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Sunday, May 22, 2011

graffiti wallpaper love

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  • ThaDoggg
    May 5, 10:55 PM
    I dont think its my disk because I gave my friend one and he was able to burn my game

    Does your roommate use the same computer? Some DVD drives do not like certain dvd's. I've always used verbatim and have had no problems.

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  • ukuleleman
    Dec 25, 09:27 AM
    I have four AKG C 1000 S made in Austria,Ten or fifteen years old now but still up the job, a great vocalists mike, my quartet used them in several different studios because they were aimed at singers.

    Well out of date now, but AKG must have updated them they were so popular, either Battery operated or phantom power. I am in the UK.

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  • belvdr
    Feb 7, 08:42 PM

    I have also used a cheaper switch (Netgear GS605 or GS105) without issue.

    Also, is your Internet router close to the Mac Pros? If so, just wire the new gigabit switch into your router and let everything go wired.

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  • mdntcallr
    Apr 5, 12:43 AM
    I agree with many of your points, except for the mindless drone remark. Yes you are not, but to imply that others who differ with you is uncalled for.


    Leo, point noted.
    i didn't mean that everyone who buys apple products is a mindless drone. i just meant Apple is treating many of their customer base this way.

    it is just strange when Apple used to be much more of a consumer oriented company and the underdog, now it seems to be more monopolistic than Microsoft during the MS heyday.

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  • techfreak85
    May 2, 02:23 PM
    Have they given you a time for when they plan to come out?

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  • robbieduncan
    Apr 30, 07:15 AM
    I wish Apple would revert the green timeline to the old transparent one. I know the green has been here since Lion's first build, but still. It's pretty ugly.

    I wish they'd get rid of the stupid star-field background

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  • Badger^2
    May 6, 12:36 PM
    Do you have more than 1Tb of stuff that needs to be on an internal drive?

    And from what I have read -- the SSD needs special parts. No DIY.

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  • macrumorsuser10
    Mar 17, 05:39 PM
    I currently own a LinkSys-WRT54GL 802.11a/b/g wireless router, and my ISP is Comcast Cable providing me with 15 Mbps (that's bits per second, I believe) download speed.

    I am wondering if there is any benefit with using the Airport Extreme 802.11n wireless router to access the Internet? The maximum theoretical speed of the WRT54GL router is 54 Mbps (802.11a/b/g), which is faster than the 15 Mbps provided by my ISP.

    I know that 802.11n has a max bandwidth of 300 Mbps, and it would help for intra-house transfers, such as streaming video from one computer to another.

    But is there any benefit to 802.11n for Internet activity, such as web browswing, gaming, and streaming video from Netflix?

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  • QuarterSwede
    Oct 26, 06:19 PM
    Sorry I couldn't be there (I live in the Springs) but I decided to pre-order the family pack and I'm installing it now :D ~2 hours as an upgrade on a 12" PB. Then it's on to my wife's MacBook.

    Have fun, I would have really liked to have been there to experience the launch and to meet you guys.

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  • KingJobs
    Mar 14, 01:55 AM
    Anyway, this is one of the few major mac desktop websites left. The others are dead (haven't been updated in a very long time) or just tooo SLOW (like Spymac's

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  • jenzjen
    Apr 18, 05:18 AM
    Then again, if you can afford said thousands, just buy the bluetooth keyboard separately and keep the wired as a spare!

    This. I had my BT module act up once, so if I didn't have the wired one in the closet, I would have been stuck until Best Buy opened the following day to buy a wired one.

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  • MacManDan
    Jul 9, 12:38 PM
    Originally posted by scan300
    Try the reset to factory defaults button.

    It's a tiny button on the back of the powerbook where the ports are, it has a small triangle symbol next to it. (You make need a poking device)

    I had a 1400cs where the monitor went crazy once. The reset fixed it.

    I think the reset button on PowerBook DVIs and 867Mhz/1Ghz (DVI and newer models) is a little white button underneath the keyboard on the motherboard on the upper right hand corner near the power button. Push that with no battery installed or AC plugged in. You'll lose your time and date though! (no big deal).

    [Edit: if none of this works, it may be that the power cords or controller for your backlight suddenly died .. since your machine is the 1Ghz PowerBook you should still have the 1yr limited warranty right? Just BE SURE that it's a hardware problem and not a software problem (unless you have AppleCare) when you call because if it ends up being a software problem Apple tech support will charge $49...]

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  • TheSlush
    Mar 16, 10:07 AM (

    I think Linux might have a higher install base than Mac....

    I always laugh at these charts... it's like comparing the install base of Bentley to the install base of Toyota. Doesn't exactly tell the story, does it?

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  • FoxHoundADAM
    Apr 18, 12:28 PM
    So wait, not only is the timeline between iPhone 4 and 5 the largaest gap in the 5 iterations of the phone but it will only be minor internal hardware improvements?

    All the while these new Android phones look slicker and slicker by the day with much larger screens (something I personally like)?

    My iPhone 3G is on it's last legs, if the iPhone 5 is just a spec bumped 4 then count me out.

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  • Himynamesnoah
    Mar 13, 08:31 PM
    It will take a bit to get it packaged up and ready for us.

    Twitter (!/iphone_dev/status/47085164106489856)

    Can't wait, this was all posted on my 16GB White iPad 2 Wifi. I love it!

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  • NCW
    Nov 4, 02:29 PM
    Mine for November :

    what app are you using for the itunes control?

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  • Poop Boy
    Feb 22, 05:18 PM
    People still use Infinifolders?

    FolderEnchancer ftw.

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  • firestarter
    Mar 20, 08:02 PM
    What are you planning to do? Lots of tilt/shift effects are possible in post these days.

    You can correct converging verticals easily (using the Photoshop transform tool), create the look of reverse-tilt low depth of field images (, or use focus-stacking to increase depth of field in photoshop ( (instead of using tilt).

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  • gameface
    Mar 16, 09:52 PM
    Adobe CS5 Photoshop Classroom in a Book should show you the basics

    Amazon link ...

    shows more than the basics! I got this book for Christmas and it is fantastic. Very easy to follow and if you want to learn specific features it is easy to jump around from section to section.

    Classroom in a Book +1 here!

    I used the photoshop classroom in a book back when it was Photoshop 5.0. My freshman college digital class was based off that book. I already had experience but the book was a great reference and unlike online tutorials, it explained "why" you do a certain thing not just "how". I highly recommend it.

    Aug 25, 10:22 AM (

    Category: Tips and How To's
    Link: How to background stream internet radio on your iPad (
    Description:: Until iOS 4.1 arrives on the iPad, you can�t listen to internet radio and use another application at the same time. Or can you? If your favorite internet radio broadcaster offers clickable m3u or pls formatted streams, then you can listen to it on your iPhone OS-powered iPad, iPhone or iPod touch�

    Posted on (
    Approved by Mudbug

    Nov 8, 12:05 PM
    You're right. I was more thinking about the process in making it translucent.

    For some reason a translucent image is made by changing its "opacity"... I dunno why they don't call it "translucency" lol.

    I think you mean you're :p

    May 21, 09:10 PM
    Phone has been sold. Thanks for the interest.

    Apr 9, 05:16 PM
    Got it to work... i needed to enable "Send all Traffic" on the iPad VPN client... Thanks again Coleman2000

    katie ta achoo
    Sep 23, 11:33 AM
    ...The computer would use something like Photoshop FL edition (For Ladies) to make them look like Kate Moss, Suzanne Summers, Petra Verkaik or their favorite star. A brave new world...

    ...who would want to look like any of those women? They all look kinda...
    well, let's say there are people that look a lot better.

    Eh, maybe I just don't want to look like the thighmaster seller. :p

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