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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

indonesia bali beaches

indonesia bali beaches. Bali, Indonesia | Scott
  • Bali, Indonesia | Scott

  • Beej
    May 6, 01:39 AM
    I d/led it and had a look. I can see how it could be a useful tool for some people, but not for me...

    indonesia bali beaches. 2008 in Bali, Indonesia.
  • 2008 in Bali, Indonesia.

  • appleguy
    Apr 12, 05:43 AM
    I have a house one end is where the Telecommunication gear comes in Thats where I have my Original Airport Time Capsule set up. Recently I put another LCD TV in our Living room with an Apple TV attached to it. Streaming to a NAS drive. It was running fine when it was closer to my TC.
    The Living room is the other end of the house. and I was getting Pausing a lot. I Have tried to put the other end of the Living room my old Airport Extreme 802.11n (fast Ethernet 10/100) with extend Wireless Mode and that still doesnt take effect. it seems as if the ATV is still wanting to connect to the TC rather than the EXT. But still the EXT doesnt want to connect at a faster rate that 15. Any ideas how to get this rate up?

    Basically the 2 Airport base stations are line of site down a hall way.
    Running 802.11n 5ghz mode (5 other 2.4GHZ networks neighbours.) about 20 Paces apart. Both did have the latest firmware of 7.5.2 but my white macbook had troubles connecting so downgrade to 7.3.1 on both. I have attached The logs if it helps.
    Smithson TC is my TimeCapsule where my DSL connection comes in. Smithson Extreme is in the dining room.

    indonesia bali beaches. Balinese Dance drama of
  • Balinese Dance drama of

  • iPoster
    Sep 12, 08:47 AM
    I was in the Persian Gulf about 3 months into a 6 month deployment. The destroyer I was on was over there to support the embargo on Iraq, boarding ships smuggling oil out of Iraq, etc.

    It was later the evening of 9/11 for us local time, like others on the ship, the first I heard about it was through e-mail from relatives. Later the Captain came on saying that planes had hit the WTC and Pentagon and that a bomb had gone off in a building in Washington, DC. (a rumor in the press at the time) He said that the US was under attack, and that US forces were at DEFCON 3, the 'highest DEFCON he'd seen in 25 years in the Navy'. At the time there was only another US destroyer and an Aussie frigate in the Gulf, the USS Enterprise and the rest of the battle-group had just left for a visit to South Africa on the way home and were off the east coast of Africa. So we went into a defensive posture until the Air Force could send out some jets from Saudi Arabia to give us air-cover. Later the CO came on and said the Enterprise was running flank speed back to the Gulf, she ended up leaving the rest of her group behind and returned a couple days later.

    The CO was all fired up that we were going to attack somebody, but it ended up being anti-climatic, since we continued doing the interdiction ops for a couple more weeks, until they decided to finger the Taliban, then we went out and fired a couple of Tomahawks at Afghanistan. Ultimately we ended up spending 80 consecutive days at sea due to security concerns, a personal record for many of us onboard. (my previous was 30 days)

    We ended up getting most of our info through e-mails from home and what came over official message channels. Ships at the time did have internet access at sea, but it was limited and slow, though we got as much info that way as possible.

    indonesia bali beaches. Bali Map | Bali Beaches
  • Bali Map | Bali Beaches

  • rebby
    Mar 15, 05:48 PM
    I read both the files, i understand. But how can i see how my pictures where imported? I already had folders with pictures that i just dragged into the library. I cant recal seeing anything like referenced or managed masters?

    thanks :)

    (edit) in the import settings it is set as ''Store files: in the aperture library''

    That's explained in the first link.

    Select Manage referenced files from Aperture�s file menu

    In Aperture 3 I think that they may have changed it to "Located Referenced Files...". Still under the File menu though.

    indonesia bali beaches. 1.jpg - Indonesia Bali
  • 1.jpg - Indonesia Bali

  • iVeBeenDrinkin'
    Mar 13, 08:34 PM
    We know, already posted. Free the world, Comex!

    indonesia bali beaches. Tanjung Benoa Beach, Exotic
  • Tanjung Benoa Beach, Exotic

  • Killerbob
    Apr 30, 03:01 PM
    Yep, can't disable local snapshots anymore, at least not anywhere I have found thus far...

    indonesia bali beaches. Melia Bali
  • Melia Bali

  • edesignuk
    Dec 31, 03:05 AM
    I think it looks just fine, I always though the old one looked a bit plain anyway...though I never even visit the from page anyway, I am always straight to the forums :)

    indonesia bali beaches. Resort Bali Indonesia
  • Resort Bali Indonesia

  • therealseebs
    Apr 28, 08:34 PM
    I ended up going in and dropping it off, but they'll ship it back to me. Some day.

    Gotta say, the service is pretty good, apart from the thing where they didn't have a magic wand they could wave to Just Make It Better. While I was there, they were helping someone with one of the silver-looking powerbook G4s, and they covered some stuff under warranty for someone with a black macbook that was 67 days out of warranty.

    And here's me with a notebook that's maybe four months old, boring.

    indonesia bali beaches. indonesia bali beach.
  • indonesia bali beach.

  • Thomas Veil
    Mar 5, 05:31 AM
    ^ If it weren't for the handle, I'd swear Charlie Sheen was a member of this forum. ;)

    (does a quick internet check)

    Okay, no, I didn't see "Fight Club". :D

    indonesia bali beaches. Bali surf pictures - Big wave
  • Bali surf pictures - Big wave

  • hcho3
    Apr 20, 03:41 PM
    Apple makes nice money off every iOS devices they sell. With App store, iTunes store and iBook store, their Software and hardware sales will grow.

    Their MBA sales are growing and those devices aren't cheap.

    Apple is going to soon have more than 100 billion dollars in their backyard.

    Btw, Apple is going to blow away on next Quarter as long as they can launch iPhone 5 on both AT&T and Verizon. Doubt that they will put LTE chip inside, but it will be available on two of the biggest networks in the US. This will not stop.

    indonesia bali beaches. Kuta Beach is a tourist place,
  • Kuta Beach is a tourist place,

  • johneaston
    Apr 29, 04:02 AM
    Is it definitely in the headphone jack of your Mac?

    Once plugged into the TV, select the necessary AV input (there's probably a little symbol next to the inputs on your TV to let you know which one to select - it won't be an HDMI input).

    Ensure the red and white phonos on your TV aren't actually outputs.

    Check the volume on your Mac is turned up.

    What make is your TV.

    indonesia bali beaches. Bali Beach House in Tuckaroo
  • Bali Beach House in Tuckaroo

  • trekkie604
    Sep 10, 04:12 AM
    OK, a not so randomly selected item that's in my closet:

    indonesia bali beaches. dreamland ali indonesia
  • dreamland ali indonesia

  • wwooden
    Sep 11, 07:41 AM
    I was a freshmen in college and getting ready to go to class. I remember watching tv and hearing about the first building being hit. Then they went to commercial and came back and said a second plane had crashed into the other building.

    Today is my sisters birthday and she and my dad were out hiking that day and didn't know about what happened until they got back.

    indonesia bali beaches. -Beach-in-Bali-Indonesia
  • -Beach-in-Bali-Indonesia

  • tomhide
    Apr 12, 11:36 PM
    Hey...Really informative thread. Thanks for sharing this thread with us but i am here looking for dentist... Please update me with useful information about dentist.

    dentist redondo beach

    indonesia bali beaches. Legian each on Bali island.
  • Legian each on Bali island.

  • supermac96
    Dec 13, 06:00 PM
    More info required: When you scroll to the bottom of the Cydia front page, what does the version number say? 1.0.3222-73? And are the apps you got in Cydia still there? Can you add a repository to Cydia? Do you have iFile and SSH? And you aren't using any cracked apps, are you?

    i do have ifile and ssh and i will check on other stuff. no cracked apps but what would that do with it?

    indonesia bali beaches. Photo Lovina Beach Bali
  • Photo Lovina Beach Bali

  • jiminaus
    Mar 27, 08:38 PM
    I've not read it, but I'v heard of Scott Thompson, R. (2006) Quartz 2D graphics for Mac OS X developers (

    indonesia bali beaches. Bali has the most stunning and
  • Bali has the most stunning and

  • dj9928
    Jan 17, 12:24 PM
    Mine is a Imac G3 DV I think it meets them requirements. I had the same trouble trying to install OSX10.2 having said that it boots up fine from my Mac osx9 CD. I cant even get into the 10.2 or 10.3 CDs

    indonesia bali beaches. Indonesia: Bali Struggles amid
  • Indonesia: Bali Struggles amid

  • 840quadra
    Nov 1, 11:53 PM

    In my opinion the Classic are is listed incorrectly in regards to categories and lists. While the data is mostly all correct, we have most of the early Macintosh models listed under "Macintosh (Original series)" and a separate section with Performa and Workgroup servers.

    In my opinion if we separate the Performa series and Workgroup servers, we should also separate the rest of the group. In most cases when someone states "Original Macintosh" in the collector discussions that would most always only include the compact Macintosh models like the 128, 512, plus, and perhaps SE, Classic, and Color Classic models.

    I seriously think we should move these "other" categories up one level and list them as follows to make it more clear, and concise.


    68K Desktops

    Macintosh (Original series)
    Inside this link would list...

    Macintosh II Series
    inside this link would list...

    Macintosh LC series
    inside this link would list...

    Macintosh Performa Series

    Macintosh Workgroup Servers

    I think you get the point of were I am going with this. My only point for bringing this up, is due to the fact that we are getting lots of categories with nested sub categories. We should first create a hierarchical listing that is flat, and nest within that detailed information containing the specific models within the noted series.

    indonesia bali beaches. Madewi Beach bali surf holiday
  • Madewi Beach bali surf holiday

  • Chopstick217
    Apr 19, 10:41 PM
    get a refurbished macbook air ultimate

    Apr 29, 09:11 PM
    Hi folks,
    I'm stump on a pageControl problem.

    I made a simple View Based Application with a pagescroll through several images. This work fine especially when you click left of right of the pageControl.

    The problem is the app crashes with a 'SIGABRT' error when click on the pageControl in another app with the same code. The difference is this view is called through a TAB Bar while the other isn't. The crash goes away when I remove the 'action sent' on the pageControl but obvious, I need it to call the changePage method.

    I'm not sure if it's a delegate issue or not.

    I'll keep the code short. Thanks.

    @interface ThirdViewController : UIViewController <UIScrollViewDelegate>{

    Apr 8, 12:37 PM
    If the new mini gets sandy bridge it will be 50 percent faster then your machine at a minimum, more like 80 or 90 percent faster.

    I was thinking of waiting then I looked at Apple's website and for what I use the Mini for, they have a 2010 Refurb with a 2.4 and 2 GB Ram for $599 witha new 1-year warranty. I am not a big fan of the intel integrated GPU and I am not sure they will offer anything more than an i3 and i5 so for this price, I am going for one. I have a 4GB Ram kit to toss in, and I have a great HDD and monitor, as well as external storage, so if I can not play COD on high res, I will just tune it down, I use it mostly as a media server anyway.

    Thanks for everyone's input though.

    Feb 13, 03:45 PM

    i hope i can explain this correctly.. I am making a page that creates a 3d pie chart for the different types of calls my work has. I have a MySQL database that has jobs and referrers.. Anyway thats not imporant.. what I need to pass to the pie chart is the top 10 best referrals. The two bits of data for each record i have are...

    $referrer[] (pulled from a Jobs table in my database)
    $referrercount[] (a count of all jobs for that referrer query)..

    I know php has a sort feature but i need the 2 variables to stay in sync. I know i need to use a 2 dimensional array but I really am struggling to understand them. can someone give me a code example using the following data...

    $referrer[0] = "Company A"
    $referrercount [0] = 300

    $referrer[1] = "Company B"
    $referrercount [1] = 500

    $referrer[2] = "Company C"
    $referrercount [2] = 100

    I hope this makes sense..?

    Sep 27, 11:29 PM
    Another Palm to consider would be the Tungsten E2.
    Good luck!

    Jan 23, 02:33 AM
    So I just got my apogee duet (it's from 2007 which previously belonged to my friend who passed it on to me). I have a Macbook Pro 10.6.4 version and the cable it came with is a 400-400 so I went out and bought a 800-400 cable for it to plug into my macbook. Heres the problem, as soon as I plug the firewire cable into the port my macbook completely SHUTS OFF/CRASHES. EVERYTIME where I can't get the duet working. I tried turning off my macbook THEN plugging the firewire into the port. After that I'll turn on my macbook and it will work with the firewire plugged in but that does not mean I can get it working. The firewire has to be unplugged then plugged back into to initiate a response to turn the duet on but NO, my macbook completely shuts off again. I haven't even gotten a chance to use this baby, I haven't been able to get it working/turn on even once.

    What is the problem here?!

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