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Sunday, May 22, 2011

3 wishes the pierces

3 wishes the pierces. The Pierces - Thirteen Tales
  • The Pierces - Thirteen Tales

  • PBF
    Apr 3, 04:12 PM
    The App Store just doesn't seem to detect the latest 1.1.1 update to the Sparrow app. Anyone else with the same issue? :confused:

    3 wishes the pierces. The Pierces
  • The Pierces

  • lexfuzo
    Sep 22, 04:12 PM
    I wouldn't wait for the Macintels, but I heard there are some dual-dual-Powermacs around the corner - I'd wait two more weeks for them.

    3 wishes the pierces. The Pierces - Thirteen Tales
  • The Pierces - Thirteen Tales

  • chenks
    Nov 17, 02:11 PM
    I asked Loren abut it and he just removed the inline view. You can still post with it.

    the inline view is kinda the important bit though!

    but I imagine that it was removed at the request of Twitter. It goes against their 140 character philosophy.

    then why allow to post using it ?

    3 wishes the pierces. Album: The Pierces, You amp; I
  • Album: The Pierces, You amp; I

  • mscriv
    Apr 7, 10:53 AM
    it's hopeless. :p


    Well done my blue friend. :D

    And I agree, great points Gelfin. Hope is powerless when paired with "idle hands". To me it should be both a source of comfort and motivation.

    3 wishes the pierces. The Pierces
  • The Pierces

  • jedivulcan
    Jun 26, 10:56 PM
    Might want to check eBay or local Craigslist. I wouldn't rule it out as impossible to get a Feb '06 CD Macbook Pro. AppleCare might be unlikely but the last year of a 3 year agreement wouldn't be to much to ask for.

    3 wishes the pierces. The Pierces - Thirteen Tales
  • The Pierces - Thirteen Tales

  • munkees
    Mar 25, 03:36 PM
    I am looking to replace my POS tripod.

    I really am clueless on what makes a good tripod, so please feel free to educate me on what would be a good starting tripod ?

    what brands are good, what to brands and models to avoid.


    3 wishes the pierces. information about alan pierces
  • information about alan pierces

  • charlyee
    Mar 24, 08:39 PM
    But you will have to start again if you want to edit again.

    Its best just to decide what you want to keep. When I edit my summer project, I'll store all my footage on a firewire harddrive that is not backed up. And I'll also store the footage on DVDs as an archive (so i'll always have them - a backup in itself, if you will).

    The project files, however, should only be relatively small so I'll keep them local and backed up. When finished I'll delete all files off the firewire harddrive (Well maybe one episode at a time after they're released).Thanks very much. At this time I only have 4, 5 min videos so starting from scratch is okay but I can see in the long run that will not be a good idea.

    Thanks, I am glad I found this forum I am learning something new everyday :)

    3 wishes the pierces. The Pierces pierces
  • The Pierces pierces

  • stevieg83
    May 6, 04:30 AM
    At our company we have a proxy, I'm trying to tell my MBP to ignore calls to domain.local for MAMP - works fine when I set those rules manually in Firefox but not when I set them under network settings.

    Any ideas why?

    3 wishes the pierces. Artist: The Pierces Title: Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge Date of Realise: 2007. Genre: Pop Rock Total Tracks: 13. Format: FLAC Quality: lossless
  • Artist: The Pierces Title: Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge Date of Realise: 2007. Genre: Pop Rock Total Tracks: 13. Format: FLAC Quality: lossless

  • RawBert
    Feb 12, 12:23 AM
    One of my favorite shows, NOVA, has made an episode on IBM's 'Watson' supercomputer and its road to competing on Jeopardy! - and it's AMAZING!

    There have been several posts in a Jeopardy! thread in the Current Events forum about Watson. But it's Watson! And "The Smartest Machine on Earth" should have its own thread.

    The technology used to develop it and what it all means to the future of the computer industry is very exciting and this show should be watched by anyone interested in that.

    The NOVA special does not have spoilers about who won the challenge.
    Please don't post spoilers about the Jeopardy! taping if you already know the outcome.

    Watch online: NOVA - Smartest Machine on Earth (

    Watch on iPad: PBS for iPad App (

    The Watson vs Ken Jennings vs Brad Rutter Jeopardy! Challenge will air on February 14-16.

    Yo, it's gonna be tha bomb, dawg!

    3 wishes the pierces. The Pierces - Thirteen Tales
  • The Pierces - Thirteen Tales

  • JonasFalslev
    May 4, 08:53 AM
    posted in the wrong thread mate, but i will answer your question.

    Jdownloader available here (

    Absolutely horrible ui but does the job and does it well.


    3 wishes the pierces. The Pierces - Discography
  • The Pierces - Discography

  • Applejuiced
    May 1, 10:39 PM
    hopefully a few Sn0wBreeze experts will chime in most of us don't use it. My PC os Hackintoshed duel boot. in most cases I prefer to use Mac to jailbreak. I can tell you Sn0wbreeze is not well received. Main reason I'm telling is there might not be the fastest response on this.

    Same here, Im done hunting custom IPSW's created with pwnage on the internet.
    Booting to my hackintosh and making pwnage pwned firware is great:D
    Back to the OP's question I believe he can JB tethered on 4.2.7 and then install the patch from the pushfix repo to untether his CDMA iphone on 4.2.7

    3 wishes the pierces. В 2008 году The Pierces
  • В 2008 году The Pierces

  • marclapierre13
    Jan 30, 11:56 PM
    sorry I stepped away to grab a bite to eat and I'm responding on my phone, will be back at my computer in 10-15, I will respect the order of posts/pm. And yes you can turn the volume up and change volume setting in the settings. Not original box bit I have a brand new box to ship it in. Oh, and it's its any consolation or 'bragg' this was the iPhone of a celebrity :)

    well we can only "bragg" if we know who the celebrity is. Who???
    PS: I call dibs after the rest!

    3 wishes the pierces. TP - The Pierces Photo
  • TP - The Pierces Photo

  • paolo-
    Mar 28, 06:27 PM
    One really huge difference between Apple suing someone over a patent, versus Microsoft, Nokia, Kodak or others doing so, is that at least the latter seem willing to license their patents.

    Has Apple ever licensed their technology to others? (Excepting the clones way back when.)

    From the top of my head, firewire, 1394 was primarily developed by Apple, but it's owned and licensed by a couple of companies. But yes, you're right, Apple doesn't share much, they tend to buy out the company with the technology and keep it to themselves.

    3 wishes the pierces. Pay for The Pierces - The
  • Pay for The Pierces - The

  • paulyras
    Aug 9, 02:22 PM
    Sooo... Can you do this over 3g, or just wifi?

    3 wishes the pierces. The Pierces - Thirteen Tales
  • The Pierces - Thirteen Tales

  • Mr. Anderson
    Aug 18, 09:43 AM
    Not arn :D

    3 wishes the pierces. quot;I See Nothing Worse than to
  • quot;I See Nothing Worse than to

  • mbl42
    Nov 27, 09:39 PM

    3 wishes the pierces. quot;I See Nothing Worse than to
  • quot;I See Nothing Worse than to

  • MarximusMG
    Apr 12, 07:58 PM
    I'm looking at purchasing a workout armband for my iPhone 4, but I don't want to have to take my iPhone out of it's regular case (Speck Fitted case) each time I want to work out. I would really love to find an armband that would allow me to slide the iPhone (in the Speck case) into the armband. Does anyone know of any armband that would let me do this? Thanks in advance!

    3 wishes the pierces. Boring - The Pierces @ NY Club
  • Boring - The Pierces @ NY Club

  • critic81
    Apr 21, 12:57 PM
    Just try it in safari or firefox.

    3 wishes the pierces. Meet The Pierces: Goofy,
  • Meet The Pierces: Goofy,

  • radiantm3
    Nov 2, 01:35 PM
    they may be a bit dated now, but they're still right. no matter how much you may dislike it, the majority of visitors to a website will be from IE, and it's completely pointless to not code for IE as you delete nearly 80% of your audience. that's all well and good if you're just coding for yourself and want a rebellious "mac only" site, but if you're coding a commercial site, you need to make it work across the board. it's just pretty annoying that there isn't anything for mac that truly represents the IE6 platform to make this possible.

    it's swings and roundabouts really...

    I don't think anyone is arguing against the fact that IE is the dominant browser on the net and it's important to test for it. The bottom line is IE should not be your primary testing browser. You should always test in the most compliant browsers and work your way down. I'm betting that book fails to mention the fact that IE has quite a few problems rendering CSS correctly.

    Feb 24, 01:51 PM

    just tested it and it still works.

    Apr 28, 09:54 AM
    I plan to take Friday off from Work , But Im gonna do my Homework and stop by the Apple Store Thursday Night and see how they plan to Launch this product.

    My Plan of Attack is to wake up Early and Head over to the Apple Store and Check it out. If there's a line then I will join them.

    Since the WiFi has already been released and plus you can order you iPad and have it delievered to your Front Door Step I Believe that the turn out will be smaller than Usually.

    And Since I didn't Pre-Order it I wanna make sure I get so I will be ready early.

    I was in line for the Original iPhone #10 in Line and about #150 for iPhone 3G on Launch Day.

    My Only Question is How many people were in line for WiFi Launch and had Pre-Ordered it? Before they allowed the Purchase Line in?

    Jul 5, 07:35 PM
    Got the keyboard today. Thanks. Works great. Gave tracking number when shipped. Good seller.

    Apr 28, 06:15 PM
    Is this format repliable? Would there be an instance a clone may be more reliable as a backup since it maintains the actual file structure of the drive being backed up?

    (I have another identical drive to store offsite so please no lectures on having a drive offsite.... Let's please stick to the questions at hand.)

    It's no more or less reliable than any other backup solution. Assuming you will always be backing up to a machine with Snow Leopard on it (or being installed on it), "reliability" will depend on the mechanics of the hard drive itself.

    Apr 20, 05:20 AM
    ...high 40's?

    mate, they are rated up to like 110 celsius. anything below 90 is normal.

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