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Friday, May 27, 2011

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  • EricNau
    Nov 14, 07:48 PM
    guess the bigger question
    will this be available in coach or is this just a first class option?
    Hopefully it will be available in all classes. It doesn't seem like Steve Jobs to settle for anything less - He's all about the average consumer.

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  • iEdd
    Oct 10, 07:33 AM
    Commercial Times claims that Foxconn Electronics has received notebook orders from Apple and volume shipments of one new MacBook model by the end of the year.
    Small error there. ;) Sounds interesting, certainly an unpredictable update cycle, although with apple it always is.

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  • Cheffy Dave
    Apr 12, 06:42 PM
    I have the first gen, Mysore has the second gen, we LOVE them:eek:

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  • jettredmont
    Nov 21, 07:42 PM
    600 Fahrenheit.... nah.... nothing gets that hot.
    600 Kelvin. whats that like 40 degress celsius. Nope.... 330 Celsius. :eek: Wow thats a lot

    But not as much as 600 CELSIUS :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Maybe he invented a system. :rolleyes:

    600F : Melting Point of Cadmium.
    600K: Melting Point of Lead.
    600C: Melting point of Aluminum (so thats why Apple switched from Titanium).

    Maybe 600 Rankine? That's only 140F, so at least a reasonable Earth-bound/non-vaporizing-your-skin temperature ...

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  • Aldaris
    Apr 30, 02:07 PM
    So you'd recommend the PC version over the MAC??


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  • gkarris
    Mar 23, 06:10 PM
    Sorry, I guess I'm a bit behind - the launch data is SUNDAY, MARCH 27th...

    Who else is going to a launch?

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  • gdew
    Sep 25, 10:55 AM

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  • mad jew
    Sep 13, 11:31 AM
    I've had it about four times that I remember (mostly for reasons that are too embarrassing or simply inappropriate to mention here) and all I can say is lie back and enjoy the ride. :)

    I'd wish you luck for it, but you don't need it. :p

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  • avamiser
    Apr 24, 08:52 AM
    Is there a way to have contents (home folder, applications, settings, preferences etc) of my Macs (one in the office and one at home) have any exact content.

    So I can leave my MacBookPro at work but at home pick up on where I left off on my MacBook? - have access to all the same apps and settings.

    My only guess is to SuperDuper the drive once I have the final HD and keep adding on both as I add apps/content along to both.


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  • kwick87
    Mar 16, 11:44 PM
    $1.10/L for regular at the co-op across the way i think that makes it about $4.17/Gallon

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  • onthecouchagain
    Apr 28, 01:07 PM
    I wonder if heating will be an issue with the Air's casing and Sandy Bridge processors. I've read/heard that they may cut the SB power in half (whatever that means; I apologize, my tech-knowledge is poor) to reduce heat, but what will that mean for the processing speed? Or might Apple have a solution by innovating the design/fans/whatever?

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  • randallking
    Jan 8, 04:37 PM
    Oooh, what sound does it make? I'm always intrigued by new push notifications. I hope it's the noise the website makes. Pop!

    I think it was the same sound that is used for SMS and MMS alerts. It has stopped working today for some reason.

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  • deepavs
    Jun 19, 02:24 PM
    How long you have been using the iphone.

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  • nighthawk
    Oct 11, 12:02 AM
    I'm sure Apple will progress the Mini to C2D when they Macbook is updated. The Mini only received a minor speed bump the last time around and I bet it had more to do with keeping consistant pricing than it did with updating a product.

    If I remember right, the only change was the bottom end went from a Core Solo to Core Duo. And since the Core 2 Duos cost the same as Core 1 Duos, there is no financial reason for Apple to continue to use the older chips... so I agree the Mac Mini could be upgraded at any time.

    However, from the roadmap I don't think that the lower end Core 2 Duos are shipping yet. I always thought it was odd that Intel would release the top-of-the-line chips first since there would be fewer production units which fit the standards (whereas running a CPU at a lower clockspeed or smaller cache would be OK).

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  • marksman
    Apr 1, 12:03 PM
    I'm always amazed at how much work studios go to to keep people from watching their shows.

    This is the weird reality. TV Networks spend millions and even billions of dollars trying to get as many people to watch their shows for free, and then they also spend a great deal of time and money trying to stop people from watching their tv shows for free.

    Imagine if they spend that energy just trying to properly record viewers for those outlets instead of weirdly begging people to watch their shows for free and then on the other hand demand they don't watch their shows for free.

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  • Cheffy Dave
    Apr 20, 02:21 PM
    I have zero reason to downgrade to Sandy Bridge with its forced worthless IGP & chipset.

    I do believe the backlit keyboard will make it back IF Apple continues to sell a MacBook. If Apple eliminates the MB and puts the low end MBA in its place at $999, then I suspect the backlit keyboard stays a thing of the past. If however Apple keeps the MB, I think it will conclude that at least the 13" MBA needs the upgraded feature. It is extremely low cost. I would be shocked if it costs $0.50 per MBA unit, and it seems like a big advantage. I think Apple likes to "experiment" with features so it can then add them back and act like they learned their lesson when actually they just want added sales.

    I really don't believe there is any worry about a Sandy Bridge CPU making its way into the MBA. With Apple's update cycles, it could easily just wait for Ivy Bridge. Let's remember that the only Mac that uses low and ultra low voltage CPUs are the two MBAs. Apple can update the MB, Mac mini, and 21.5" iMac to Sandy Bridge standard core CPUs and not get the horrific loss in graphics performance that the MBA would receive with LV and ULV CPUs and their respective IGPs. I just think the vast majority of MBA buyers a, don't care, and b, would be better off with C2D and Nvidia 320m for another year.

    I will be shocked to see a Sandy Bridge MBA unless it includes a standard voltage CPU... Ivy Bridge just makes much more sense.

    I agree on the Sandy Bridge SD, I too believe they will wait until Ivy Bridge, it simply makes NO sense to screw up a perfectly spectacular machine, as well as sales and profits, just to move on from the C2D. IB will be another matter:cool:

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  • Spacedust
    May 1, 03:53 AM
    Watch this:

    They should come easily.

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  • I#39;m well aware of UAC.

  • MacRumors
    Mar 19, 03:44 PM (

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  • lhotka
    Mar 13, 07:04 PM
    Well, I have serious doubts that someone 'types in' the time for a network. I'm sure they have to configure the local towers to transmit the correct time zone, but that's not the same as typing in 2:00 AM and then waiting to the right second to press enter.

    Dates and times aren't stored as hours and minute - it's usually some form of julian date, probably transmitted in UTC. It's up to the local device to correctly convert it to local time.

    I note in passing that we're not hearing of any issues with regular phones - just iphones and other smart phones. Anyone have a basic phone show the wrong time?

    Sep 22, 06:40 AM
    Ok, so Intel has the Itanium, well they have the Itanium2 I guess if you want to get super current, so what! The Itanium is based on a brand new design that looks good on paper, but Intel will be the first to admit it has not performed as good as they hoped.

    Sun, IBM and SGI have had 64bit processors way before Intel. So if you say the Itanium is ok for the high-end consumer, then It's safe to say that a Sun Ultra10 or a SGI Octane would also be a high-end consumer machine.

    What makes you so sure that a 16 processor G4 machine would not perform, because of the bus speed. What about super high-end servers like the CM5 or the Cray T3D. I seriously doubt those machines have 500Mhz bus speeds, or DDR memory. I know for a fact that the CM5 had dedicated memory for each processor node, and each node had 2 vector units. If you want, I can find out specifics from my brother, who has actually programmed code for it, when he worked at Las Alamos. Whether a 16 processor G4 machine is relevant or not, it could be built and if built right, would be very fast.

    So the .NET family is limited to 32 processors huh....Weak, very weak. You can say what you want, UNIX still scales better than Windows, no matter what the flavor.

    In my opinion, Microsoft is beginning to die a slow painful death. Everyone is tired of their ************ and half-assed attempts of secure computing. Everyone always complains that Macs are not open enough, well I think the opposite is true. Apple embraces open standards and even invents and shares them when none exist, while Microsoft shuns and sometimes even steals others work, in a attempt to push their own proprietary formats and stifle progress.

    I find it funny that Intel invented USB, but it was Apple that took the leap of faith and pushed it into the mainstream. Apple, in my opinion is the only company thinking "outside the box" and in the end, they will win because of it.


    Jun 16, 02:03 PM
    Apple CEO: I have this great new product...
    Verizon CEO: This will never go anywhere. i-what. That's a stupid

    Apr 20, 01:02 PM
    Intel HD 3000 + Backlit Keyboard = two wastes of money.

    Doesn't bother me. I am always a bit bemused by the obsession with the backlit keyboard - I know plenty of people that turn it off! As long as I can find one key in the dark, I can find every other - and the space bar is hard to miss!

    Feb 23, 05:36 PM
    Write to Congress, don't just complain here.

    Mar 16, 09:12 AM
    Maybe if people who buy cars only for the name and because it was (or is perceived) to be built in America would have stopped this insanity 30 years ago, we'd have American car companies more able to compete today.

    There it is folks. The American consumer is at fault for the problems of the US auto industry.

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