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Sunday, May 22, 2011

anime wolf pup

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  • IJ Reilly
    Oct 12, 10:09 AM
    There are still two problems:

    1) While Pages and Keynote may be exported to Word and Powerpoint, it is not flawless. When working with word documents and presentations small changes may not matter significantly, but when dealing with numbers, there is ZERO room for error.

    2) Pages and Keynote (and it seems the "Lasso") are all targeted at the non-experienced computer user. Unfortunately, for the most part, that is the exact opposite audience who use spreadsheets.

    Oy veh. Do I ever dislike hearing remarks like this.

    1) As has been pointed out probably a hundred times before, document exchange even between different versions of Word is not "flawless."

    2) While you're at it, you might as well say that the Mac is "targeted at the non-experienced computer user." A lot of people do, you know. That's what you get for making it easier to use, right?

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  • jamies90
    Mar 24, 12:15 PM
    Going to head down to BW tomorrow lunchtime. Hopefully see some of you there.

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  • DeSnousa
    Sep 13, 12:06 AM
    Can we grab a link :)

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  • AdrianK
    Mar 17, 12:42 PM
    To wipe your data and reinstall OS X: (this is what you'll want to do, so it's set up as if the new owner was buying a brand new mac)

    Insert the OS X install disc
    boot your mac while holding C
    Go to utilities > Disk utility
    Select your hard disk in the top left
    go to the erase tab
    choose Mac OS X Extended (Journalled) and any name you want ("Macintosh HD" is probably preferable)
    security options > Zero out data (only if you're paranoid about the new owner being able to recover your data, if not don't bother)
    then continue the install process

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  • FireStar
    Nov 2, 02:58 PM
    :D Haha, you guys are funny!
    I like to think so. :)
    Just wait for the releases by Otterbox and Switcheasy. Those will be your best bets.

    Switcheasy has a silicone case, but they will most likely release a hard shell case in the future (I would assume, at least.)
    Yes. I am currently in wait of a TRIM, Rebel, or Cara. Hopefully soon. :(

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  • MacBytes
    Oct 3, 10:16 AM (

    Category: 3rd Party Hardware
    Link: BMW reveals iPad �integration� (
    Description:: Well, the luxury German carmaker�s engineers have wedged a pair of iPads into one of their cars. Although the power cables are routed through seats and there is a swivel mounting mechanism, their first effort looks more like peanut butter on a poker chip than the marriage of two beautiful things.

    Posted on (
    Approved by Mudbug

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  • nmiphoneken
    May 6, 11:18 AM
    If you are paying ATT for tethering, why do you have MyWi installed? You don't need both.

    Actually on the 3GS there is no wifi tethering capability, only usb/bluetooth so for wireless tethering I will continue to need mywi

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  • rwh202
    Feb 19, 11:20 AM
    I work on �1 per watt per year based on UK electricity prices:

    1 W * 24 hrs * 365 days = 8760 WHrs/yr = 8.76 kWHrs/yr
    8.76 * �0.12 per kW/hr =~ �1 per year

    So thats �1000 per year for 3 quad cores with 3 GTX 460 GPUs.

    The other cost to consider is cooling if you are lucky enough to live somewhere warm enough to need aircon. You'll not only be paying to generate the heat, but also paying to pump that extra heat out.
    Conversely, in cooler climates, you can save on heating costs - I've not had to turn the heating on this winter, despite december being our coldest on record!

    I think I've reached my max comfortable expenditure, so I'm now focusing on optimising efficiency - a new 90%+ efficiency power supply saved 30W in one rig and I'm going to stop the GPUs soon - they each use 170W for 11k ppd whereas my complete 2600k i7 rig does 49k ppd on 220W


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  • Wicked1
    Apr 27, 11:30 AM
    I know it is an old way of doing it but it works effectively for me

    I go to and select music, then search by song or artist and it will pop up the artwork, simply save it to your iTunes Artwork and add it to your music.

    The one thing I absolutely can not stand is music in my itunes with no artwork, it drives me insane.

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  • rockthecasbah
    Sep 12, 08:42 PM
    Is there going to be another iPod updater that will incorporate the features like the searching and fast scrolling letter label thing onto current 5G iPods? I hope so, that searching has been a feature calling from me for ages...:)

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  • jer446
    Dec 11, 06:33 PM
    youd have to tell me what you want to trade so i can ask my brother.. But probably not ram.. he has enough.. and not dvds because hes not interested in them really

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  • milo
    Sep 13, 07:33 AM
    I don't think the shuffles ever had special educational pricing, and I'm not sure the nanos ever did either.

    The nanos were all $20 off. I was expecting to get one for $179, looks like $199 now. I bet they bring it back at some point, but I probably won't wait that long.

    Is there a software update for the 1G shuffle? I was hoping to see gapless playback and skip count/last skipped. Did I miss it, or did they just not update it? Backward sync doesn't seem to work on the shuffle either. I hope they don't drop support already, they haven't even shipped the 2G yet.

    And anyone else not seeing their iPod's playlist in iTunes after the update? The unit still shows up in devices, but I can't actually see the list of what's on it.

    Call me crazy, but I would like Apple Computer, Inc. to release a new computer line.

    They just released two last week. But let me guess, they didn't release the one you wanted? MBP will get updated in the next week or so.

    Can you burn movies to DVD? That is the real question.

    And it's been answered a bunch of times. You can back up to DVD, but not burn a dvd that will play in a dvd player.

    How does that work? The movies have 640x480 resolution while the iPod has 320x240 screen. iPod specs-page specificly mention that it can play back those movies. So how does it work?

    It just displays at a lower resolution. Anyone know if you get 640 via the AV cable to TV?

    Why wanna wait for a 300$ iTV half a year when you can have a 24" iMac now?!?!?!?!? And I'm laughing: WIRELESS... but Ethernet Port etc. p.p.... very helpful! No thanks guys, I'm gonna buy the Cinema-iMac!!!

    Are you kidding? $1999 for a TV?? And what's so funny about wireless and ethernet? I don't get it.

    Yeah, but if Apple want to compete in the media center market, they will have to produce a small box that will do put HDMI in Mac Mini (iTV could be a cut down version of this??)

    The media center market is a dismal failure. And that's because a computer is too expensive for the living room. A few people will use things like minis, but it's impossible to make it cheap enough to be a mainstream solution.

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  • T'hain Esh Kelch
    Oct 26, 08:20 AM
    All those buttons in the side makes it look _a lot_ like an eBook reader.. And in that case - WaaahhHH, I cant afford one!! :(

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  • gorkonapple
    Sep 12, 08:45 PM
    no one seems to be pointing out that they got rid of educational pricing for iPods... that's a bummer.

    That sucks. On the otherhand, when Apple sends my Walmart the new batch I can plop one in layway.

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  • longofest
    Jun 15, 03:21 PM
    here's a directory page:

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  • KingYaba
    Jan 20, 11:09 PM
    If people are still purchasing the existing displays I don't see much motivation in rolling out new ones.

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  • Dave Braine
    Mar 27, 03:45 AM
    Or look here:

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  • ECUpirate44
    May 3, 07:53 PM
    Wasn't 10.6.7 just to fix the external display flickering issue with the MBP?

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  • iGary
    Sep 11, 08:22 AM
    'll never forget that day.

    I had just bought a new car a few days earlier and remembered enjoying my drive to my fairly new job near Baltimore.

    My partner was living in DC and could see the Pentagon smoking from our of our dearest friends saw the Pentagon plane fly right past his 18th floor condo...bah, I better stop before I cry.

    I was really on top of the world - I was going to England in a couple of weeks to meet my new employer, new car, my own office...endless opporutnities...and then it all came crashing down - the towers and my life, really.

    Got laid off after returning from England, went unemployed for nearly a year...

    I still get very sad if I look at the pictures.

    Mar 30, 09:40 AM
    I have a question for you CP.....howcome you never hit on guyah(sp)...she was hot.

    Also your enemies are lame and they always seem to *bleep* you up:)

    Just joking around:D


    May 2, 10:43 AM
    Wrong thread

    Oct 26, 06:19 PM
    Sorry I couldn't be there (I live in the Springs) but I decided to pre-order the family pack and I'm installing it now :D ~2 hours as an upgrade on a 12" PB. Then it's on to my wife's MacBook.

    Have fun, I would have really liked to have been there to experience the launch and to meet you guys.

    May 2, 02:24 AM
    Sorry, I might have a caused a slight confusion by giving you examples of element access. The term applies equally (or more so in regards to you teacher's question) to how an array is declared.

    In the Pascal examples from your Pascal Multi-Dimensional Arrays thread, consider the following Pascal declarations.

    suit : array[1..4] of char;
    rank : array[1..13] of char;
    cards : array[1..4,1..13] of char;

    In these declarations the stuff in square brackets can also be referred to as subscripts.

    I think your teacher is asking you to think about the data types of these subscripts, particularly in regards to multi-dimensional arrays like the cards array above.

    (BTW I actually don't know the answer to this question, because it's Pascal specific, I've forgotten 99% of Pascal.)

    Apr 15, 06:03 PM
    It is appearing in Finder preferences... DP2 & Update


    Have you tried deleting finder.plist ?

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