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Friday, May 27, 2011

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  • Tailpike1153
    Mar 28, 08:53 AM
    I can't think of any good rumors to start spreading. Lion, iOS 4+/5, new iPhones, MobileMe cloud. Hmmmm.... what to make up? The iPhone is heading to Sprint and Cricket. j/k. I'm just hoping to be able to get a new iPhone this summer. New iMac & iPad 2 will be pluses on the year.

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  • wordoflife
    Apr 19, 10:28 PM
    Certainly seems to be an early build because the latest 4.x updates have different looking bars.

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  • Xeperu
    Apr 8, 05:32 PM
    I always have to laugh a bit about American politics, on one side you have the liberal bunch working hard destroy the country economically, on the other side you got religious crackpots working hard to destroy the country socially.

    Humans should have the full right to decide over their own bodies, that includes planned parenthood and abortions.

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  • stujohnson
    Oct 25, 03:27 AM
    Sorry to raise a small but wavering flag here but...

    Where the hell are the upgraded MacBooks??!!! :mad:

    I agree... I ordered a MB a month ago and it was lost... I got a refund because I was tired of getting jerked around "oh your mac is here, now it's there, now we don't know.." So I decided to wait for c2d... just principle really...can't justify spending so much cash if I'm gonna get a 'free' upgrade sometime soon.

    I've searched everywhere re: macbook update to one knows.. that's what you'd expect. Honestly, I doubt they're gonna update it before christmas

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  • MattSepeta
    Apr 12, 03:06 PM
    Surely it would be unfair to judge somebody by their intelligence because so much of it is down to parental intelligence and wealth; how much they can teach you and how much they can pay for the best educations. (D's A)

    In theory I suppose we should only judge people for things which are entirely their own doing; things which are neither a product of their genes or upbringing. But then, taking those away, what remains?

    Not much really. In practice, I fear people are at least in some part judged for merits in which their efforts play a smaller part. Like natural intelligence, or sporting ability. Is this wrong? Perhaps on some abstract moral level, but I think it's probably permissible unless someone wants to call me a senseless bigot.

    You bring a fresh perspective to these boards. Actually discussing an issue rather than getting worked up in a tizzy and shouting platitudes. ;)

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  • redeye be
    May 28, 06:17 AM
    BTW, can we link to this thread in our text below?
    please do so!

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  • kdarling
    Mar 24, 02:26 PM
    As someone already pointed out, the Army currently uses iPods with translation programs in the field.

    The advantage is that they're comparatively cheap, and young soldiers already know the basics of using them.

    It's also been mentioned that the Army could use them to display videos of local leaders asking people to cooperate, etc. Plus remote control of robots, etc.

    As for visiting Apple, who knows. Usually the military finds a third party company to modify units, but in this case they could be checking to see if Apple was willing to build a bunch for less.

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  • willybNL
    Apr 19, 10:18 AM
    I see Philips screws on the bottom.... remarkably (noticing the news lately).

    And the camera on the back has strange artifact around it.

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  • JoeG4
    May 6, 04:31 PM
    Except of course, the Unix backend that powers OS X also powers ATM machines, practically every cellphone, a lot of cars, and many other servers/embedded devices as well.

    You're right that Windows has the major retail cash register & ATM market down. However, a lot of stores don't use Windows (pretty much any small business that uses those casio cash registers doesn't, and many chains like 99 cent stores just use those tiny keyboard-is-the-computer registers that I am 100% certain DO NOT run Windows).

    On that note, I can tell you that Dish Network uses Linux on all of their receivers, but then Comcast and VZ use Windows on their receivers *ponders*

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  • swarmster
    Apr 19, 01:10 PM
    It can be scrollable. And can't icons just be overlaid in the corner a'la Lion Mission Control?

    It could be scrollable, but expose isn't scrollable so you're mixing metaphors. And it's not just about whether you can fit more than 9 apps - what if you're using bulky apps and can only keep 7 apps in memory at once (the iPad 1 had less memory, remember)? You're putting up invisible walls in your interface.

    Little icons in the corner is one option, although in a way making the icon a sub-feature of the window implies that multiple windows could be associated with that icon, which isn't true. Even if you don't agree, it is just one alternative, and it would be presented along with all the other prototypes, and Apple apparently decided the multitasking pane was better. Expose isn't always an evolution.

    The current implementation is also inconsistent in the UI department, in that the same action and will result in two different actions.

    In some cases, a hold > jiggle > close will result in an app shutting down, and other times the same action set (hold > jiggle > close) will result in an app being deleted.

    Are you arguing that the multitasking pane doesn't have clear differentiation from the home screen? I thought giving it a different texture, pushing the home screen up out of the way, and requiring a quick double-press to bring it up accomplished that.

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  • fourthtunz
    Feb 19, 05:30 PM
    1) A Faraday cage doesn't need to be grounded to work.
    2) A "Faraday case" is a dumb idea. How would you receive calls?
    3) The paranoid posts in the thread are stupid to the point of hilarity. Go live in an igloo somewhere, OK?

    Sure, but there is a difference between paranoid and informed.
    Go ahead, believe the media, enjoy American Idol and get Rfid for your phone.

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  • Dooger
    Mar 22, 06:19 AM
    I bet my students can't wait to run products like AutoCad, Final Cut Pro, Logic, Sonar and Visual Studio, on the ipad. They'll be so excited I'm sure.

    It's just a glorified web slate and note taker. By no means bad but I don't see any students where I work, or staff for that matter, rushing to get one. We may buy one or two for R&D.

    I completely agree. It's probably being aimed at the computing illiterate or perhaps commuters but in its current form with an iPhone OS, it's just not powerful or versatile enough for the vast majority of students.

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  • erockerboy
    Nov 11, 02:48 PM
    That was awesome :D:D:D:D

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  • Blue Velvet
    Feb 12, 07:37 PM
    Ouch!! I don't have a Mac yet - have tried right mouse clicking it, but no options come up?

    Ummm... Control-I?
    Yikes, it's a PC...

    Better... in the File menu with the album selected, halfway down, 'Get Info'

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  • SchneiderMan
    Mar 17, 02:25 AM
    $4.07 around here.

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  • Consultant
    May 5, 10:33 AM
    The microsoft usability tax costs even more, in wasted time and low productivity.

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  • Abyssgh0st
    Mar 11, 05:32 AM
    At University now, I believe I'm number 5 or 6.

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 10, 08:29 AM
    just so you know, mac pro NEVER had, let along past tense, Core 2 Duo (or Core 2 Dou)
    Woodcrest (Xeon), as much as it might have the similar technology underlying its processor, is NOT Core 2 Duo.

    i'm pretty sure that the Xeon (Woodcrest) is considered Core2Duo

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  • zMudvayne
    Apr 30, 01:39 PM
    Guess we could always cancel the order and preorder in store to get the code immediately. If I haven't gotten a code by tonight, then that is what i'll do. Can't do much till after my finals though, so... push it outta my mind.

    Dec 21, 06:04 PM
    Rage Against The Machine couldn't fill Wembley now. I think Joe will.

    What a shame... I regarded Mr Walsh as the one with the most intelligence.

    Not anymore methinks.

    Dec 4, 05:43 PM
    most of the people who don't stop eating for like 3 months to buy an iPhone 4, will probably afford and buy that kit but the other ones like me won't do that

    I don't even have an iPhone 4 !

    Besides those things, I'm glad for that kid making so much money with such a brilliant idea.

    Nov 21, 07:42 PM
    600 Fahrenheit.... nah.... nothing gets that hot.
    600 Kelvin. whats that like 40 degress celsius. Nope.... 330 Celsius. :eek: Wow thats a lot

    But not as much as 600 CELSIUS :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Maybe he invented a system. :rolleyes:

    600F : Melting Point of Cadmium.
    600K: Melting Point of Lead.
    600C: Melting point of Aluminum (so thats why Apple switched from Titanium).

    Maybe 600 Rankine? That's only 140F, so at least a reasonable Earth-bound/non-vaporizing-your-skin temperature ...

    Apr 8, 09:47 PM
    If that's your ideology, you're selling yourself short by focusing just on Planned Parenthood. Don't forget about medicaid, social security, public education, and disability. In the name of not wanting to pay for other peoples' social services, might as well kill those too

    I am all for getting rid of those too. This topic was about PP, so I expressed my feelings for that colossal waste of money. I didn't want to stray too far off topic.

    Apr 19, 04:10 PM
    anyone know how to get multi touch gestures with 4.3.2 on my ipad ?

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