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Friday, May 27, 2011

charlie and chocolate factory

charlie and chocolate factory. charlie chocolate. The Story
  • charlie chocolate. The Story

  • smaffei
    Mar 23, 01:17 PM worked reliably from my Mac Mini (2010) to my iPad 2 without saying "you are not authorized to play this video" every other time, I would care.

    charlie and chocolate factory. +Charlie+Chocolate+Factory
  • +Charlie+Chocolate+Factory

  • hans-martijn
    Mar 8, 03:15 AM
    Push works AWESOME on Kerio Connect 7 to the iPhone, 6 worked great also. It uses an outlook connector for it's black magic. Email are generally pushed to and appear on my iPhone within a second of hitting the server.

    Before SLS I used mail server software on linux. The general idea was that Apple promoted SLS as THE server to use with an iPhone, which apparently isn't completely true. I don't think I want to pay a yearly subscription for another mail server again.

    charlie and chocolate factory. Chocolate Factory.
  • Chocolate Factory.

  • EliteGamer
    Nov 14, 10:15 AM
    This is a great idea of apple to do actually. It will help them expand alot more and if they put demo versions on plans it will advertise to another customer base.

    charlie and chocolate factory. Charlie and the chocolate
  • Charlie and the chocolate

  • ccroo
    Oct 30, 04:03 PM
    Hey, you folks might know...

    Will .mac recognize a boot from a different drive (or a different partition on the same drive) as a separate "computer" and sync Mail and iCal, etc. between it and other computers?

    charlie and chocolate factory. Charlie Chocolate Dvd,
  • Charlie Chocolate Dvd,

  • tpjunkie
    Sep 16, 02:02 AM
    I had it when i had all 4 wisdom teeth out at once in the hospital. They wheel you into the OR on a gurney, put you on the table (which is FREEZING COLD, i was shivering like crazy), then they stick the IV in you. This hurts very mildly. Then when they get ready to start the drip, they'll tell you something like "this may burn a bit," but i didn't feel a thing. "try to count down from 10" the doctor told me. I got to 8 when I was like "damn this hits you hard." It felt like just falling asleep, really hard. And then I was out, and the next thing i knew i was in the recovery room, trying to eat some ice.

    charlie and chocolate factory. Chocolate Factory 2005
  • Chocolate Factory 2005

  • prady16
    Oct 16, 06:32 PM
    I hope they come up with a CDMA version of the iPhone for Verizon too...
    Hopefully it should be out at the MWSF!

    charlie and chocolate factory. AND CHOCOLATE FACTORY*

  • minik
    Mar 19, 05:37 PM
    Why businesses need to often discount in the first place?

    charlie and chocolate factory. Charlie and the Chocolate
  • Charlie and the Chocolate

  • DeSnousa
    May 14, 06:30 PM
    agreed. and i've seen other very active forums where they have give-aways and stuff for the "folder of the month" and such. i've even seen some members give other members video cards or computers, as long as they agree to use it for folding.

    as far as a new system on a budget - what is your budget, and when do you plan on buying? both of those factors play a part

    I was thinking could Arn not give out a paid subscription to the forums for a year say when you hit milestones of 250,000 points or so, so from Jan to Dec if you accumulate a minium you get the next year?

    Budget is around AUS$800-1000, and I will be getting most of the parts in 3 to 4 months unless there is new tech coming not to long after it?

    charlie and chocolate factory. chocolate factory owner
  • chocolate factory owner

  • Kengineer
    Sep 22, 06:33 PM
    Anyone know whether or not the IMACs are going to be updated in the next few months?

    I am starting to look for a new computer (switching from a PC to a MAC) and trying to get a handle on when possible updates might be released if any. I would hate to buy in the next couple months when all I had to do was wait until the end of the year.

    Thanks for the help...:)

    charlie and chocolate factory. and the Chocolate Factory
  • and the Chocolate Factory

  • Howardchief
    Apr 5, 05:12 PM
    Headset jack was removed, so had to buy a USB headset for example.

    this is on the new macbook? Weird.

    charlie and chocolate factory. and the Chocolate Factory,
  • and the Chocolate Factory,

  • hulugu
    Aug 14, 05:11 PM
    ...I can't think of one person I've talked to who found the ads to be completely positive. The people I know who like Macs were all a bit uncomfortable like me, being stereotyped as smug and elitist.

    If someone calls me smug or elitist because of these commercials I'll be forced to hurt them....Or at least sack their house with siege machines.

    Apple Ads = Chiat Day/Apple Executives
    Me != Chiat Day/Apple Executives

    Therefore, Apple Ads != Me. I don't know why people cannot grasp this simple idea.

    charlie and chocolate factory. Chocolate Factory Charlie
  • Chocolate Factory Charlie

  • ImAlwaysRight
    May 2, 02:12 PM
    Silly people. Don't they know black is a slimming color, while white makes you look huge?

    charlie and chocolate factory. and the Chocolate Factory
  • and the Chocolate Factory

  • err404
    Apr 5, 11:20 AM
    I certainly don't consider myself to be "normal" in regards to my computing needs, but the iPad has been a very welcome addition to my electronics landscape.
    It excels at casual uses and has all but replaced my laptop for my traveling needs.
    That said, there are times when you just need a 'real' machine to get things done.

    charlie and chocolate factory. charlie chocolate 05
  • charlie chocolate 05

  • thatisme
    Mar 29, 08:42 AM
    no manufacturer uses effective focal lengths to refer to lenses for dslrs (e. g. it's a 17-55 mm f/2.8 lens and not a 27-88 mm f/2.8 (equiv.) lens), be it a lens tailored for crop lenses or otherwise, but always the physical focal length.

    Correct. Your lens is based in 35mm terms. So by utilizing a less than 35mm sensor'd camera, you are not using the full 35mm image being projected which is where this 1.6 factor comes into play.

    Where RobbieDuncan is missing the boat, and most that are arguing incorrectly is that the image will be the same using an EF lens on either a 1.6 sensor'd camera or a FF sensor'd camera. The end result is that it will not. Focal length of the lens has not changed, but your image has.

    For the EF-S lenses, since the rear element is smaller, your image circle is smaller, and is tailored to the 1.6 sensors... agreed? Ok. How can this now apply to 35mm? you don't have a full 35mm image circle projected through the lens. So apply your FOVCF to the actual focal length and you will get a hypothetical, imaginary number that equated to 35mm. But since your lens elements cant transmit a full 35mm image, then the argument goes out the window.

    What does happen, as indicated by the linked image earlier whereby the 5D was modified to accept an EF-S lens, the image is not complete. Not enough image is sent through the optics of the lens. This shows exactly what my argument has been all along.... the image will be different. What a 1.6 camera is doing is taking that sample image, but only recording the center of it. So, Effectively, it is a zoomed image. So the Effective Focal Length for that image is bigger... say 50mm, where the lens may have been an EF-S 35mm.

    charlie and chocolate factory. And The Chocolate Factory
  • And The Chocolate Factory

  • Michaelgtrusa
    Mar 14, 01:47 PM
    Satan appears as an angel of light and he's got two posters hear on this thread at least, but not the other poster.

    charlie and chocolate factory. Chocolate Factory
  • Chocolate Factory

  • aaron4osu
    Apr 16, 12:34 PM
    I'm trying to learn SQL and want to set up a very simple database on my computer to run SQL statements(create tables, run queries, etc..). I've downloaded querious, razorSQL, but can figure out how to set them up. Hostname, port, etc...

    Isn't there a simple environment to do something like this. I've tried several tutorials on setting up mysql from the terminal but never got that to work either.

    charlie and chocolate factory. Charlie And The Chocolate
  • Charlie And The Chocolate

  • MoreBS
    Mar 18, 03:31 PM
    I think sometimes people can be intimidated by all the choices. The trick, when learning, is simplify things, imo. [snip]
    Do this over and over again, with different subjects, until you get a feel for DoF.

    You know that is an excellent suggestion and I am going to do exactly that. Brilliant!

    Thank you very much.

    charlie and chocolate factory. quot;Willy Wonka and the Chocolate
  • quot;Willy Wonka and the Chocolate

  • Andronicus
    Aug 19, 11:13 AM
    because it's turned on by default. it should be off by default (IMO) and then turned on as an option. many people aren't aware that Facebook's new "features" are almost always on when rolled out.

    Can anyone confirm this? It's so annoying when new features are turned on by default. I guess I just need to delete my account. I have a fb, but never check it, but I keep it around just because I get an email if somebody sends me a message on there and then I contact them back. Facebook is just awful, worst mistake signing up for it. If you don't have one DON'T GET ONE!!

    charlie and chocolate factory. Charlie and the Chocolate
  • Charlie and the Chocolate

  • LethalWolfe
    Sep 17, 02:57 AM
    Ask her if you can mount your drive on her desktop.


    Apr 12, 03:08 PM
    It was announced, see that with SP1, contacts, calendar and notes can now be synced through iTunes. BUT it doesn't! Anyone know what happened?

    Apr 1, 03:21 PM
    I was excited for this app. when I heard about it. The evening it was released it kept crashing. I gave up on it then; and the intro is a little much too. I'm deleting it. Thanks for letting me down again TWC.

    HEHE, I giggled cause I thought u were being sarcastic about The Weather Channel letting you down... I forgot Time Warner's 11% marketshare is still a big chunk, I just didn't make the connection cause to me TWC is The Weather Channel... which would be cool if they streamed live, hehe.

    Apr 5, 09:17 AM
    and in Spring 2012 iPad 3 will move to #1 spot putting iPad 2 in second and original iPad in 3rd. And in 2013 iPad 4 will move to first...but i digress.


    Apr 6, 09:40 PM
    What's wrong with a keyboard or touch typing? I guess I don't see where you're going with this, as typing on a touch screen for long pieces of work or long periods of time is far less efficient. I see where the touch interface has its uses, but in some places it's just far less practical.

    You *can* touch type on an iPad, though. I type long emails on it without looking at the screen. I wonder if people just assume you can't, so they don't try.

    Mar 4, 02:10 AM
    It's good, but expensive.

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