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Sunday, May 22, 2011

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  • allmIne
    Feb 20, 02:46 PM
    I know this is a sensitive issue, but when a paper like the Daily Mail runs a story, its news.

    You're not from the UK, are you? :)

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  • cycocelica
    Mar 29, 04:39 PM
    Master Chief and Mario would be something to get excited about.

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  • Duff-Man
    Mar 23, 04:35 PM
    What do you think?

    Duff-Man says...I think you ought to search before creating new threads as this has been done so many times already:
    just to link a few....oh yeah!

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  • Alisstar
    Nov 17, 02:07 PM
    I asked Loren abut it and he just removed the inline view. You can still post with it.

    I really enjoyed the inline display feature.

    Also, any one else experiencing that the app crashes when geo-tagging is on?

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  • wasd
    Oct 25, 06:47 PM
    I'll be going too tomorrow, what time are you guys are going to there?
    Do you guys pm'ing your number so we can meet up?


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  • RebeccaL
    Apr 13, 11:01 AM
    The Case-Mate Hula has a larger earphone cutout.

    Here is a review with closeup pics of the ports:

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  • savoirfaire
    Nov 17, 04:55 PM
    The Blenders are an acappella quartet from Minneapolis that put on a series of seasonal performances every year. Best Buy carries their CDs, and the mp3s can be purchased on iTunes. I highly recommend their Christmas albums: Nog, When It Snows, and Most Wonderful Time. There are also a couple of compilations that are repackages of songs from these albums.

    Samples can be heard at their website (!

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  • Jamie0003
    May 6, 10:42 AM
    Anyone have any ideas?

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  • Jilldo33
    Mar 11, 05:29 PM
    Is it worth still going there? Did they mention how many units they received?

    All Best Buys in the city are sold out.

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  • vincenz
    Apr 24, 06:43 PM
    Agreed, great movie and great casting. Thumbs up all the way.

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  • plumbingandtech
    Jan 14, 04:50 PM
    That was is East -lol

    No. It's south!! :D

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  • The.316
    Dec 21, 07:59 AM
    Regarding #3 in my previous post, does anyone have opinions on the Netgear DGND3300? I have the Airport Extreme now, but I picked up the 3300 cause it had some positive reviews. Im wondering if someone had any opinions on it, and which one should I go with (AE or 3300)?

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  • Stella
    Apr 15, 06:23 AM
    The App Store is still giving me the "All Apps are up to date" message.
    What's up with that...?

    Do you have the 4.3GB in your /Applications directory? If not, try putting it there. If you've deleted it - try (re)moving your /developers directory.

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  • benherron
    Apr 27, 01:25 PM
    Graphics cards options for my 2006 quad 1,1 are confusing especially as im only upgrading for the windows, hope you can help.

    Happy with my 7300gt for the mac side for Autodesk Alias/photoshopping etc However I render with Bunkspeed on windows 7 side and looking to upgrade with a decent graphics card for this.

    Bunkspeed is 'optimised' to use cuda cores so after an Nvidia ideally.

    Could buy a mac 8800gt (512mb) but for �120 I could buy a better 1GB GTX or maybe spend a bit more and buy a low end quadro.


    Can pci-e 2.0 cards work in a pci-e 1.1 mac pro?
    If so any suggestions for which gtx/quadro model i aim to buy (under �250)?
    If not what nvidia pci-e 1.1 cards can i buy....?

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  • Joshuarocks
    Mar 18, 04:55 AM
    While everyone else plummets, Apple gains :)

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  • Bacong
    Oct 17, 07:01 PM
    I assume he means silicone.

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  • tkadrum
    Mar 12, 08:27 PM
    I heard iPad7 will be out of this world..gonna wait for it!

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  • maxp
    Apr 20, 04:52 AM
    After an hour at moderate load I saw the temp stats on my cpus (2 x 3ghz 5160s) were high 40's and the northbridge was up into the 70s.

    1 - Should I be concerned about these temps? If not, at what temperature should I start to worry?

    2 - CPU B is always about 4-5 degrees hotter than CPU A, even when they are under equal load, has anyone else experienced this?

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  • Sydde
    May 5, 06:30 PM
    There are two required methods in the IKImageBrowserDataSource, so a plain NSArray or NSMutableArray isn't sufficient, either. There needs to be an adapter class of some kind.

    Well, theoretically, no. You could write datasource methods as a Category to NSMutableArray, so subclassing is not absolutely necessary. Kind of a crazy notion, but it could be kind of handy if it works (every array you use would have datasource potential). Still, some amount of coding would be required.

    Jan 14, 06:24 AM
    If you have the link, i'd watch it!

    May 25, 11:27 AM
    In news that should surprise no one, today it was announced that Insomniac Games will be signing with EA Partners to bring future franchises to both the PS3 and 360, ending their exclusivity with Sony.

    Lately, many of you have been asking, �what�s next?� Today, we�re excited to announce that we have created a brand new universe and franchise for you to experience in the coming years. As we develop it, one of our goals is to provide an awesome experience for as many players as possible. With that in mind, we�re working with EA Partners to bring this title to both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

    Nov 23, 11:59 AM
    Hey everyone, I am currently looking for a decent shock absorbent case for my iPod touch 4g. I am not 100% sure which one to get. Currently the one I am looking at is the Incipio SILICRYLIC case.

    the case can be found here:

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I have looked around these forums for a while and have done some research on my own, and this case seems to be decent, but I am curious as to what everyone else has to say.

    Thanks in advanced.

    Oct 18, 05:20 PM
    The last time I checked monoprice didn't have any apple dock connector cables in stock, but I will check again.

    The Norman
    May 2, 01:45 AM
    3 extra text tones, exclusive to the iP5 because iP4 doesn't have enough horsepower to handle them.

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