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Thursday, May 26, 2011

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  • gkarris
    Mar 27, 09:57 PM
    Best Buy had their 3DS kiosk setup today.

    It's pretty cool...

    Pilot Wings was running on it - it essentially adds depth to the titles. You can turn the 3D off if you want - the graphics and screen still look great!

    It was a bit hard to play as it was down low for kids to play with as well...

    Gonna wait to see what Black Friday sales there are (want to pick up Starfox with it) - it's going to be a pretty hot item this holiday season... ;)

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  • robbieduncan
    Sep 27, 09:35 AM
    I hope it fixes the USB connection to Canon cameras. They broke it with 10.4.7. I'm still booting from my portable backup drive when shooting tethered (looks really pro on location).
    I dread the going-backwards-sytem-reinstall BS tho, so that's what I have been doing.

    My EOS 400D works fine (in tethered mode as well as just transfering from the memory card)?

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  • TheNewDude
    May 10, 04:09 PM
    So i got the Beta Copy of Star Craft but I don't seem to have any playable maps... :S What gives?

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  • johnnyjibbs
    Apr 25, 03:16 PM
    Big deal. I'd be very surprised if it's not offered on DVD - it's surely cheaper and easier than USB drive. I'm sure the USB drive for MacBook Air was simply because that machine has no optical drive. Surely? :o

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  • -SD-
    Jun 18, 04:21 PM

    More comparison pictures against an original 360, Wii and both versions of PS3 over at Engadget. (

    As I've said before, I'm absolutely sure there will be a cheaper 120GB of the S, maybe in white, released in time for Xmas.


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  • cshen
    Apr 29, 09:31 AM
    I just updated to 4.3.2 yesterday. Since this afternoon, my phone does not have any cellular data connection, except for wi-fi. I have checked all the settings and everything is correct. I have even tried to restore the settings and restore the phone. But it still stays the same. :(

    Does anyone have the similar problem before? Could this be the hardware problem?

    No "3G" or "E" or "o" icons anymore. This is singaporean network btw.

    Appreciate if anyone can help. Thanks.

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  • kresh
    Oct 26, 07:35 PM
    hehe With 11 billion cash in the bank (half of Adobe's market cap), it would be really sweet if Apple acquired Adobe!

    Drop all Adobe apps for Windows. Force people to either convert to Mac or find an alternative.

    Ah it's just an awful, evil dream.

    Please come true :)

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  • ImAlwaysRight
    Nov 2, 10:10 AM
    In ten years from now, expect the Mac OS to have 98% of the market share and a paperweight will be more valuable than any Windows PC. :D

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  • talmy
    Mar 14, 09:46 AM
    We may all be jumping the gun on this one. Apple says that Lion Server is included in the Lion preview. That doesn't mean it will be included in the final release!

    Obviously developers need a copy of Lion Server to test their applications. Just like Mac Developer members can get Snow Leopard and Snow Leopard Server downloads, this is just a convenient way to package up both Lion client and server into one download.

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  • robbieduncan
    Sep 25, 10:57 AM
    Um, no it doesn't Fuji S1, S2, S3 RAW Files are not supported. This camera is used by more wedding photographers than any other.

    S2 and S3 now supported. See the right sidebar on the raw page (

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  • Knowimagination
    Mar 7, 01:29 PM
    look like it is just going to be me and iJustin at the knox st store :p

    I think I am giving up on Best Buy, because I can't find anything suggesting they will have white available on friday.

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  • Yamcha
    Apr 19, 10:05 AM
    I like the expose like multi-tasking, seems like it would be a better experience.. Also like the white, honestly the black to me has always been pretty boring..

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  • simsaladimbamba
    May 1, 06:37 PM
    Depends on the hardware and video editing software and resolution of the footage and the codec the source footage uses and the codec you used for exporting the video you used.
    Can you tell use those specifics?

    "How to maximise your MacRumors troubleshooting experience" ( created by mad jew in 2006

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  • Watabou
    Apr 30, 12:08 PM
    I don't see anything in Lion that would warrant that kind of pricing: some minor UI changes and lots of under-the-hood optimizations...sounds a whole lot like Snow Leopard.

    Lion has a lot of new features though. Plus, like previous relases like Tiger and Leopard, they might announce more new features on this year's WWDC.

    I do hope we can get both DVD and the USB stick for those who need it. The dvd drive on my macbook pro is busted so I would be really happy if they do release a USB.

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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 14, 02:54 PM
    its a thursday afternoon. Shouldnt the intelligent people be... working?

    im a bored college student, not immature kid. A little smartass humor does not hurt in my opinion. Unnecessary one word posts are annoying though.

    Maybe I wasn't clear.. yes, that is exactly what I meant.. those who just type two words or less.

    I am off today just to let you know.. I work for a large IT firm and I am on a small vacation as I forgot to use up my vacation which accrued from last year.

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  • z3r0
    Apr 14, 07:41 PM
    OS X isn't much of a FreeBSD brethren, maybe user land but not much else.

    I wish Apple would just build Mac OS X on top of FreeBSD kernel instead of the Mach/XNU frankenstein.

    There are some real nice features in FreeBSD that would require a kernel re-write in Darwin. I'd love to have Jails, ZFS, capsicum, pf, and other tech available with aqua.

    If thats out of the question at least port their server end software to FreeBSD. Final Cut Server, Xgrid, Xsan, Open Directory etc... wont see much use with out the Xserve.

    Seeing as OS X is a FreeBSD brethren it's not hard to realize that while XServe is decommissioned that they are still designing, developing and testing future Server Hardware and the Data Center is a great testing ground amidst a huge swath of 3rd party hardware inside there.

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  • mkrishnan
    Apr 29, 01:10 PM
    But I agree in theory that we can cut down greatly on how much we drive. And higher gas prices will do that(which is good, even if we don't make as much off taxes as you would if driving levels stay the same)

    The new wave of urban living will help too. If people don't have driving as an option because of price, or have it less, interest in public transit but also walking and biking will increase due to natural market pressures. However, many towns and cities in the US will have a major infrastructural gap because they have so many roads that are not cyclist / pedestrian friendly. They will likely change due to economic pressure, but cities investing in walkability now will be well poised to grow when/if such a time comes.

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  • waloshin
    Apr 11, 04:20 PM
    $3.49 Cedar City, Utah (Unleaded)

    All gasoline is unleaded now days. $1.239/litre

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  • Steradian
    May 6, 12:33 AM
    There is a great sense of community with us Mac users, something that I love. I LOVE my mac, I use windoze all the just dosen't work for me...I am a curse to PC's...I cause Blue Screen's of Death whereever I roam. When I do my Programing for Comp Sci @ my HS, I have to do a restart at least 4 times a week OY! But do understand that it is running Win95...So I can't blame the comp too much...I take all sorts of crap everyday from my PC using friends, who all bash apple. Reason? none...Yeah...

    Apr 21, 09:21 AM
    the iPad will be for normal people when you don't have the sync it.

    all this syncing ********* needs to stop.

    I shouldn't need another computer to use my iPad.

    Makes no sense at all.


    But do you really need to sync it though?

    The apple store will activate it apparently if asked,
    and I can't see people having much problem yet if they haven't synced from day 1.

    So its possible to own an ipad without a computer.

    Only becomes a problem when too many apps require a later OS version

    Lex Yu
    Apr 30, 07:47 PM
    And a Apple branded USB Thumb drive makes no sense cost wise! DVD makes much more sense as an installation media.

    I don't think Apple will be bothered by a few bucks because Apple is the cash king.

    OS media on the USB stick makes sense because it is a lot faster than DVD-ROM.

    May 14, 11:36 PM
    So I've been loosely paying attention to this... what are the CPU/video requirements? I remember 2+ years ago there was aforum member who was a Blizzard employee saying there was a teenie tiny chance they would support powerPC ( which I know they're not doing now... that was 2 years ago )
    But is it even possible to dream about playing this on say a Mac Mini with a Core 2 Duo ?What are the specs on your Mac Mini. My MacBook Pro is 2.8 GHz C2D, and it runs fine.

    Jun 17, 10:39 PM
    The older models are no longer being made, that is correct.

    My guess, as I stated earlier...So the only model they're going to sell is the Elite Slim one once the supplies on the current Arcade and Pro are out?

    Apr 12, 02:15 PM
    Office for Mac or Office for Windows? Easy decision.

    I haven't opened VMWare Fusion for months, since I installed Office for Mac.


    Sure, some of us will have specific needs that are only available on Windows. But for most of us, the last thing we need that requires Windows (that we haven't already moved over to a native OSX solution) is Office.

    Office for Mac and Office for Windows have been leap-frogging for some time, so you're going to have a slightly newer version depending on which platform you are on. Currently, the newer version is Mac. Next year I suppose it will be Windows.

    But in any case, it's certainly no longer true (though it once was) that Office for Mac is the ugly step-sister.

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