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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beautiful Nepalese Women

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  • aross99
    Apr 2, 08:19 PM
    That's exactly how I feel and why I use Apple products. Great commercial.

    My thoughts exactly...

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  • Benjy91
    Mar 27, 09:43 AM
    Tell that to the hundreds (at times over a thousand) reviewers who are raving about it.

    Yeah, "terrible" my ass.

    Doubters need to wrap their head around this new concept. They can start accepting this new paradigm for the standard setting phenomenon it is (and I don't mean the 3DS, LOL), or get left behind.

    I dont think the future holds a huge step backwards in terms of graphics, and the pure awkwardness of trying to play something like an FPS on a touchscreen.
    The only kind of game this would work for is a Racing Game, as demonstrated, and even then I dont think it's as precise as a controller, let alone the Gaming Steering Wheels you can buy.

    Download Bad Company 2 for iPhone, and play it for a while, and then tell us if you could easily play that without looking at the buttons.

    It'll never be as easy and intuitive as a physical controller or mouse and keyboard. This isnt the future, this is a "neat" idea, not something to compete with PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  • sorepheet
    Apr 11, 07:31 AM
    Currently own a 2007 Toyota Yaris manual transmission and LOVE it! Average 33 MPG, best MPG to date: 46!!!

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  • Astro7x
    Apr 26, 02:40 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Iphone: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    How can it be generic if no one had one before apple created there's? Suddenly everyone calls their market place an app store. There've been digital stores for years, and none were app stores.

    Exactly. While "App Store" is a great term, I'm convinced that if Apple originally called it an "App Shop" that the Microsofts and Amazons would complain about that being a generic term too and want to use it.

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  • Digital Dude
    Mar 24, 02:49 PM
    [QUOTE=aiqw9182;12245523]You can upgrade to the latest 5870 card if you wanted to right now.../QUOTE]

    So, without using the supplied windows CD/Driver I can simply plug n' play the 5870 into my 2009 MacPro and it work?! Sounds very tempting.

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  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 2, 08:24 PM
    I started a thread about the new Passat and Jetta a little while back. Basically, the new Jetta is bigger, costs less, and uses cheaper materials. People expecting Golf-like levels of refinement and build quality will be disappointed.

    And it went from looking like nothing else to looking like everything else.

    I don't find it ugly, necessarily, but when I see one, I always think "Corolla!" - until I get closer, and then I think "Kia!"

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 20, 10:50 AM
    I'm not smart enough to know what the right thing to do is in Libya. But it does make me roll my eyes to hear the CNN anchor talk about how Qaddafi is "thumbing his nose at America".

    The propoganda machine is cranked-up and running. :rolleyes:

    Let's go kill some badguys!

    It's "the World", but American media pretend that the U.S. IS the World.

    I actually think having troops is better.

    Can we count on you to volunteer?

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  • EagerDragon
    Jul 19, 07:20 PM
    All this fear that iPod and MAcs are in a down turn. Apple will blow them away real soon. They don't sleep on their Laurel unless they don't have a choice.

    Wonder what will happen to the stock tomorrow?

    Too bad im broke and could not buy any.

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  • Veinticinco
    Apr 3, 03:54 AM
    TBWA really need to step up their game. Lack of a tangible concept ("ooh it's all about the experience") and a truly awful execution especially in such a redux form. Not to mention the badly chosen score and VO.

    If you're going to make something as utterly bland and pretentious as this ad is, then at least do it on a grand scale for the sake of audience recall (Chanel 'film' with Nicole Kidman the most vomit-inducing example of this type).

    I actually cringed.

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  • rmhop81
    Sep 6, 05:23 PM
    I sure hope you mistook the VGA input for the DVI input, otherwise you're crippling that gorgeous TV. Or you can get a DVI to HDMI cable to connect the Mini.

    Sounds like a cool setup, the kind of thing I want to do too. ;)
    the tv has vga input on it so i just use that an the dvi to vga adapter to connect it to the mini. It's actually really good quality as it is right now. Happy with how it is, plus i don't feel like spending $50 on a single cable haha

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  • mc68k
    Oct 14, 01:40 PM
    Thanks! I'll try it on my work computer, its a quad.yeah unfortunately there's no partial credit, it's either complete before the deadline or no points

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  • SchneiderMan
    Nov 28, 01:36 PM
    Just got back from Mexico and during my time there had a run in with the local police. This is common as hire cars have different colour number plates so the police can easily pick you out of a crowd. Apparently we were 'speeding'. It's all fun and games though. I got the fine down from about $400 US to 1000 pesos. We were warned this would happen when we arrived and should just look at it as an extra 'toll'. I could have probably got it down lower but it was hot and we had a long way to go still.

    At the end of the negotiation you get a form to sign with how much you paid and then you have to sign your name. The document is cleary made in something like Word and it's in no way official....I signed it Ben T Copper! :p

    Well that explains their new police cars lol

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  • Built
    Apr 3, 01:05 AM
    You did a poll asking hundreds of people if they are waiting for this very reason? Dude you're way wrong. The "many" people you are referring to are probably a very select number of....MacRumors members. Hardly indicative of the general population. I don't know if you heard- but people are going mad trying to get their hands on one. Your "theory" or whatever it is about people waiting to make sure the kinks are worked out is, well....stupid. I've read this whole thread and you seem to be on a kick about the light-bleeding issue. Yet you dont own one? Interesting.

    Perhaps if you spent more time educating yourself and less time convincing yourself that a flawed product is acceptable, you would learn something. Try googling the issue.

    Based on the way you write, however, I am going to guess that you won't take the time to do so.

    Some people are just not interested in facing the truth.

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  • Jopling
    Nov 29, 05:19 PM
    Maybe you can do video iChat sessions with an optional iSight camera right from the livingroom TV?

    This reminds me of the old Zenith TVs with space phones where you could talk to a caller from the comfort of your sofa. (but voices usually sounded like it was underwater).

    I still have one of those

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Mar 22, 12:24 PM
    Apple is paying the price for the crap it did early on and still is doing with no clear rules on what is approved and disapproved.
    Inconsistently rejecting apps.

    Apple should never of gotten in the screening business and now they are trying to back out.

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  • wordoflife
    Nov 23, 05:43 PM
    Blackberry Tour is both GSM and CDMA, like the Bold on Sprint. You can pop in any simcard overseas and it will work.

    Ahh okay ... I just saw the Sprint logo

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  • aquajet
    Sep 6, 09:22 AM
    The latest pathetic Mac Mini upgrade continues to highlight the idiocy of the decision to build a cheap 'switcher' computer using expensive notebook parts.

    Sometimes it's about form over function. This is nothing new for Apple.

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  • reyesmac
    Aug 6, 09:29 PM
    I will be surprised if Vista comes out with most features in leopard, even if they are hacked wanna be copies. They have done it before and with the preview Apple will just give them one more chance to do it. What I don't think they will be able to copy is the features in the iApps that will come out or core video effects. Well, not without raising the requirements to run vista yet again.

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  • TheManOfSilver
    Dec 10, 06:43 PM
    I posted this a while ago - but I think Jobs was hinting that apple wants to be everywhere. iPod is a lifestyle product, as is the iTv.

    Apple has proven that they have a true understanding of the user experience, and can spread that halo wherever a user may go. Hence the iPod's success, and perhaps the iTv and phone future success.

    Bottom line, wherever there is media, apple wants to be there, showing everyone how to do it the best way.

    I agree with your line about Apple wanting to be in multiple places. The one place I see them finally going themselves is the car ... not designing a car, but rather replacing the head unit on your car with a true video ipod interface. No onboard HD, just a true 3" video interface that shows your iPod's content just as it would on your iPod, while it's safely stowed in your glovebox, armrest, etc.

    No one has done iPod integration right yet, because no one is Apple. Apple could go the route of designing a new iCar head unit itself for aftermarket sales and could sign deals with the automakers to offer it as an optional feature. They could partner with a big name in high quality car audio to get the sound quality right, but they would design the front end.

    Perfect opportunity for Apple to fill a need that no one is addressing in an elegant, simple fashion.

    Nov 26, 10:44 PM
    Hate it when a coworker shoves me an order form and I feel obligated to purchase something.

    Tennis elbow sucks

    For my netbook

    For the mentioned netbook cause I hate using the trackpad

    Feb 23, 06:43 PM
    MacBook Pro 2.16GHz C2D with Dell U2211H (
    Visidec monitor arm ( and laptop arm (
    Macally ICEKEY Keyboard ( with Logitech mouse (this ( is the current version of it).
    Galant desk ( from IKEA.
    Other things include juggling balls, dry-erase markers, an iPhone, and a card from my grandmother.

    Cool setup with the monitor and laptop mount.

    Oct 1, 01:40 AM
    Actually I just wiped the inside of the case a bit with sandpaper and the watermarks are mostly eliminated. It basically looks like I brush metaled the iPod without actually doing so. It'll probably scratch the hell out of my iPod if I leave in for too long but I figure I'm never rocking this thing naked anyway so might as well.

    Yeah they're not that great, but it does keep it pretty safe for a cheap temporary case. Its very hard to squeeze into when you first get it, but once you do, the case loosens. A little too loose actually.

    Both the cases I got were like warped out of place or something. It wouldn't properly cover the iPod like in your pictures.

    Mar 24, 01:58 PM
    Can it run crysis 2?

    Sep 14, 02:49 PM
    I got the Belkin Grip Vue in the blue color at bestbuy. Really a toss up between the three colors IMO.

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