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Monday, May 23, 2011

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  • gorgeousninja
    Apr 20, 05:40 AM
    This will definitely be the first iteration of the iPhone that I will pass on. It's certainly not much of an upgrade from the iPhone 4.

    you know that do being still 6months away and all?

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  • Tomorrow
    May 4, 02:50 PM
    "If you have a stick that is 3' 7 13/16" and need to divide it into 3 equal sections, what is the length of the each section to the nearest 1/64 inch?" as opposed to "If you have a stick that 1233 mm long....." - and no, I didn't check to see if they are the same -

    I'd use a calculator in either example, so it's a moot point.

    2) Same idea as above.... "If you have a tank filled with 450 cubic yards of water, and it is flowing out at a rate of 3 gallons a minute, how long does it take to empty?" as opposed to the metric system where 1000 litres of water is 1 cubic meter which is 1 tonne (approximately - since altitudes and temperatures affect the density of water).... but it's close enough for horseshoes....

    I've never seen a tank meant for holding liquid that wasn't rated in gallons - and I'm talking about up to 5 million gallons. But still, I'd be using a calculator in either event. But to illustrate my earlier point, 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet, 1 cubic foot = 7.48 gallons. Simple math.

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  • gnasher729
    Apr 25, 09:50 AM
    +1. My IP is being logged right now most likely. No matter where you go, using any communication device, you can be tracked. If you're that paranoid, get off the grid. Every phone company tracks your location. This for iPhone users is just a log of it on your phone.

    I do agree, however, that the consolidated.db file should at least be encrypted if it is to remain on the device. Now any good crook knows all they need is your iphone to find out when best to rob you.

    What is actually tracked is not _your_ location, it is the location of WiFi basestations around the country. Which Google, Apple, and Skyhook use for their "poor man's GPS" that allows a device with WiFi but without working GPS to find its location. Skyhook started this by having cars drive round the country, recording the position of WiFi devices. Google and Apple, having the infrastructure, use a more efficient method to do this - instead of driving cars throught the country, they use people's iPhones or Android phones to collect the same data. Note they are not collecting _your_ data, they are collecting the data of WiFi base stations that you happen to pass with your iPhone.

    The database file is most likely there so your phone knows which information it has already sent, so it doesn't send info about the same basestation twice. That should be easily checkable - is the database full with hundreds of copies of your home location or not? Does it have dozens of copies of locations along your way to work? I think each location is recorded only once, so a crook stealing the phone would know places where I have been, but not how often I go where. So they would have very little clue where to find me.

    And the whole scenario seems very unlikely. It would be very, very rare that a specific person is robbed intentionally. That robber will most likely come to your home without having any idea who lives there, or wait in a dark alleyway and rob the next person to come along, not stealing your phone in order to find other information about you and rob you again. It is just a hypothetical danger that is not actually going to happen.

    But what actually does happen and worries me (well, I'm not worried, but some people should be), is that apparently it is possible to access Google's database. There is a website where you can enter the MAC address of your router, and it will find its location. It found mine within about 100 meters. That might make it possible to find people who don't want to be found. So anyone who moves to escape a stalker, or goes into witness protection, they better not take their router with them to the new home.

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  • cfanyc
    Sep 11, 12:40 PM
    is paris expo still on tomorrow? seems like its been totally pushed under the rug with the media event...

    wonder if that was the plan? if theres any hope for mbp's I would imagine it would be @ paris

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  • ivladster
    Apr 18, 04:15 PM
    I guess I can see Apple's point. But, aren't all tablets going to have a similar style and interface? It would seem like there can be only marginal differences in a touch screen interface.

    Not really. Google is actually pretty different from iOS. It's Samsung who chose to edit the interface and all those icons to look like iPhone. That's why Apple is going straight after Samsung. Android OS has some similarities but overall they are pretty different.

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  • NAG
    Apr 25, 10:17 AM
    Am I the only one who thinks it's not a big deal? Your carrier tracks your phone all the ff-ing time. Google has the SSL beta now, but until recently they tracked your every move.

    And with the patriot act the telecos let the government move in and access data without warrants. Yet everyone seems fine with this. However, the instant your phone has a database of cell phone towers it is something nefarious. Sigh. It really would be nice if the real privacy concerns were addressed and not this low hanging fruit of a cache on your phone.

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  • dr_lha
    Aug 11, 10:54 AM
    Could Apple technically squeeze a Xeon proc into the MBP?
    Have you seen the size of the heat sink in the Mac Pro? ;)

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  • gnasher729
    Apr 7, 11:55 AM
    And just how could Apple be found to be absuing its position by buying what it needs to supply its customers whith product? Maybe if the iPad wasn't selling all that well but Apple can't keep up with demand as it is. Arguments like yours don't even make sense and I'll bet you some serious money that no one can produce a single instance of a company "found to be abusing its position" by buying what its needs to produce and sell its products. It would appear people like you are just angry that Apple is successful and want to take it down somehow. Stupid, just stupid.

    The critical question would be: In the contract between Apple and the manufacturer, is there any clause that stops the manufacturer from selling to other companies? That would be anti-competitive. If a manufacturer says "RIM offered us $100 a piece for one million screens", and Apple says "We'll give you $110 for each" and RIM can't get the screens, that would be fine. If the manufacturer says "we can make 2 million screens a month" and Apple says "Ok, we'll buy 2 million screens a month", that is fine. If Apple says "Ok, we'll buy all you can build up to 3 million screens a month", that is fine. If Apple says "We'll buy 2 million screens a month, and you must not sell any screens to anyone else", that is anti-competitive.

    I see people still don�t understand what a monopoly is. Apple would only be considered a monopoly if they used their power & influence to force the component supplier to cancel or move Apple�s orders ahead of RIM�s or any other.

    You confuse "monopoly" and "anti-competitive". Being a monopoly is in itself just fine. It just means that you have to be more careful what you do than other companies, because what you do could be anti-competitive. For example, Microsoft has a monopoly in the operating system market. They can't refuse to sell Windows to Dell without getting into lots of trouble. Apple can refuse to sell MacOS X to Dell without getting any trouble. And people often confuse "competitive" and "anti-competitive". Being better than the competition is competitive. If company X makes a product that is a lot better than Y's product, and Y doesn't sell anything, that is competitive. "Anti-competitive" is when X does things so that Y couldn't sell their product even if it was better. For example, if the Windows license said that you are not allowed to use any word processor other than Microsoft Word, that would be anti-competitive, because even if I had a word processor that was better and cheaper than Microsoft Word, nobody would buy it.

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  • jonharris200
    Aug 7, 03:36 PM
    No iMac update (but added expectation of one with the pro-sumer-sized 'gap' people have commented on) is good news for my wallet and my patience. :rolleyes:

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  • Don't panic
    May 4, 10:50 AM
    The other downside is we have half our health and action points. I'm not sure how big of a trap we can see early in a game, but if it has 3 or more that wipes out a whole team possibly.

    if we explore, we automatically disable any traps, no matter how big, so there is no damage sustained by us.
    but if the group that goes ahead in the room encounters a monster, then you are right: our AP are split so it would be harder to kill the monster, and all the damage would be only sustained by the entering party.
    on the other hand i don't see any risk to the party that follows.

    that's why i had proposed an asymmetric split, with a stronger party going in the other room (to face a possible monster) and one or two people remaining behind to explore, including you who are likely an essential asset (for now ;)), so we need to avoid that you become damaged goods.

    right now this is moot, though, as i have already communicated turn 1 officially, and we are all searching this darned room.
    so get back to exploring your side! i don't care about the spider. as far as i am concerned they are just another form of proteins!

    well? did anyone find anything interesting?

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  • idunn
    Mar 29, 05:56 PM
    ;) Look at a map and you'll see that Iwaki is near the east coast of Japan, but a short distance south of the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant. The town of Fukushima is well inland, actually northwest of the nuclear plant on the coast. Unless radiation levels decline the town of Fukushima will be uninhabitable, with current radiation levels well beyond that safe in a year. Iwaki is far closer to this plant, and whether their infrastructure damaged or not, almost certainly in a no-go zone for many decades to come.

    Recent reports have a full meltdown in reactor #2 at the Fukushima plant, with melted fuel rods having likely melted through the stainless steel containment dome, and pouring as lava onto the concrete floor below. Bad news, in other words.

    Kureha surely is scrambling for alternative manufacturing facilities. But that likely will take some time. Bottom Line: look for shortages in lithium-ion batteries in the short term.

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  • liketom
    Jul 30, 07:36 AM
    so what CPU would power the phone ?

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  • brewcitywi
    Apr 20, 08:03 AM
    Antennagate probably pushed back the product cycle by a few months, or iPhone 5 would have been fine with a June/July release.

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  • j_maddison
    Jul 30, 08:11 AM
    If they somehow include a full qwerty thumb keyboard, this sleek and sexy phone is mine.

    Hmm you just made me think. Cell phones are very subjective, and what one person thinks is a sleek sexy phone another person will hate. Personally I hate the concept of qwerty keyboards, I have one on my blackberry and I just wish it had a stylus instead.

    Someone else mentioned a flippy phone, I prefer the slide phones. My current phone is a Nokia 8800, and my three phones before that were two 8910i's and an 8910. I don't really care for features on a phone, its all about the way it looks. And if its too cheap, I probaby won't buy it. That was the reason I never bothered with the Razr phone when it first came out in the UK.

    I hope Apple's new phone is as revolutionary as the nano was wen it was introduced, and I hope its pricey too!


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  • Jape
    Nov 18, 02:24 PM
    With Provantage, the total cost is $101.58 so it's probably worth just hanging out with my current order as its clearly a TomTom issue. I like, and know Provantage and they are a good company, but waiting is waiting. Also, keep in mind this car kit is a good addition even using the new Google app should it arrive someday soon.

    yes very true, I think i might stick with BLT as well, hard to beat 85, especially since i just learned that the new Magellan Car Kit will cost 129.99 :eek: and here we all were complaining about tomtom's I will say, just as i have stated before though, that it is still enticing to go to my local apple store and pick up a unit. I guess it all depends on if I go on some spur of the moment

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  • wclyffe
    Dec 5, 07:29 PM cannot even order it from Here's what it says:

    TomTom car kit for iPhone
    USD 119.95

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  • FasterQuieter
    Apr 5, 02:48 PM
    I would like to see a photograph of the kind of person who would use that theme. Should be good for a laugh.

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  • joelypolly
    Mar 28, 10:39 AM
    It may be an iPhone 4[S] release this year and an iPhone 5 next year. Personally I think the iPhone 4 could be faster but what else can you do to the device in terms of hardware that would make it more attractive to other 95% of non geeks that use the phone? No much would be the answer.

    However, improved software will go a long way to give users a better experience using the system. I hope things like notification, syncing and perhaps a general interface refresh is coming to iOS 5. Also wouldn't mind an updated camera app with white balance and shutter speed control.

    In terms of the iOS API I think Apple will probably have quite a few surprises in store for us.

    I think the Tick Tock release schedule that Intel setup really makes a lot of sense for Apple as well. One version to introduce an idea and one version to optimise the idea. (see 3G to 3G[S], iPad to iPad 2 and perhaps 4 to 4[S])

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  • djrod
    Mar 31, 01:36 AM
    Is frontrow back?

    Aug 4, 09:44 AM
    I guess that all of Apple's current Yonah based systems will migrate over to Merom or Conroe in the next few months - I believe that Intel will be switching production over to these processors rather than Yonah quite quickly.

    The MacBook will change last, IMO, say in three or four months time. MacBook Pro and iMac will get upgrades quite quickly though.

    Jul 21, 04:11 PM
    It'll be quite an action-packed WWDC, if all these rumors pan out--which of course they wont.

    -Leopard preview
    -Mac Pros
    -new iPod Nanos
    -true video iPods
    -iTMS movie downloads
    -MacBook Pros with Meroms

    Crazy. I'm betting against the consumer-related announcements. And hoping for MBPs with new enclosure and features.

    I am hoping they are going to be showing off the new pro apps. In January there were hints of something revolutionary in the FCS. The sudden price whacking of Shake leads me to be hopeful that something is imminent.

    Small White Car
    Apr 5, 02:02 PM
    No they didn’t. They ruled that distributing custom (jailbroken) firmware wasn’t in violation of copyright law.

    Apple can’t sue people who jailbreak or distribute jailbreaks for copyright infringement. They can, however, still try to prevent people from jailbreaking.

    Fact is that Nintendo can still sue you for selling Nintendo games without their permission. But jailbreakers can't be sued by Apple.

    So what's the big difference? It's a very fine line from here to there. A lack of money going to the people who figure out these jailbreak softwares is a big part of it.

    Adding that kind of money to the mix just seems dangerous to me. Makes the difference between Apple and Nintendo seem less different.

    Yes it will happen, what comes around goes around.:cool:

    No. It won't.


    May 6, 01:27 AM
    My first reaction to the headline was, "Oh no, not again..." (having already weathered both the OS9 -> OSX and PowerPC -> Intel x86 transitions)...

    But after that initial groan, a few other (more positive?) considerations came to mind.

    First, Apple really did do a great job of transitioning from PPC to Ix86... it was far less painful than it could have been. Not perfect, but incredibly well-managed.

    Now, OSX Lion is coming, and it appears to contain the beginnings of a convergence and consolidation between iOS and OSX. If we try to imagine where those OS's will be, say, 3 years out (and the hardware as well), by THAT time, it may be as simple as flipping a switch and hey-presto, you're on an ARM device without missing a beat...

    I say this because, as devices like iPad evolve over the next few years, the applications written for them will also, and by the time 'higher end devices' like desktops and laptops are lining up for a platform change, those "mobile" app versions will already be 'full featured', and already written for ARM-based devices (I'll use the current Garageband pair - with cross-compatible OSX/iOS versions - as a very early-market example of that future). So, the painful prospect of rewriting/recompiling all your code won't be nearly as bad as it was for the OS9->X transition.

    Another consideration is that tomorrow's mobile devices will be far more powerful than even today's desktop/laptops are. It's harder to imagine the future of the desktop/laptop as we know them today.

    In fact, now would probably be a good time to remember that what Jobs is creating here isn't just "magical devices"... he's embarked on defining the "Post PC Era"...

    It'll be interesting to see where all this leads, but my take on it is that it might not even feel much like a "platform switch" by the time we arrive there...

    Apr 5, 01:38 PM
    That takes some balls. Perhaps Toyota can have a say on some Apple product? I thought it was genius of Toyota to do the theme. They probably found the Scion buyer is the same demographic that jailbreaks a phone. Sounds like good marketing to me.

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