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Sunday, May 22, 2011

hunting rifle gun

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  • Nermal
    Oct 6, 02:49 PM
    Other Web sites such as Westpac and Citibank -- which use browsers as a conduit for online transactions -- have similar restrictions.

    Interesting, I use Westpac (although I'm in NZ, not Australia), and I haven't had any problems whatsoever with Safari.

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  • lilo777
    Apr 4, 04:36 PM
    I always find it funny that so many people consider their type of work to be the only "real" work that exists. My work, which is extremely real, can be completed just fine on an 11" Air. Or an iPad with a BT keyboard for that matter.

    I do not disagree with you. I should have said for "my real work". Obviously there are activities that require mobile computing and can be handled by a phone, tablet, netbook etc. just fine.

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  • micsaund
    Jun 22, 03:41 PM
    Hi All,

    I hope this isn't "taboo" to list an auction here, but if it is and a mod wants to let me know, that's fine. I searched and found some similar posts linking to auctions, so I figured it's worth a shot.

    I recently asked here for valuation tips on my Macbook combo-deal and I know this might be a bit higher than the typical going-rate on MR, I have thrown-in a retail Leopard package/etc. so maybe it's of interest to someone ;) It's in nice shape and very well cared-for (like all my toys).

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  • Consultant
    Dec 23, 05:04 PM
    It seems that iPhone users have higher standards.

    You don't see national outrage for recent Verizon nation-wide outage. Where's the outrage that Verizon do not support concurrent voice and data on its "3G" network?

    As to iPhone, in the suburbs it's great. In city hotspots, the network gets slower from lots of iPhone users and not-in-my-backyard attitude when it comes to network extension. Verizon won't be immune from it.

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  • r1ch4rd
    Mar 6, 01:47 AM
    I don't see how raising Bill Gates' personal income tax affects Microsoft as a company though.

    It probably wouldn't, but taxing him through the nose doesn't fit with the idea of rewarding success. Perhaps a better approach would be to incentivise charitable donations and working with charitable organisations.

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  • yg17
    Dec 18, 03:39 PM
    Thanks, but it needs to be 2.0 since it will have a hard drive, iPod nano, and PSP hooked up to it.

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  • deathshrub
    Jan 16, 02:15 PM
    I ordered my MP yesterday with the 30" ACD. I figured it might have been a godsend that the ACDs weren't updated at Macworld. What if they were all glossy? What a nightmare that would be.

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  • Surf and Turf
    Oct 26, 12:22 PM (

    Hrmpf reports ( on a particularly revealing patent application from Apple that was published on October 26, 2006.

    The name of the patent application is "Electronic Device Having Display and Surrounding Touch Sensitive Bezel for User Interface and Control". The patent describes and depicts a full-screen touch sensitive iPod very similar to the various Video iPod Mockups ( that have been floating around the web. The application was filed in June of 2006.

    The focus of the patent is the incorporation of a touch-sensitive bezel (edge of screen) that can adapt to the screen contents to provide an input method for the user. Hrmpf suggests that the use of this non-screen area would eliminate many of the "smudge" and "scratch" concerns for a full-screen touch iPod.

    The diagrams included clearly depict what appears to be a full-screen Video iPod. The rumors of a full-screen Video iPod have been ongoing for some time, but picked up steam in February 2006 ( with claims that the full screen Video iPod would arrive in the coming months. Later reports ( indicated a delay with some recent reports ( of a late 2006/early 2007 release.

    Numerous other patents have described possible touch-interface methods, but this is the first patent application to depict a full-screen iPod so clearly. It also could represent the "None-Touch" iPod interface that was described in July (

    Update: There seems to be some misinterpretation of the picture. The circles in the bezel do not represent "buttons". The entire bezel would be a smooth surface that would be touch sensitive. A touch-sensitive Bezel iPod would still look like this mockup:

    This patent was purchased from a company in Buffalo, NY
    It will be implemented in the new ipods.
    When ?

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  • benhollberg
    Mar 11, 11:47 AM
    No. He's referring to best buy.

    Good thing this thread is for the Gateway, oh well it doesn't matter.

    Any update on the line size at the Gateway?

    Well over 100 last I check, I'm in front and can't see the back.

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  • gpzjock
    May 4, 05:55 AM
    Lion should be out Summer don't hold yer breath. :)

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  • CJRhoades
    Jan 15, 09:17 PM
    I'm guessing that the MBP is going to be updated in Feburary.

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  • superleccy
    Oct 24, 05:03 PM
    QuickTime now 64-bit!!!

    So that'll be Quicktime 8.0 then.

    Great, but Leopard just got �20 more expensive for Quicktime Pro users. :mad: :(


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  • themyst
    Mar 27, 11:36 AM
    Wrong way round - it's userland, therefore WILL be tethered. See explanation here:

    actually, there are untethered userland jailbreaks. Look at the exploit from 4.0 / 4.0.1 for the iPhone 4.

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  • caspersoong
    May 4, 03:27 AM
    iPad 2 sold out in 5 hours here.

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  • SilianRail
    Apr 20, 05:28 PM
    Growth stocks don't generally pay dividends. Dividend paying stocks are a safety move, trading dividends for share price growth, and are meant to attract investors. Apple doesn't need to do that.
    Be happy with the insane growth.It has a 315 billion market cap, it's not "growing" to $1 trillion, sorry. Apple is a mature company.

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  • -Ken-
    Mar 21, 01:23 AM
    These apparently already have Tiger loaded on them and 512 MB of RAM and 80 Gig hard drives, so the work has already been done.

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  • Elrond39
    Oct 9, 01:34 AM
    Every iPhone thread leaves me amazed at how complacent Americans are in accepting terrible mobile telephony. When's the last time (in Europe) that you had a "dropped call"? I had to look up the term because it meant nothing to me. If the iPhone is going to work properly, then someone needs to give assurances that your calls will actually go through. Forget about downloading songs on the go for a moment, and consider the intended purpose of a phone. If I want to make a call, it means that I need to get through and actually end up talking to someone; not that I want to try to call someone. Don't get me wrong, I'd love an iPhone. I'm just glad I live in a country where your calls go through, and stay going until you terminate it. And what's with this paying for incoming minutes thing? The payment should be the responsibility of the person doing the calling. At least, that's how it seems to work over here.

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  • 0815
    May 6, 12:41 PM
    iFixit indicates that the process for the 2011 is far less involved/obnoxious than previous models:

    That was the best news about the teardown of the new iMac. When they where introduced, I was disappointed that they didn't have the 500GB SSD option which was a show stopper for me ... but now I might get one and add the nice 500GB SSD to it. Was way to complicated with the old iMacs ... for the new ones it looks really easy.

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  • mrsir2009
    Mar 16, 12:36 PM
    Whats a Zune?

    Sep 28, 01:01 AM
    I used to have a Palm m500, my brother has a Zire 71, my dad has a Tungsten E, and none of us feel they were worth buying. Honestly, I'd just use a cell phone for mobile use. My Nokia N-Gage QD was free with a new plan in February, and it syncs with iCal and Address Book perfectly over Bluetooth using iSync. No drivers are needed, either: OS X automatically sends an iSync agent to the phone, it gets installed, and everything works perfectly. If I needed, I could install any number of Symbian OS applications on my phone and it would do just about everything a Palm could. Inputing new data on the go would be more painstaking, though.

    Apr 28, 10:51 AM
    Moral of the story: Buy motherboards online and not in stores.

    Mar 7, 12:23 AM
    Storage is truly a subjective matter. From a long term perspective, it will all depend on your needs & how many images you shoot/ expect to shoot. Anything you do, should have a redundancy back-up, whether it be a duplicate HDD, DVD's or storage online. However, as has also been pointed out, there is no need for Black's/ 7200 drives, when it comes to archiving. Green's/ 5900's are quite sufficient.

    The following is my own experience with how I needed to adjust for future growth:

    When I switched to Digital SLR's in I invested in a pair of 500GB Seagate Free Agent External HDD's, to back up my images to. In I added a pair of 1TB Seagates in an External Enclosure, and configured them in RAID 1. This device is connected via FW800, and is blazing fast, where as the USB driven Free Agent's, seem to move at a snails pace, though they are USB 2. Up to this point my DSLR's only shot on avg an 8-10MB Raw File, so I wasn't burning through storage, all that fast. However, as newer tech has come out, larger files were inevitable. During the Spring of I added (4) 2TB Caviar Green's in a Gigabit Network Array (NAS), and configured them in RAID 10 (1+0), thus giving me 4TB's of Storage, that I can access from anywhere. During the Fall of I added the 5DMKII to my gear line-up, and well 25MB+ Raw Files, are consuming storage much faster than I had previously. I have since filled up almost 2TB's on the NAS. Aside from all the Storage Arrays, I also have a Mac Pro, and have 3 1TB HDD's in it. Two are linked together in an OSX Raid 1 Config, the other 1TB is purely a scratch disk for CS5/ FCP, with my other non 1TB being my OS.

    Based on my experience, and knowing that I will be needing more storage space, more than likely by the Fall of I will be adding 3TB drives to the Mac Pro, and expanding the storage capability of the External Enclosures, with 3TB Drives. Relatively speaking storage is cheap, and its better to have too much storage, than not enough.

    Thanks James, aka Eaton Photos. I cannot believe how many hard drives you have filled in a modest amount of time! It appears that I need to modify my HDD setup and backup plan, as I did not "factor in" a massive expansion when contemplating my HDD setup and backup plan. I thought I was being overzealous planning the use of one HDD.

    You must have tens of thousands of photos, but your point being that one's photo library can grow extensively in a fairly limited amount of time and one should plan accordingly, noted!

    I am reading about the different RAID arrays and which one's purpose is required for certain situations. I thought RAID was overkill for my needs, but I may be mistaken. Thank you Sir for sharing your knowledge! The photographers are quick to share knowledge and provide advice. :cool:

    Well, I have learned a ton and I have to modify my plan in order to build the system I have envisioned.

    May 1, 11:07 AM
    I turned on my Mac this morning and double clicked the Firefox icon but I did it twice by accident and it said "You can only open one Firefox at once" and made me click "Close" and then I was never able to reopen Firefox again

    Mar 13, 09:33 PM
    That's a beautiful site:D

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