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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Four Leaf Clover Outline Clipart

Four Leaf Clover Outline Clipart. printable outline big leaf
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  • LarryC
    Mar 6, 02:33 PM
    There are a lot of old perceptions about diesel. I love diesel; they are inherently more efficient than gasoline engines.

    I could say something like- "there are a lot of people in the US stuck on old tech, out dated, dirty, inefficient, gas powered cars that don't last as long as diesels nor have as good as ROI as diesels" but I wouldn't want to upset anyone who owns a technically inferior vehicle so I will keep my thoughts to myself.

    As with most things :D I do have an opinion on that. I am very interested in diesel, but I am in the minority as far as that is concerned. When I mention the benefits of diesel to my friends, most of them say something like "Really, you're kidding, if they are superior in areas such as mileage then why doesn't the car companies make and sell them?" I believe the answer is because of the ridiculous emissions standards placed on the manufacturers by agencies such as the EPA. I believe that our government knows the benefits of diesel technology, but that too many powerful people are bought and paid for by giant corporations. You can call me a tin-hat wearing conspiracy theorist is you want to, but I really do think that is why many good things are being suppressed here.

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  • trekkie604
    Feb 19, 08:01 PM
    Hasn't changed too much this time around: (

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  • macfan70
    Nov 27, 01:28 PM
    To fit in to the Mac line up, the price for the 17" Widescreen should not be over 399 at which point you might as well get an iMac. I think if it is real, then Apple will fill the product gap and sell them for 299. Still iffy since most 17" LCDs go for at least 50 bucks less. :confused:

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 4, 02:27 PM
    In many ways, it's shameful today that we think that 60 or even 70mpg is somehow remarkable for a family car. :(

    It certainly could be significantly higher. Public taste, laziness on the part of manufacturers and other things have all conspired to keep the bar set low on fuel economy.

    In the US, there's one key reason why small cars don't sell (above and beyond the reasons I already listed), and that is that popular wisdom holds that you will die in a small car when someone in a large SUV or truck hits you. It's a self-fulfilling prophesy as people buy big cars because they don't feel safe in small ones, with the result that they become part of the "problem". Ultimately it's down to selfishness. Apparently people would rather kill someone else in an accident than risk being killed themselves.

    It's idiotic, but this "wisdom" will only be unlearned slowly. Smaller cars are much safer now then they once were - safer than trucks and SUVs.

    By way of a postscript, it's worth pointing out that today's safety and environmental regulations make it more difficult to make a car frugal, small and light than it was when Alec Issigonis designed the Mini. Also, aluminum construction (in smaller production cars such as the A2) remains nearly as rare and expensive as it was in the 50s.

    But not the brand image... that could perhaps be the biggest stumbling block of all, it certainly is in Europe anyway.

    True, and that's a shame, because brand image often matters than a car's actual merits. If the new Jetta is a turd, people will still buy it because the VW badge has cachet here that GM does not, at least in the realm of small cars.

    I'm not going to stand up too much for GM, I've never held a high opinion of most of their products, but I have reasonably read good reviews of the Cruze and I hope they bring the diesel here.

    Have to say my preference is for saloons... occasionally an estate (particularly A4 & A6 allroads, also 159 Sportwagons, that sort of thing), hatches (the bigger ones anyway) & estates can/tend to be a little boomy in my experience. Saloons also often have better body rigidity too.

    The sedan body is the default in the US. Hatches and wagons are much rarer and therefore more interesting. In Europe it's really the other way around. When you're talking about mid-size or larger cars, sedans do generally have better proportions in my opinion (with a few exceptions - I like 5-Series wagon, and the 1990s Subaru Legacy wagon). Hatches look good on small cars though. The Focus, for example, looked stupid as a sedan but great as a hatch.

    I do agree with you about the noise though - my Forester's rear suspension is sometimes very audible in the cabin, especially with the seats down. A few years before I bought my Forester, I used to mock it as the ugliest thing on the road, but I've gotten used to it and while it's never going to be attractive it does have a certain pleasing purposefulness in its proportions. Even though a lesbian couple I know call it my lesbian wagon. :rolleyes::D

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  • Stridder44
    Sep 7, 04:17 AM
    Holy eff. What if they changed iMovie's purpose? For managing content (music & movies): iTunes and iMovie. For creating/editing content: Garageband and "Showtime" (or whatever speculated new name that was).

    It makes so much more sense, even if it would be confusing at first.

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  • slffl
    Apr 26, 09:17 PM
    OMG you should see how many people here in Seattle refer to all Android phones as 'Droids'. Verizon better start protecting that ***** as it's already become the name for all Android phones for the 'think they know what they are talking about' android fans.

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  • suneohair
    Nov 15, 09:58 AM
    For some time, Handbrake didn't use more than two cores - owners of Quad G5s reported CPU usage of exactly 50 percent, then someone changed it and Quad G5s reported 100 percent CPU usage.

    What we don't know: Was the code changed to use up to four processors, or as many processors as are available? Developers are usually very unwilling to ship code that they haven't been able to try out, so expect a version using eight cores about two days after the developers have access to an eight core machine.

    In the case of Handbrake, encoding to MPEG4 seems already limited by the speed of the DVD drive; you can't encode faster than you can read from the DVD. H.264 is still limited by processor speed. Using eight cores is not too difficult; for example, if you encode 60 minutes of video, just give 7 1/2 minutes to each core.

    Applications should be, and most likely are written to take advantage of available resources. A developer should be writing applications to take advantage of 8-cores already, they don't need an 8-core machine to do so.

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  • RyanNoah
    Sep 14, 12:47 PM
    I just picked up the Belkin Grip Vue at BestBuy in Wilmington, DE. Very pleased.

    It seems like these cases cover up the speaker. Is this true and if so, is the sound muffled?


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  • lu0s3r322
    Jul 19, 04:04 PM
    that's great news. w00t im a first time conference call listener! :p

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  • tvguru
    Aug 7, 05:14 AM
    Aussie waiters must earn a fortune. My sister in law worked as a waitress in the USA and earned over US$1000 per weekend in wages and tips. So what's it like in Oz?

    I've learnt you don't really tip here. I gave the pizza guy something like $3. He was the happiest man on the face of the earth. (Until he reached the car again I'm sure)

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  • Maestro64
    Nov 28, 04:03 PM
    The Zune is now placing 48 position on Amazon, so not moving in a positive direction

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  • Queso
    Aug 29, 09:33 AM
    No to Merom in the mini. Core Duo in both models and a significant price drop. They are supposed to be low end machines, so give them a low end price point.

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  • JackSYi
    Oct 23, 05:01 PM
    Tuesday is rapidly approaching. However, for some of us, the time and space continum is slightly different than the rest. Tuesday will come and some of us will sit in front of our computers waiting in anticipation for that Apple store to go down and "be right back". We will feel like little children waiting in line for Disneyland, waiting to cross that magical gate.



    Just don't stay up all night waiting. (I want to be the first person to order the damned thing).

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  • Macky-Mac
    Mar 31, 01:35 PM
    Japan? Yes. The Nazis? Certainly not. The Soviets defeated the Nazis......

    To say any one country defeated the nazis really isn't true. It's as unreasonable a claim as rasmasyean's wargasmic fantasy :p

    As it was, the nazi invasion of russia came very close to success. Would the soviets have defeated the nazis if germany hadn't also been engaged in northern africa and then italy and western europe at the same time they were fighting the soviets? Would they have have beaten Hitler if he hadn't gone against the advice of his generals and made some disastrous decisions? Didn't the Persian supply corridor factor into the soviets being able to hold off the germans? etc etc etc

    The reality is that the allied forces beat the nazis and not any one country.

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  • Plymouthbreezer
    Jan 12, 12:07 PM
    300C img...
    Still fantastic. :D And gorgeous!

    Sweet ride + great "color." A 300C will be my next car, probably after I graduate college in a year-ish, unless I find one for a great price before / my current car poops out.

    My 2001 LHS has over 155,000 miles, and it will be nice to upgrade to a Hemi with lower miles.

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  • MacRumors
    Aug 24, 05:38 PM (

    One blog claims ( that bulk orders for the Mac mini are currently being denied until after Labor Day.

    I needed to order another bunch to use as Mac mini servers (and to add to my great wall of Apple boxes) but I was told by the reseller (name withdrawn so they don�t get in trouble) that they can�t take big orders (again), but after Labor Day they�d be able to ship plenty of the new model.

    The same blog reported a similar pattern prior to the last Mac Mini update in February. Meanwhile, Appleinsider claims ( to have independent confirmation of the delay in large orders of Mac Minis.

    This timeframe supports earlier claims ( that Apple would be launching Core 2 Duo (Merom/Conroe) Macs as early in September. The new Core 2 Duo ( processors are drop-in replacements for existing Core Duo processors which power the Mac Mini, MacBook, iMac and MacBook Pro.

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  • nonameowns
    Mar 25, 09:01 PM
    I can hook it up to my TV and play in 1080, but....why would I want to? I watched the video on YouTube, and compared to Gran Turismo 5, F1 DiRT 2 and the upcoming Shift 2, etc, this game looks like crap. And I get to play it with no wheel or even a gamepad? Thanks, but no thanks.

    Why compare a mobile device to a game console? That's stupid. It's like comparing bananas to apples.

    This is LAME and I'm say that in the nicest most passive agressive way. ;)

    I'm coming from the standpoint of someone that owns a G25 racing wheel, a Track IR 5 head tracker, and racing games and sims all of which support my toys. Games that run dead-locked at 60 fps -- as I enable what's called VSYNC --- at a substantially higher detail level than any low-powered GPU/CPU can currently muster.

    Sure it might be lame and inferior in your taste, but can you take your toys with you? Yeah. That's the power with the iPad.

    In the future, the iPad will have the graphic power of PS3 or Xbox 360.

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  • portishead
    Apr 21, 12:34 PM
    At least he's got a birth certificate. You and Full of Win must be related. Or married. Or both.

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  • chille
    Apr 5, 12:24 PM
    In DP2, it seems that after using it for a while it uses significally more RAM than DP1. It even seems to that point where animations get laggy, like expanding folders e.g.

    I discovered that the wibdow server process used over 400 mbs of RAM, but after shutting down the process and it had started up again it used about 20, which it usually does.

    Also, BetterTouchTools seem to be working a lot less with DP2 compared to 1 for me. Every now and then my custom multi touch commands stop working, and the BTT needs to restart to function again. This is especially frustrating since in DP2 the LaunchPad is an independent .app, and I have assigned it to thre finger click, and removed most apps from the dock in an attempt som streamline my work flow.

    All together I just love Lion, and there's no going back to SL! :)

    Mar 24, 06:57 PM
    This is potentially great news...

    I had a stock ATI 5850 in the Mac Pro for a while, OS X didn't like it but Windows ran it perfectly... in the end bit the bullet and bought a 5870 Mac edition for about twice the market value of a standard PC card!

    Great decision though, the Mac now runs about 20 times faster... not just games either... the whole UI is great now (I guess thanks to OpenCL et al)

    ...and whoever decided the GT120 was a good card for a Mac Pro needs to be shot!

    Mar 24, 01:50 PM
    They'll need to do something about the power connectors, though.

    The last couple times I decided to go with a re-flashed PC version of a graphics card for my Mac Pro, I had to buy special 6-pin power connectors to go between the card and the motherboard since the PC version assumed you had a different type of power connector to use.

    When you consider you often need 2 of these cables, typically priced at upwards of $20 each, that can start to make a re-flashed PC version of a given card look a lot less attractive compared to the official Apple version.

    i would love to buy an off the shelf gpu for half the price of a mac branded amd card. please let this be true then i will not sell my 2008 macpro

    May 2, 07:50 PM
    They could have simplified the whole process in the following way:

    (blah blah blah)

    Both sound more logical and intuitive than this.
    You assume that the method described here is/will be the ONLY way to do this.

    How many different ways can you create a new folder on a hard drive? I can think of three without even trying.

    I guess that's way easier than dragging it to the trash?
    Dragging an application to the trash doesn't delete all the associated files littering your Library, or hidden files, or…

    Rodimus Prime
    Apr 12, 06:07 PM
    He's young. 16 if I read his other post correctly about the wedding. So his attitude towards driving is expected. I used to streetrace after I got my license and held similar disdain for autos and people driving autos (including my dad). Experience and age mellows attitudes..... sometimes.... hehe.....

    That explains a lot. being 16 means he has very little real experience in driving and a pure rookie at it. The joy of driving is still in his system. Now days most of the time driving for me is a way to get from A to B.

    Driving in traffic every day like i said really made me consider going Automatic. hard to do a low speed crawl in a manual.

    Sep 1, 01:51 PM
    While I write this there are 176 posts already.

    Since initially posted (3 hours ago), there have been an average .9 posts per minute with no signs of slowing. This rumor is really keeping everyone here quite entertained. Cheers to slacking off at work on a Friday!

    edit: corrected "off"

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