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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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  • euromickey
    Oct 5, 05:51 PM
    Since many of my customers send incomplete orders due to a lack af JS abilities in Safari I have added an alert popup which can be tested at I cannot test it since I don't have access to a MAC with Safari on it. So may I ask you folks to have a look?

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  • Deuterium
    Mar 11, 05:13 PM
    Any news worthy updates from the people down at the Gateway?

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  • mygoldens
    Aug 7, 08:59 PM
    VPC for the PowerPC was a sluggish piece. M$, if they can't steal it, they buy it or they GIVE UP. They do not have one person working at M$ that can develope technology.

    I say FANTASTIC, GREAT, GOOD JOB, GO make Vista, Go try and make Vista!:D

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  • pappadu
    Mar 1, 08:15 PM
    I had this same problem. It seems it was due to virtual 'parellels' adapters that are automatically activated. I created separate 'network locations' (in network preferences) for home where airport took preference over ethernet and the the two parallels adapters were deleted. It solved the problem. Good luck!

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  • happy.buddha
    Dec 3, 10:35 AM
    I've got an extra pair that aren't being used, just send me your address and I'll mail them to you.

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  • Nermal
    Mar 11, 02:31 PM
    This is weird...I've been using Google's DNS servers basically - which are considered as the fastest in my area - does that really affect Apple downloads?

    I don't know whether it affects Apple or not but I remember reading about it here in NZ where people were being directed to US servers instead of NZ ones. The speed difference between our domestic and international bandwidth is huge.

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  • dancenet
    Jun 21, 09:22 PM
    I am going to the Northridge Store. I was there for the 2G, 3G, 3GS. I am still not sure what time I am going to arrive.

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  • mikechan1234
    Aug 14, 04:00 PM
    I visited the Apple Store in Westfield White City yesterday (5th August 2010) to find out about and purchase an ipad. Once I had found an assistant to help me (the very excellent Dan), I was happy but my initial experience on entering the store was not a happy one. There were a number of people milling around but it was not overly crowded. Despite that, I was left for a while to stand aimlessly. After a few minutes a very bright and breezy female assistant approached me and helped with a technical query I had concerning my iphone. I then asked about ipads and she promised to find an assistant for me. She found Dan who was already serving a customer. Unfortunately he then disappeared. I waited....and waited....and waited and eventually had to make what I can only describe as a "public announcement" to all and sundry that I'd appreciate some help and that "I don't bite" :)

    By this time I was pretty annoyed.

    Eventually Dan helped me - he was really excellent and as a result I purchased a 32MB ipad which I am finding really great!

    32mb is pretty small storage space :P

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  • rodh257
    May 2, 07:15 PM
    Hi all,
    Here's a little back story about my setup, you can probably skip if you don't want to read it:
    I recently bought my first macbook pro, 13" 2011 model. I'm a windows developer so I needed to run windows on it, so what I did was put an OCZ Vertex 2 SSD in the optibay and installed windows on it, and cloned my OSX from the 5400RPM drive that comes with the macbook onto a new 500gb 7200RPM drive. So I have two separate drives for the two separate operating systems.

    I had all sorts of trouble setting this up, because the 2011 MBP's don't boot from USB, I had to take my SSD out of the optibay and replace the DVD Drive, put the SSD in the main bay, install windows then swap it back.


    It mostly worked though, I could swap between the OS's using bootcamp, or reefit - both worked. However last week all of a sudden I just couldn't boot into windows, I got a black screen with a blinking cursor. As this is my work PC, and my superdrive was at home, I couldn't boot from a windows disk to do a startup recovery. I wasted a day trying to workout how I could repair this from within OSX, mostly screwing around with vmware/parallels to try get it to run a repair from a windows disk to no avail. I went home, swapped the drives again, and ran the repair.

    However now my boot camp won't work, I have to use reefit to open up windows when I want to boot. Occasionally it just won't boot from reefit at all either. I tried going into boot camp assistant but there is no way to repair the boot camp partition without wiping the drive, which is a pain.

    On top of this, I've got a number of other problems:
    - Windows on my SSD won't hibernate or sleep without crashing windows. Is this normal? is there a way to fix this?
    - I now can't set it to boot into windows by default.
    - On some networks (ie at uni) when I swap from mac to windows, it wont let me join the wifi network, I'm guessing this has to do with mac addresses and security? Has anyone else come across this issue?
    - battery life is pretty average on both operating systems, more so on windows, is there any enhancements to windows other than what you would normally do on a laptop?

    I really need to get a reliable system setup, I can't afford to go into work and have my laptop not boot into windows. Can anyone give me some advice? Should I try taking an image of windows and setting up the boot camp partitions again on the SSD? Or perhaps I need to just shell out for a 256gb SSD and put both windows and osx on that...

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  • Flowbee
    Apr 23, 12:52 AM

    You might have better luck on the forums. They have an iTunes for windows forum there and many windows users.

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  • eacron
    May 3, 01:37 PM

    so the problem is that after I do the the home button power button thing it jailbreaks but it always hangs with a white screen when it tries to reboot. I tried to but it in the whatever mode before I actually do the jailbreaking and the same exact thing happens - it says waiting for reboot and then the screen goes white I get an error and then nothing happens. I've been attempting this for a couple of weeks now with no success first when I was in 4.3.1 and now on 4.3.2. I've checked all over and though it seems people had similar problems I couldn't find a solution. I'm on a mac book pro. Anyone help please.


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  • mikee99
    Mar 13, 03:05 AM
    Opens at nine or ten. I believeve nine.

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  • in Nike research labs,

  • Alaerian
    Apr 2, 01:06 AM
    A Newton, obviously. You aren't hardcore unless you have one o' thems.

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  • sinsin07
    Apr 15, 05:12 PM
    iPhone/iPad/iTouch/Andoid = subgames/subgaming (mind numbing time killers)
    PSP/DS/3rd/PS3/xBox = gaming

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  • liketom
    Oct 21, 02:02 AM
    Blurred?! :eek: :confused: :rolleyes: :p

    If anyone wants to donate a MB and iMac I will gladly whip up a fresh batch of commercials! :)
    mb maybe but for your groovy camera ;)

    i liked your first one better and i will be voting - silly question where do i buy the apple font btw?

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  • neocell
    Dec 17, 02:00 PM
    Someone in a nearby lab threw out their Power Mac 7200/90 because they were tired of it. Apparently it runs, don't know what OS is on it, I'll fire it up and check it out next week, but if anyone's in the Montreal area and you're interested in it, it's all yours. I'll keep it for a couple of weeks, then I'll be the one trashing it.

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  • matchoow
    Nov 16, 06:49 PM
    Hey, can anyone give any recommendations on a Bluetooth mouse? Can I use a Bluetooth mouse for both a Mac and PC? What is the distance you can use a mouse? Anybody know of any future products coming out that use Bluetooth?

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  • rdowns
    Mar 8, 08:48 AM
    Who's winning the poll now?

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  • lolipop7
    May 2, 04:16 PM
    I plan to use bootcamp to install windows 7 in my mac to be able to use 3ds max for 3d rendering. I know bootcamp will provide better performance compared to parellel because it runs windows natively.

    my question is, compared to a pc with about the same configuration as the mac, can bootcamp provide the same performance when using 3ds max? or will it still slightly decrease the performance since it is windows running on mac and not pc?

    Dec 19, 01:14 PM
    Thumbs up, nice concept.

    Apr 23, 05:15 PM
    Have you tried setting reminders/alarms in iCal.

    Works well for me.

    Apr 6, 05:05 PM
    Heat shouldn't be a problem, the 6600 is a very weak GPU. Even the current Mac Mini's GPU is twice as powerful.

    Mar 5, 05:38 AM
    Late to the party. "Other", as in other things to do before answering yet another loaded hypothetical from 5p, masquerading as a poll.

    Apr 19, 04:56 AM
    Hey Coleman, I have a jailbroken iPad 1. Is there some way that I can download that original ipa? I know how to remove the DR. I can even upload the DRM-stripped ipa to a fileshare site. I just realllllly want to use this on VPN.


    PM me your email and I'll email it to you to strip.

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