reading and listening to radiohead while stoned, so I dont have to get up if a less ambient song comes on

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  • !� V �!
    Apr 24, 11:01 PM
    And here we go again with the whole Retina Display argument. We are all witnesses to the iPad 2. It is simply not economically feasible at the time. All this is pointing to is a screen resolution that is larger than the 30" that was discontinued or a 30" with this resolution as the 27" had taken over that space. People here jumping up and down over Retina this and that, give it a rest, by the time its actually released your eyesight will be poor enough that it might actually make a minor difference if any. ;):D

    Dec 4, 02:09 PM
    it's a ******** phone! why does palm ceo opinion count?:confused:

    One word for you: Treo.


    Mar 28, 10:05 AM
    It's the usual geek misconception of what a device needs. They are all about checklist items. And thus they are missing the fact that a major paradigm shift is occurring in this world where the far larger non-tech audience is now buying tech toys. This audience does not know much about specs, and cares even less. All they care about is cost (Apple is right there in phones), how their apps work (just great on the iPhone), choice of apps (no one has more choice than Apple), and what they have read or heard about (Apple is the advertising leader).

    So geeks will continue to stamp their feet and pout about checklists that Apple is "failing" at. The rest of the world will keep happily using their amazing iPhones.

    And you're missing the fact that it's the Geeks who write the apps that work on the iPhone.

    If the geeks decide the larger customer base elsewhere is more enticing, then you'll start hemorraging developers. Same if the geeks decide that their new project is going to be aimed at more robust hardware.

    In the end, it's all tied together. The specs are an important part of the device, even if the person buying it has no clue what they mean. Developers are Apple's main focus (or should be) as far as iOS goes, and some of the lay people here chanting on and on about paradigms seem to be ignoring it.

    So? Do any of those phones have 1/10th the user experience of the iPhone? Who is standing in line for them? Do you question the speed of the electronics in your TV set? No because it does what it's supposed to do.

    I was talking about Developers, not users. While you may not care your iPhone has a single core SoC, ChAir software might for their next game and decide to simply forgo releasing it on iOS. Again, we're at a tipping point right now, Android has gained fast and offers devices right now that outperform the iOS devices, which might put Apple on the back burner.

    Especially considering that their user base, while not on a single handset, is right now bigger or close to being than iOS's.

    From a developer's perspective, Android is looking good right now. If these trends continue, iOS won't be looking as good as it used to.

    May 4, 08:52 PM
    I'm outraged.

    OK, not really, just wary of not having an OS disk in case of problems. It'd have to be followed by the merest physical back-up device in the mail, just in case. The current packaging of OSX is ridiculous; it might be good for the noobs, but I throw away everything but the disk the moment the box opens. I'd rather get a tiny USB key in a plain, brown rapper.

    Intended? Probably not. Funny? Hilarious.

    Aug 11, 05:25 PM
    I'm definitely holding out for Merom now since it seems like it's coming within the month. Customers Christmas shopping will compare laptops across all brands and if Apple isn't sporting a Merom they're gonna lose a lot of laptop sales. And I'm willing to wait since OS X 10.5 is even more 64-bit than 10.4 is, I'd be nice to have a 64-bit processor instead of a 32-bit processor running a 64-bit OS (yes i know 10.5 will run on 32-bit processors), although the overall benefits are up to discussion.

    So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna buy the memory today (long story I have to spend within the week 200 dollars store credit at CompUSA) and put it in the Macbook when I get it, hopefully within the month.

    I'm correct in assuming that Yonah and Merom takes the EXACT same type/speed of ram right?

    May 7, 11:44 AM
    Point taken but what kind of FOOL am I to trade my privacy to Google for a paltry $6 at any level?

    Where you go, who you speak to and how you communicate is of tremendous value and I recommend that people think about actual value. We're moving from this era where the expectation should be that Cloud services at a basic level should be incorporated into the product without the vendor resorting to advertisements.

    Google and Facebook have both come out with disturbing revelations about how they feel about consumer privacy. I think the beauty of the web is that no company is irreplaceable. I could continue to get email, online calendar, pictures, documents and more without Google and that's a great feeling.

    First, it's the very nature of capitalism that provides you with the ability to pick and choose the best service/company that meets your needs.

    Second, I'm not sure what you mean by "We're moving from this era where the expectation should be that Cloud services at a basic level should be incorporated into the product without the vendor resorting to advertisements." If you mean that we should get free Cloud services without ads then I think you're completely wrong and I'm most worried about sites that provide free services and have absolutely nothing but VC cash to pay for it. And if you mean we should have the option of paying for Cloud services to avoid ads, then fine, but you can do that with Gmail, so I don't see why you think MobileMe is any better than Gmail (from the privacy perspective).

    Lastly, I wouldn't lump Google and Facebook together when it comes to privacy. Sergey Brin and Larry Page have made very strong statements about their respect for their users and they understand that without the users they'd have no company. Eric has made a lame-brained comment or two, and Google Buzz screwed up, but they fixed it (and at least when you signed into Gmail they had the option to opt out of it).

    Facebook is a whole different story. Their whole exec branch seems to disregard privacy and they've been rolling out auto-opt-in feature after feature that removes your privacy.

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